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Heady Hate Mail from a Chomsky Fan
November 15, 2012

Heady Hate Mail from a Chomsky Fan (Nov. 15, 2012)

Subject: Fluoride
Date: Thu, November 15, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Your piece on Fluoride in the Chomsky article is lackluster and your arguments are extremely weak. You said something like "sodium fluoride... destroys immune systems, causes cancer etc etc." The grammar in that section is terrible also.

My comment is simple. If you want to feed bullshit to people at least present a balanced perspective. This is not 'self-education', it is just one person's take on reality. You are mocking the purpose of education and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Your entire work reeks of conspiracy theorist rhetoric and anyone even remotely sane knows that not all conspiracies can be true because they are contradictory! If you really want to educate people, have your work peer reviewed like every other real educator on the planet. Assholes.


Dear Anonymous, Cowardly Critic,

First, I didn't write an article about fluoride and if I did, I wouldn't have placed it on the Chomsky page. You obviously read an article written by someone else, but being the sharp tack you are, you had to fire off your fusillade of astute barbs without first checking to see whether it was I who wrote the article.

Also, if you had even a smidgen of common courtesy, you would have included the link to the article so I would know what you're talking about. I only have maybe 25,000 or 30,000 articles posted on my web site, but of course, it wouldn't occur to a Hot Dog like you to include the reference.

Since you're such an expert in English grammar, it's "asshole", singular, not "assholes" , and "yourself" , not "yourselves" when referring to a single individual.

"Balanced perspective", right.

Look, moron, I'm presenting my take on the affairs of the planet. If I wanted to argue the other side of the coin, I would submit articles and letters to the sort of mainstream, brain washing media outlets that you depend on to shape your erudite opinions.

It's not "conspiracy theories", Quasimodo, it's 100%, genuine, absolutely real conspiracies by Illuminated Psychos running the US, Israel, Germany, etc., etc., to undermine and enslave humanity (and dupe obliging morons like you into accepting their cover story du jour). And if the info presented at my site bothers you so much, then why come to my web site and read anything posted there?

Your use of the term "peer reviewed" tells me everything. You're a mainstream knuckle head (Establishment medicine or academia perhaps?) who hates people who won't conform to the collective wisdom that Pajama People, such as yourself, are so very sure defines the height, width, breadth, and borders of reality.

However, I will agree with one thing you wrote: Your comments ARE simple, ....just like you.

Don't write to me again.

Ken Adachi

[E-Y readers should feel free to send their own comments to the Anonymous Barb... or is it boob?]

Reader Comments

Subject: response to latest Chomsky article
From: Larry (Germany)
Date: Mon, November 19, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Your response to this poster was appropriate- by the way, his provided link (or as you provided it) doesn't work-

It never ceases to amaze me how many still adhere to shill Chomsky- even here in Germany I just recently saw a bumper sticker on a car stating "Read Noel Chomsky"-
Right- reading tea leaves would take us farther-

Hope you continue to be well-

Larry in Germany

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