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Sincere Christians Need to Wake Up to the NWO Takeover
August 10, 2012

Sincere Christians Need to Wake Up to the NWO Takeover (August 10, 2012)

Subject: RE: prayer
From: Gary B
Date: Fri, August 10, 2012
To:Ken Adachi


I don't want you to get personal if it endangers your situation. I'm on Chrisitan Forums and involved in Christian groups and we pray for missionaries and our government and our town councils and our needs etc. Your work and that of other patriots is very important and you and a few others (Alex Jones, Brice Taylor, Jeff Rense and others). I want to bring your mission and work to the attention of my fellow Christians.

I have a list of patriots and nationalists whose activities are just as dear to my heart as that of a pastor or missionary. I don't know what the general personal needs of people like yourself are though. Are you being harassed or followed? Are you in need of wisdom in whom you speak with and have contact with? Are you in need of finances? I am sure it is not easy to do what you do but your information and that of others is helping me very much.

You may not be a Christian though one might conclude that from your website and character. I believe though that praying for anyone can be helpful on a spiritual level. And I want to instruct my fellow Christians on how to pray wisely for alternate political activities that they might think are trivial and not worth their time. I hope I haven't confused you. I actually do find that most Christians that I know don't want to consider information such as what you have. I don't know what will wake them up, but I know that if I present your information a little bit at a time, it will make them think.

And I want fellow Christians to understand that praying for people such as yourself is to help with a greater spiritual battle that is encompassing our globe. Don't reply if this seems funny or you're uncomfortable.



Hi Gary,

OK, thanks for your good intentions and desire to help.

The NWO takeover of America, chemtrail poisoning, vaccine poisoning, GMO crop poisoning, the alien presence, the 2008 banking swindle, the militarization of America, the betrayal of the American people by the Pentagon, by the intelligence agencies, the Executive, the Legislative, and now the Judiciary, etc., is REAL and is bringing to an end and final dessolution -- America itself-- what was once the greatest country in the world. Ignoring these present and imminent dangers is going to GUARANTEE the end of a free and open America, where constitutional guarantees were always taken for granted as our birthright. They won't exist in 20 years from now ( or even 10 years from now ) .

America was once great because the country was founded on Christian ideals and the principles enshrined in the US Constitution. We are allowing the Zionists, the Freemasons, and the satanists to corrupt our children and institutions into a quagmire of immorality. The issues mentioned cannot be ignored any longer by those who insists on denying what's right under their nose.

We need moral people, who believe in the Constitution, to run for the House and Senate. We MUST get rid of the traitors, NWO sellouts, and fifth columnists who currently occupy congress. They are delivering us into the hands of NWO fascism and tyranny at a frightening pace.

People need to pray for our deliverance from these treasonous jackals and to replace them with real patriots who will fight the NWO sellouts.

Don't assume anything about me. You can still say you are a follower of Christ and His teachings, even if you don't subscribe to all of the dogma specifed by various Christian sects. My view of spirituality has expanded from what I was taught as a youngster, but it doesn't mean I reject the lessons taught by Jesus. Being a Christian doesn't mean that you must accept the sanctioned, organized dogma as teachings coming from Christ, because much dogma, whether Catholic or Protesstant, is flawed. If you want to go through life without being the pawn of others, you must learn how to think for yourself, independently, and not blindly accept the precepts or conditions dictated by others.

The most outrageous con artists in the BUSINESS of "Christianity," who are deceiving, beguiling and suckering millions of gullible and unthinking people, are the televangelists seen on TV like Pat Robertson or Benny Hinn or Rod Parsley, or Duplantis, or any of that ilk. John Hagee is simply a covert agent for Zionists, as much as the Mossad is. Anyone who follows him, has to have his head examined. Joel Osteen is a self serving money monger who mocks the very concept of Christianity.

All people are children of God. Artificial distinctions are just that. We should pray for the good of all and of each individual. If a fraction of the money sent to the con artists listed above was used to gain publicity and put decent people on the ballot as anti NWO candidates for congress, we could start flushing the rats out of congress this November. Only rats get the funding and the publicity to run for congress, but with the internet, we can elect patriots--if we try.

There isn't much time left Gary. One woman thinks we'll have full blown martial law by the end of this year. If that happens, then the battle is over, because America will be no more. This is what you should be praying about.

Sincerely, Ken


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