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Mother Now Worries Daily About Fukushima Radiation "Crisis" Being Fanned by Hysteria Promoters like Dr. Christopher Busby at Infowars

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 19, 2013

Mother Now Worries Daily About Fukushima Radiation "Crisis" Being Fanned by Hysteria Promoters like Dr. Christopher Busby at Infowars (Nov 19, 013)

On 11/19/2013, Kerry. wrote:

Mr. Adachi,

I came across your website and found your articles on Fukushima Fear Mongering. Unfortunately, I feel I have fallen victim to this and it has taken control of my life. I live daily with fear for my children and family. I do not own a Geiger counter but am thinking about purchasing one to quell my fears.

There are no mainstream news media stories on Fukushima, at least not in my local area. There is so much out there on the internet that I don't know what to believe anymore. I have recently found and cannot find anyone to help me research or determine if the Gamma Counts Per Minute (CPM) are real or bad. I do not know enough about radiation just what I have researched online.

I would like to know if you could point me in the right direction to find out if indeed we are being radiated on a daily basis in the northern hemisphere? The radiation network site states any CPM over 100 is bad, well, almost all Geiger stations on are over 100 throughout the US. Thank you in advance if you could provide any assistance. You have a wonderful site here and I appreciate your valuable time.

Thanks again and God Bless!



Hi Kerry,

Put your mind at ease. You are allowing yourself to be manipulated by deception. THERE IS NO RADIATION CRISIS EMMINATING FROM FUKUSHIMA and it is NOT causing elevated radiation readings in air, soil or surface water anywhere in North America.

Radiation readings are expressed in many different ways. The CPM, Count Per Minute, is one common reading scheme. The Radiation Network monitors privately owned Geiger counters whose CPM readings and are updated every few minutes around the country.

Most readings are under 50 daily. This group considers a reading over 100 as a red "alert" . I looked at this map often in the days and weeks following 3/11 and I NEVER saw a red alert reading of over 100. Occasionally, people make mistake and cause a temporary high reading by coming home from a hospital visit, for example, where they got a radioactive isotope for an X-ray scan analysis and they walked too close to their Geiger counter. The web site you mentioned I noticed a year or so ago, seems to be somewhat biased towards promoting radiation alarmism. They have devised their own rating scale which creates more categories of "concern".

The entire Fukushima radiation propaganda blitz is an Illuminati-created disinformation campaign, exactly like Peak Oil and Global Warming were contrived, non existent, Illuminati-created scams.

What you are hearing and reading over the internet are SCARE stories being pumped by radiation hysteria promoters like "physicist" Dr. Christopher Busby (academic background is CHEMISTRY, not physics), who has a LONG, LONG track record of making specious and grossly exaggerated claims about supposed radiation dangers causing supposed elevations in children's cancers, etc., that have been PROVEN, time and again, by scientific bodies in Great Britain to be COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED.

Dr Christopher Busby was interviewed by Alex Jones on Nov. 18, 2013.

Alex, I'm sorry to say, bought Busby's Fukushima Doom & Gloom, Everyone's-Going-to-Get-Cancer Road Show completely,... Hook, Line, and Sinker.

Christopher Busby has been discredited by NUMEROUS established science groups in Great Britain as an unreliable, unscientific, largely non peer-reviewed, unbelievable, self serving, publicity-seeking media maven who capitalizes on the IGNORANCE of reporters and interviewers to spin his dire tales of looming cancer from a non existent "low level" radiation "crisis."

The editors at Wikipedia haven't been so easily taken in by Busby's con-artistry. Read what they have to say:

Busby has tried hard to disprove the criticisms about him on his Wikipedia page by pretending to be "Prof. Woland"

The expose seen below of Christopher Busby was posted on March 11, 2008 by a now defunct web site called "Junk Science Watch". It is no longer online, but I found it at archive,.org. I don't know who the author is, but he clearly has a science background and he's incensed by Busby's unethical chicanery.

Another scathing page on Christopher Busby was posted by the same author on Nov. 18, 2010 (" Have a look at some of these links which expose the ineptitude and conduct of Chris Busby ")

The Journal of Radiological Protection in the UK has debunked Dr. Christopher Busby's unfounded radiation/cancer claims on more than one occasion. Busby was claiming that children leukemia were spiking in Northern Wales due to radiation poisoning. Their investigative team refuted his claims as bogus and unfounded

Their article is titled: "Leukemia incidence in Welsh children linked with low level radiation—making sense of some erroneous results published in the media "
-- published on Feb 26, 2008.

This is another Journal of Radiological Protection article questioning Christopher Busby's honesty, integrity, and dubious activities titled "What to Believe and What Not to Believe:"

Another critical review of Busby's "work" was reported by the Wales Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit, investigative arm of the National Health Service for Wales. They refute Busby's alarming cancer claims in a report titled,

"Childhood Leukemia, brain tumours & retinoblastoma near the Menai Straits, North Wales 2000 - 2003"

The Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE)
confirmed the findings of the investigative unit is a statement published on March 30, 2005

There are other scientific critiques that I found on the internet debunking Christopher Busby's radiation alarmism. I'll go into them at a later date in an expanded critique of Busby's internet activities.

Here are a few comments I made about Dr. Christopher Busby when I first noted his role as a Fukushima radiation alarmist, along with other radiation hysteria promoters on May 19, 2012:

You don't really need to buy a Geiger counter when there are so many radiation monitors available on the internet which are updated continuously.

Stop worrying so much. There is no radiation crisis. You're being played by biased, anti-nuclear energy zealots who are being media promoted and funded by hidden hands.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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2011 UK Guardian articles condeming Dr. Christopher Busby's intellectual/scientific dishonesty and self serving radiation alarmism to facilitate the promotion and sale of overpriced supplements and diagnostic services:

Dr Christopher Busbyst-Fukushima 'anti-radiation' pills condemned by scientists
By George Monbiot and Justin McCurry in Tokyo, Monday 21 November 2011

Dr Christopher Busby [right], director of environmental consultancy Green Audit, who published a YouTube video to launch his products.

Green party distances itself from Dr Christopher Busby, a former spokesman promoting products following Japanese nuclear disaster

The Green party's former science and technology spokesman is promoting anti-radiation pills to people in Japan affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, that leading scientists have condemned as "useless"
Dr Christopher Busby, a visiting professor at the University of Ulster, is championing a series of expensive products and services which, he claims, will protect people in Japan from the effects of radiation. Among them are mineral supplements on sale for ¥5,800 (£48 [$48 USD] ) a bottle, urine tests for radioactive contaminants for ¥98,000 (£808 [$804 USD]) and food tests for ¥108,000 (£891 [$886 USD]).

Christopher Busby's wild claims hurt green movement and Green party
By George Monbiot
Tuesday 22 November 2011

The Green party adviser's theories on the Fukushima nuclear disaster and a 'leukaemia cluster' in north Wales are baseless scaremongering – even the anti-nuclear lobby must oppose him'

You can see it in almost every field, and I am sorry to say that environmentalists are not always immune to it. An example is the long-running failure by people within the green movement to challenge the claims made by a Dr Christopher Busby. Chris Busby is a visiting professor at the University of Ulster. He was formerly the science and technology spokesperson for the Green Party, which still consults him on matter such as low-level radiation and depleted uranium. Following the extraordinary revelations published by the Guardian on Monday, this may now change. More of that later.


So this article is a plea for people to try to step back from their entrenched positions and see the bigger picture. It asks you to be as sceptical about the claims you like as you are about the claims you dislike. It asks you to subject everyone who makes claims about important and contentious subjects to the same standards of enquiry and proof.

I know that's a tough call, but it is not as tough as wasting our lives inadvertently campaigning, on the basis of misinformation, to make the world a worse place.


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