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Christian Chruches' Failure to Expose the Satanic NWO Takeover Agenda
May 30, 2010

Christian Chruches' Failure to Expose the Satanic NWO Takeover Agenda (May 30, 2010)

Subject: Your faith
From: Cyndi
Date: Sun, May 30, 2010
To:   Ken Adachi

Hi Mr Adachi,

Your site is really eye opening! Thanks for the time and research you put into it.

What is your faith? What exactly do you believe in? Just wondering...I come across many sites exposing the NWO, Mk ULTRA, Satanism. etc
and New Age philosophies, yet this exposure is not coming from Christians. I find that odd, since Christians are the ones that should be exposing the darkness.

Anyhow, great site you have !

Thanks and good evening!


Hi Cyndi,

I have a broader view of spiritual understanding than I had when I was younger, so I don't find it useful to announce that I'm this or that. You can get an idea of my perspective from the Mind Body Connection page.

I've answered a lot of questions over the years in regards to religious beliefs. You can find those replies in Letters to the Editor if you want to search more.

I totally agree with you that the Catholic church and most main stream Protestant religions have FAILED COMPLETELY to address the MOST IMPORTANT issues of the day including the NWO takeover, global genocide operations such as chemtrails, the growth and infiltration of Satanism into American society (including government, military, and law enforcement), mind control, electronic microwave assault and torment, police abuse with TASERS, the promotion of homosexuality, the assault on the minds of young school children to promote the use of condoms and the acceptability of deviant sex acts as "normal" and a simple "life style choice", etc., etc.

Listen to the sermon in any Catholic church or any Lutheran or Baptist or Episcopalian church, and you would think you were in a 1950s time warp. NO MENTION is made of ANY of the disastrous NWO operations listed above.

The ONLY people who place the word "reverend" in front of their name and have actively preached against the wickedness of the NWO takeover schemes are small, independent, non-denomination church founders like Rev. James Manning of Harlem.

As is the case with corrupt politicians on the state and federal level, it's so much EASIER for main stream Christian churches, whether Catholic or Protestant sects, to just GO ALONG with the takeover agenda rather than EXPOSE it from the pulpit.

Never mind that they hypocritically narrate the parables and sermons of Christ who said to stand your ground and DEFEND the Righteous against ALL forms of wickedness and evil, and yet they THEMSELVES in this era of advancing darkness, do NOTHING to stem the tide and fail to demonstrate any hint of PATRIOTISM, COURAGE, RESPONSIBILITY, or DUTY to their congregants, and LIVE the example set by Christ.

It's long overdue for aware Christian church goers to stand up from their pews and tell those do-nothing, say-nothing "pastors", preachers, or priests to "get with it" or "get out of the way!"

"You have FAILED to answer Christ's Call in the midst of humanity's GREATEST need to display spiritual fortitude and courage"

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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