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Letters to The Editor

Citizens for Underground Base Disclosure
(re: Arizona Deep Underground Miliary Bases)
Sep 2 2009

Citizens for Underground Base Disclosure (Sep. 2, 2009)

Subject: To Ken Adachi, re: arizona's underground base
From: Justin Tribble <>
Date: Wed, September 2, 2009
To: Editor

We are a group of individuals who have, for the past fifteen years, investigated the possible existence of a massive underground base located near the small town of Cottonwood, Arizona, in the mountains near the Sycamore Canyon and Secret Mountain Wilderness. We believe this place is real and exists, though proof remains elusive. Our aim is to research this area as well as any area in the American Southwest which may house super-secret underground installations.

Contained herein is first "The Story", a synopsis of the stories that have been told and heard in the area for years. Next, we present "What We Know", the best available evidence of the underground base in Arizona, and in addition, further outside sources of information on underground bases in other areas. We also seek "Whistleblowers", anyone with personal knowledge or a sighting of their own regarding undergound bases.

Citizens for Underground Base Disclosure

Sincerely, Justin Tribble

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