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Close Encounters of the Reptilian Kind
October 12, 2002

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 From: Joseph
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 Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2002 3:01 AM
 Subject: Reptilians? Not even half of the story.

 Dear Ken Adachi,

 I'd just like to say something. I mean, it's likely something you're FAR more than aware of, but hell, I am a Christian. I worship the Lord Jesus Christ, and yet, I still believe that the reptilians are around, exist, et cetra. Not
only that, but I've seen them. From my understanding, experiences, and what not.

They're infernal entities, but the reptilian operation is far less widespread, I believe, than David Icke portrays it. Granted, I'm going to send something to Icke, too, after this, but I feel this needs to be said. Yes, I believe they're infernal entities. I believe they're "demons", for lack of a better word, and I've been told by reliable sources and the overwhelming sum of evidence, not to mention my own personal experiences (many of which involve bedside
experiences.  Heh, sound familiar?) that these demons, should they be "unbound", as it were, can physically take shape in our realm. (Of course, so do you, what with the nigh-identical 4th dimensional reptilians, the "physical" 3rd dimensional reptilians, etc.) I believe no aliens are visiting earth at this moment. I believe that this is part of a grand delusion, of which there is ample evidence, that will sink the world into falling chaos, to accept the "aliens"
as their saviors, when, in fact, they are not.

The races I've encountered so far are as follows:

Greys. Yes, I see many greys. I've rebuked them many a time with the name of the Lord. They do flee.

Reptilians. They take an interest in me, but not as much as the Greys. I've also had one speaking through me, at one point, as I had fallen victim to a demonic possession. That didn't last too long. Something interesting, I
should mention. They poke a lot of fun at Icke.

"Bugs". The insectoid ones. For everything I've found out, for the most part, save for few exceptions, they seem to be at war with the reptiles. Most commonly described as the "praying mantis" types.

"Light-beings". Cliche, almost hilarious term, but no. I've seen these guys. They aren't too nice.

I've encountered angels, too. But that's a different story.

There've also been many demons who've liked to take the more stereotypical, and less stereotypical, forms. I've exorcised many people, and I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to find out how reptilians would/should be a
gigantic part of a exorcist's vocabulary. I apologize if I sound too evangelical, or too Jesusfreakish. No, I don't
mean to convey that. I'm merely telling you my experiences. And, from what I know, the reptilians aren't as widespread as many researchers think. Granted, their effort is huge, but their numbers dwindle. They're only a small part of the equation. An important, but small, part.

Get back to me. I'd like to hear your comments. Take it easy.


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From: "Editor" <>
To: Joseph
Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2002 9:12 AM
Subject: Re: Reptilians? Not even half of the story.

 Hi Joseph

Very interesting letter. I'll post it so others can read it too.

How is it that you have these encounters? Has this occurred all of your life or is it a recent stituation? What's your background to these encounters?

I've read from books of Linda Moulton Howe and Betty Andreason, among others, that the praying mantis type tends to be benevolent and helpful towards humans. Has that been your experience?

Tell me more about those you call the nasty Light Beings. Any idea who they are?

What kind of barbs do the reptilians toss at David Icke? That would be interesting to hear.

I presume that you've been an abductee most of your life?

According to Al Bielek, Phil Schneider, and others, some reptillian groups have been living under the earth for a very long time. Al said that many more reptilians and other negative alien groups entered into our dimension via the hole created in the space/'time continuum due to the Philadelphia Experiment, so the number of alien 'visitors' increased dramatically after 1943.

 Concerning alien delusion, William Lynes wrote a couple of extremely interesting books in which he feels that all aliens and alien crafts have been created by the Pentagon. My own opinion, based on reading, is that the secret govt has been responsible for a lot of phony alien abductions, built many types of spacecraft, etc., but I still believe there are large numbers of alien groups here to witness the coming changes on earth, at least according to Anna Hayes, Alex Collier, etc. There's no question in my mind that the neg reptilians (Dracos) are the primary alien group behind the NWO. I agree with Icke's assesement in that regard. Al Bielek says the Sirians are players in the equation too, but act more as merchants and opportunists.

The tall greys seem to be in charge of the little greys. Al also says that the tall greys are not generally very nice to humans. Of course, it depends on the spiritual orientation. Al Bielek was obviously working with the neg. alien groups at Montauk in league with the secret govt/Illuminati.

I agree with you  that it would be a mistake to look to aliens as saviours, but I also think the secret govt. plans to puff up the idea that we are being threatened with an alien takeover/invasion as an excuse for NWO takeover fascism. I'm not buying that routine either.

OK, I'll wait to hear back from you.

Regards, Ken

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From: Joseph
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Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2002 5:12 PM
Subject: Re: Reptilians? Not even half of the story.


Yeah, I have been an abductee most of my life, but not to the usual standards.

When I was fourteen, I believe my sophomore year in High School, I had my first encounter with Greys. I was never taken into a ship. Their presence had a devastating effect, quite literally, on reality itself. My encounter very much happened, and from then on, it wasn't so much a spree of "abductions", rather more of a poltergeist

From then on, even exorcists have seen the demons that constantly leap upon me as Greys, and the funny thing? Since I've learned how to fight them, they attack me constantly, constantly. But they can't remove me from my bed, nor have I ever been taken into a ship.

The "praying mantis" type, as I've seen, is only benevolent and helpful when it suits its agenda. That's not been my experience. The ones we've seen abhor sexual relations, hate the reptilians with a vengeance, only work with them in rare, select cases of mutual benefit, and have their own agenda.

Their operation is even LESS widespread than the reptilians, by far. It's never been found out what exactly the reason is that they hate sexual relations.

The light-beings have only been seen on several occasions. We've seen what we define as "angels", however, they certainly are NOT light-beings. Light-beings are something completely different. There is nothing discernable about them, that I can tell, other than the general emotion of overwhelming fear. Not our own, a radiating, palpable emotion from them. They didn't do much, tried to touch a friend of mine, yet had to pull away as if it were in pain. The other was stepping around nonchalantly, as if waiting for something.

The reptilians liked to poke fun at Icke quite a bit. Yes, some of his stuff is right, they seem to say, yet  they revel in much else of what he says. They regard him as a high enemy, yet, nearly mock him in his "misunderstanding", as they put it, of the true situation. That he has done quite a lot for them, and that they're prepping something real big for him. That he'll get his due. I sent him a warning about it. Hope he gets it.

 I believe a hell of a lot of that, down there, but I have my doubts about certain things. It's rather an odd paradigm to imagine, but to unify the world from a faux alien threat, then "realize" that the aliens have come to be our "saviors"? That's what I believe is going to happen.

Take care. If you've more to ask, feel free.


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