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Ken Adachi's 'Interview' on Coast to Coast AM
April 20, 2008

Ken Adachi's 'Interview' on Coast to Coast AM (April 20, 2008)

Subject: Christianity, Logic, Bad Behavior
From: DB
Date: Sun, April 20, 2008
To:   Editor

I hope you are not a practicing Christian, because if you are, you are so far off the mark with your nasty behavior tonight on coast to coast. You and Adolf Hitler share a common trait -- stir up the people with grains of truth, ignite their hate and anger against others and voila, you get your cookies off.

Jesus taught that we should be loving and gentle, not rude and bullying and nasty. You are such a baby and a jerk. The way you are speaking to Ian is totally out of control and odd. You are the last person that should be preaching to anyone. Look in the mirror and stop attacking people who disagree with you.

OR, stop pretending to be a religious person.

Please, you are a total disgrace and deserve to be booted off coast for good.

Yuck, you were such a disappointment to listen to.

Stop hating, start tolerating and maybe, just maybe you will be of use to someone somewhere sometime.

Peace to you.


Dear Anonymous,

I appreciate your blessings of peace, but I didn't realize that I was interviewed on Coast to Coast. Perhaps you can tell me what date and at what time I gave this interview? I'd love to hear the show.  Obviously, I'm terribly curious about what I said since it generated comparisons to Hitler, who by the way, was born on April 20, the same date as your e-mail.

Since I was such a disappointment, I'm at least entitled to hear what I said, aren't I?

Anxiously looking forward to your response.

Shalom, Ken Adachi


Subject: Re: Christianity, Logic, Bad Behavior
Date: Sun, April 20, 2008
To: Editor


Sorry -- I googled Steve Quayle and got this site on which I posted a reply to him.

Steve Quayle ~ Selling Doom & Gloom: Promoting End Times Programming and British Israel

By Ken Adachi <>
January 7, 2006

I had no idea it was your site and that you would get my angry email intended for Steve. Steve was so awful, angry and just plain nuts on coast to coast last night that I had to email him.

Sorry you got the email. So much for righteous anger -- huh?

Denise B. (never anonymous)


OK great. Glad to read your reply. Apparently, we are of one mind.

God Bless, Ken

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