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The Power of Thought: Daily Worldwide Wellness Affirmation
January 6, 2007

Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007
From: Kathy
To: Editor
Subject: site healing intention

Hi Ken,

I thought of this after I spoke to you-maybe you will want to use it.

There is tremendous power in being united. The theme of your site is really Wellness for ourselves and for the earth.There are so many ways to go here and I think that's fine, I think that is set up on purpose but we have diluted our impact because of lack of agreement on the big picture. It's like everyone is running around with flashlights and candles-why don't we just turn the power back on?

How about for everyone that is in agreement to wellness for themselves and the earth to spend one or two minutes a day visualizing the end product-wellness for themselves and for the earth in every aspect and dimenson existing now.

Then imagine you are up above the earth and let all the little points of light(souls)that are in agreement with you lite up-say hello to them. Each day you do this there will be more.

This group agreement will get big enough to take seniority over anything else.

I think the problem has been agreeing on a simple thoughtform, a big umbrella so to speak.I remember when I was a kid in the fifties people drank openly in their cars and threw garbage out on the highway-that seems unbelievable now. This is our earth, our journey, we can set the rules if we have united intention.. Wellness now- simple, powerful, neutral and fun.


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