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'I Want My Colloidal Gold!'
November 23, 2006

Subject: Coloidal Gold
Date: Wed, November 22, 2006 1:25 pm
To: Editor

Good Day Sir,

I am in URGENT need of information about MAKING, & what DOSAGE to take of coloidal Gold, as I am experiencing "memory loss"! I am currently successfully making & using coloidal Silver, but, I now NEED "coloidal Gold" ALSO! So, I am ANXIOUSLY awating your reply & assistance.

Thank you Sir, John Mammino
(the globetrotter)


Subject: Re: Coloidal Gold
From: "John Mammino" <>
Date: Thu, November 22, 2006
To:   Editor

Good day again Sir,

I sent you a message earlier today, but, I could NOT find it in my"sent" items, so, I can ONLY conclude that it was NOT delivered to you.

Anyhow, I URGENTLY need to know HOW to make "coloidal Gold" and, just HOW MUCH I should take each day, as , I am experiencing "memory loss" &"C.G." is recognized as a SOLUTION to this problem.

Thank you. John Mammino.


Hi John,

I'm opposed to taking colloidal gold for numerous reasons. There are many ways to improve memory without going to gold. A couple of ideas: Gingo Biloba will improve micro circulation and improve memory. Bob Beck's Brain Tuner will often result in improved memory.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Coloidal Gold
From: "John Mammino" <>
Date: Thu, November 23,
To:   Editor

Good day again Sir,

I have tried Ginko , WITHOUT success! And, I have SEEN "good results " from coloidal gold in some of my friends who now live in another country,otherwise, I WOULD get the information from THEM! SO! IF you refuse to assist me with this , I WILL get the information ELSEWHERE "somehow"

Thank you John Mammino.


Hello John,

Is this the way you talk to people to whom you have imposed upon for free advice and help? With discourtesy, rudeness, and belligerence?

Please, by all means, pay no attention to my caution to you. Only focus on your desire to improve memory and simply throw all caution to the wind. You know, you could undoubtedly gain much greater insights and penetrate the mysteries of the universe if you took Peyote and Mescaline on the weekends and perhaps a little cocaine during the week to enhance your pleasure and zest for life. And who knows? LSD might bring on enough "memories" to last you a lifetime!

While you expanding your knowledge base, you might look into the connection detailed in the books of Dr. Hulda Clark about the link between gold and prions and prion related disease (like it says in the song: "you can't have one without the other").  Or the connection between gold and salmonella infection (again "you can't have one without the other")

Did you know that gold migrates to the hypothalamus--and stays there? Do you have any suspicion that it might cause you a TEENY bit of trouble from that TEENY little master gland in the brain?  Are you aware of an oncovirus associated with EVERY case of cancer, or pre-cancerous lesions, or HIV called SV-40 that MUST have gold in it in order to survive in the body?

Ever hear of a bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa? It's well known in hospitals that treat patients with lung related infection and disease. Extremely common and extremely hard to kill-except if you deny it gold. It too MUST have gold to survive in the body.   I could list other examples, but I'm sure this is boring you.

Well, maybe I should add one more: Gold will knock off or replace a metal required by certain enzymes in the body and thus prevent those enzymes from functioning correctly. Every enzyme molecule requires a particular metal to function correctly, However, certain metals, like gold, not normally found in the food chain (or the human body) and because of its place in the Periodic Table of Elements, will replace those NEEDED metals. When that happens, the enzyme can no longer function in its intended role and the substance that the enzyme was intended to break down and assimilate into the body, won't get broken down or assimilated.

But should these things concern you? Nah! You're way beyond that.  

You're Mr "I URGENTLY Need to Know How to Make Colloidal Gold" man and can't be bothered with such triflings as metal toxicity. Immediate memory improvement is the goal and the only avenue of exploration must be "Gold, Gold, Gold"!

Go for it, my friend!  Jump in with both feet.

Good luck & Sayonara, Ken

(By the way, you do know the name given to the type of person mesmerized by gold, don't you?)

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