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A Classroom Assignment on Colloidal Silver
October 22, 2007

A Classroom Assignment on Colloidal Silver (Oct. 22, 2007)

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From:Bryce S
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2007
Subject: Colloidal Silver

I have been given the assignment of researching and reporting back to class on the uses of colloidal silver. What is it exactly? How should it be used? What kind of things does it treat or prevent? What kind of research has been done to prove that it works? Are there any side effects or possible allergic reactions?

Today was the first time I even heard the name colloidal silver and I know nothing about it. The web search mostly yields results for buying it. Any and all info and leads/links to unbiased info web sites would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for you time,


Bryce S


Hello Bryce,

I'll paste in links below that will lead you to many articles about colloidal silver. There's much more in print beyond the articles I've posted, including several books, but it's a good start. I have two books of compiled articles and studies on my Products page devoted to colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is a suspension of small clusters of silver atoms in water, ideally distilled water.

Silver atoms possess a unique characteristic that other elemental metals on the Periodic Chart of Atomic Elements do not enjoy: it can prevent most species of bacteria, virus, molds, fungi, and even parasites from reproducing. In other words, it acts as a germicide, a germ fighter. It does this using at least 3 mechanisms which are explained in greater detail in a study published by the Silver Institute around 1996 (I've reproduced that study in the second volume of my Silver book). There are no "side effects' because it isn't a poison, unlike most pharmaceuticals. An Italian study done on rats had shown that colloidal silver is more benign that ordinary water. However, I wouldn't take colloidal silver as a prophylaxis. Rather, I would only take it when I needed it to fight an infection. There are wiser ways to increase immunity, such as taking mega doses of Ascorbate Vitamin C daily.

There were many lab tests performed in earlier decades which proved beyond all doubt the incredible effectiveness of colloidal silver to fight germs, including a 1988 study by UCLA, who, by the way, later disavowed having even done the study.

The reason you've never heard about colloidal silver is the same reason that UCLA later disavowed their 1988 study proving the efficacy of colloidal silver: that reason is called "the pharmaceutical cartel"

Drug companies don't want you to become aware of just how well colloidal silver can fight germs because you might be tempted to try it yourself and in doing so, you might discover that colloidal silver often works far BETTER than conventional antibiotics, yet doesn't require a prescription to obtain, and even more significant, you can MAKE IT YOURSELF with a colloidal silver generator.

Since you can start clearing up ear infections, eye infections, toe nail infections, etc. etc., and even internal infective conditions, all on your own, you might stop going to the doctor's office so often and wouldn't have need of the doctor's prescriptions. This in turn would eliminate the need to go down to the drug store and have the doctor's prescription filled.

So let's review:

A-colloidal silver can be made at home for the cost of distilled water, mere pennies. .

B- you don't need to see a doctor and get his prescription

C- you don't need to pay for a prescription, because you can make your own "anti-biotic" water at home (silver atoms suspended in water fit the definition of a mineral water, so some people call it "silver water" or "silver mineral water" )

Now, do you suppose the drug industry is going to sit by idly while they lose 99% of their antibiotics business to colloidal silver, or are they going to pull every dirty trick in the book to keep the information suppressed and to get a small army of disinformation hacks -like Rosemary Jacobs- to publish all kinds of scare stories on the internet -such as turning your skin blue- in order to keep people locked down in fear and never consider trying it?

I'll let you decide.

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Regards, Ken

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