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Colloidal Silver
January 27, 2005

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From: NICK
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 10:52 PM
Subject: Colliodal Silver

Hi Ken

I was wondering if you could help me I really need an unbiased opinion of colloidal silver. I recently bought 2 generators made to DR Beck's standards in Australia and have been using it for 2 months. to make a solutions of about 5ppm.I drink it at full strength to treat myself for some immune deficiencies caused by mercury poisoning. a company calling itself is saying that these machines produce nothing but silver ions and this solution is useless at best and toxic at worst.

Have you heard of them and what do you say to their claims?

They also contradict their own products by saying that silver can turn you gray or blue if taken in large doses. Especially if the PPM is high which is what they sell.??????? (up to 10,000 ppm) I would value your opinion highly as I know that you met the good DR in the past and have good knowledge of the benefits of C/S

Best Regards

Nick Fragiadakis

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From: Editor
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2005 10:54 AM
Subject: Re: Colliodal Silver

Hi Nick,

You're hearing a real mishmash of BS and hype.

Let's review:

If you make CS using a DC source such as batteries, you are engaged in electrolysis. Electrolysis works this way: an atom of silver will come off one electrode because of electrical attraction from the opposite electrode (both electrodes placed in water). When the atom comes off the electrode, it is stripped of one electron from its outer electron shell. This gives the atom a net POSITIVE charge because it's missing one electron. Whenever atoms are missing either an electron, or gain an extra electron, it's then called an ION. So all CS solution made with low voltage DC current are producing IONS of silver. The main reason that the silver atoms will remain suspended in a CS solution is due to the fact that they are ions and REPEL each other and therefore bounce all around the solution trying to get away from each other. It works the same way with magnetism.

The scare story about turning the skin blue or gray refers to a rare conditon called ARGYRIA.

It can't happen with CS made by electrolysis because you just have plain silver atoms, not molecules. There is another type of product called "colloidal silver' that contains silver bound to a protein and is correctly called Colloidal Silver Protein (CSP). THAT type of 'colloidal silver' could 'possibly' produce Argyria, but you would have to take a lot of it for many years and even then, very few people get it anyway. It's really quite rare. There has been a huge PROPAGANDA and DISINFORMATION campaign going on since the mid 1990's -orchestrted by the drug companies and their stooges- to scare people away from using CS by using the exaggerated and misdirected Argyria scare story.

There is nothing toxic about CS. A test was conducted some years ago (reported in our book, Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic), in which lab mice were given only plain water to such an extent that they eventually died from excessive water loading. The mice who were given only colloidal silver, lasted an average of 17 days longer when forced fee the same amount of CS. In other words, that test proved that CS is less toxic THAN PLAIN WATER.

A lot of companies selling CS play games with the ppm numbers because no one is checking on them and holding them accountable. The only way to find out the correct number is to send the sample into a lab and get the lab report. I checked on one CS product in the health food store a few years ago that said their solution was 1200ppm. A solution of DC produced CS that concentrated would be opaque (it's different for high voltage produced CS) The solution was ACTUALLY less than 3ppm.

When making the CS, you should use distilled water (in a glass) that was brought to a boil and kept warm using an insulated mug around the glass.

Go for a golden color like the color of light beer and you should have something in the 10-15ppm range.

Bob Beck was using a standard CS generator design in which the current runs in the same direction . A friend named Daniel Wolf found that reversing the current every two minutes would prevent current runaway and give you a much nicer CS solution without those puddles of silver forming at the top of the glass and that's the idea I incorporate in my CS generators. After Bob bought one of the generators I made, he told me that it produced the BEST CS he ever had seen. He got a higher dowser reading from CS made with my unit than any other CS he tried or tested. And I didn't even ask him to try or buy my stuff or give me his opinion. He wanted to test it on his own and was surprised at the dowsing reading he got from mine. After that, I saw him carrying around my CS generator in a plastic bag whereever he went. I was blown away by that since I learned all about making your own CS from Bob Beck. By the way, I wanted to give him my generator, but he insisted on paying me for it.

More articles on CS here:

Regards, Ken

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From: NICK
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 11:36 PM
Subject: Re: Colliodal Silver

Dear Ken,

Thank you for taking the time to explain this in a form that I can understand. I am at peace now as my children are also taking small doses of the solution to treat tinea on their feet as a result of using the public showers at the local swimming pool.

I also treated my son for a nasty burn to the leg and it has virtually disappeared in a matter of a couple of days.

Best Regards
Nick Fragiadakis

Sydney Australia

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