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Interested In (but worried about) Colloidal Silver
December 28, 2010

Interested In (but worried about) Colloidal Silver (Dec. 28, 2010)

Subject: colloidal silver
From: LIsa
Date: Tue, December 28, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken Adachi,

I would like to request additional information on colloidal silver. I have done some research on it, but I can't say I trust the information that I have found, thus far.

I really like




Hi Lisa,

I'll paste in links below about colloidal silver (CS). There is a lot of disinformation and misinformation on the internet to keep people in doubt and worried about trying collodial silver. These naysayers are acting as SHILLS for the pharmaceutical giants who don't want you to know just how effective a germ fighter that CS is.

Harmless, cheap, and effective: three powerful incentives for pharmaceuticals to to keep you mired in doubt with scare stories about "heavy metal poisoning" or turning into a blue Smurf from argyria. It's total BS.

Tell me which articles (and written by whom) that caused you concern. If you could send the links, I'd appreciate it.

colloidal silver info index

Regards, Ken


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Rosemary Jacobs, Colloidal Silver Debunker, Strikes Back! (March 17, 2008)

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