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Colloidal Silver Misinformation
Feb. 28, 2007

Colloidal Silver Misinformation (Feb. 28, 2007)

Subject: C. Silver Maker
From: Michael
Date: Wed, February 28, 2007
To:   Editor

Hello Ken,

I've been "Terminator Zapping" for 2 weeks....started feeling great, then lousy with brain drain & fatigue. Saw good things on a site selling colloidal silver water (very expensive and stating that most everyone else out there is selling the stuff that's just silver ions, not silver paricles...their stuff is up to 5,000ppm) They say all the C.S. out there can't handle strong virus/bugs and is just junk.

They state it must be "silver particles", not this silver ion stuff to really work. Very depressing! Anyway, I like your site and honesty, and trusts what comes out of your mouth. Do you still provide that C.S. maker/generator, have you heard good testimonies about results from using that CS made by the process using your maker (like maybe kicking ass on candida) I want to add CS to my routine, and I guess am looking for encouragement to get a maker that provides a CS that works. Thank you a bunch, if you can give me your 2 cents worth. Hope its good news for me and I'll obtain a CS maker from you.

Take Care and good health to you!

Sincerely, Michael


Hi Michael,

Let me begin this reply by boasting a bit. I wrote a rather lengthy article on the remarkable germicidal properties of colloidal silver after I heard Dr Bob Beck tell his lecture audience in 1994 that you don't have to spend a fortune buying colloidal silver from a health store, when you could make it yourself "for pennies to the gallon". I was also attending the Beck Breakfast meetings every Tuesday in Costa Mesa, California and meeting a lot of interesting people who knew much more than I about the properties of CS. I talked and read a great deal during that period and became well informed on the subject of colloidal silver. That's when I wrote an article titled Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic and put it on my web site and published it in a number of health magazines. Although it was my copyrighted, original article, I found it copied and re posted on at least 40 web sites, half of them not even including my name as the author and no reference to my web site (flattering and annoying at the same time).

Somewhere in early 2002, I got a threatening letter from the FDA-who apparently saw me as some sort of leading voice in the CS awareness movement-and wanted to let me know that I could be eligible for prosecution for making "unsubstantiated" medical claims about a substance that the FDA now considered a "drug" under their jurisdiction, etc. I don't believe in flying through a thunderstorm if you can fly around it, so I took all of my articles on CS out of the public's view and didn't hear from the FDA again.

(if you want to e-mail me privately and requests those articles, I can send them to you)

If they were still in public view, you would have read something that I wrote in 1998 about particle size, and the bogus ionic versus non-ionic nonsense. The info you were given below is false on a number of points:

1. High concentrations of CS, E.g. 5,000 ppm, is not necessary and overkill to a ludicrous degree.

2. Large particles of silver-without a net valence charge (non-ionic) are roughly 1,000 times LESS lethal to bugs than IONIC CS with a net positive charge and of very low concentration.

3. You need to know that what was called "colloidal silver" in the 1920's and 30's was really finely ground silver metal dust that was then dumped into water. While any exposure to silver metal will cause a germicidal effect, the lack of a ionic charge and the HUGE size of the particles made it much LESS effective than the CS produced in the 1990's by Bob Beck using electrolysis.

Also, it's much harder for the body to get rid of large particles of silver versus much smaller clusters of silver atoms found with ionic colloidal silver.

If you want to see how well CS works and save yourself a lot of money, get your own generator (I'm very happy with the design-and production protocol-that I offer) and see for yourself.

CS gen. info

I also offer the book called Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic, that tells you the story in much greater detail that what I've written here (Products page).

Regards, Ken

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