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The Coming China/Russia Invasion of the United States

[Editor's Note: I've highlighted in bold type some key words in Rosie's predictions so you can focus on the need to prepare for those concerns. As noted by Rosie, the future is changeable and predictions are not cast in stone. The larger the number of people who become aware of these possibilities, the larger the possibility of changing the future towards a more benign outcome. Reality is created by collective thought. You can diffuse and diminish the Dark Side's agenda by freeing yourself of fear and disconnect yourself from influences that promote negative emotions, especially internet articles that leave you hopeless and filled with anxiety (the real purpose behind Sorcha Faal's unending stream of doom & gloom articles). While I expect the fascist agenda to move forward, I also see signs of cracks in the dam. It's necessary to prepare for future difficulties, but it's also necessary to participate in thwarting the dark side. If you are home bound, then use your mind and ask for help from higher dimensions to change the agenda. Pray and meditate for positive changes. If you can move around, make or obtain orgone generators and start gifting those cell phone towers in your neighborhood. If you know people in the police or military, explain to them that they are assisting in the destruction of their own country and citizens by coooperating with the fascists. Do not cooperate with the imposition of fascists 'rules' delivered by unthinking bureaucrats who will tell you that 'it's the (Homeland Security) law'. For example, employers cannot require a propective employee (who is a US citizen) from producing any onerous documentation about himself as a requirment for employment-other than an immigration form. Do not quietly capitulate to the enslavement dictates of the traitors whose hands are on the wheels of power in this country, but rather-Resist. ..Ken]
May 27, 2005

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Subject: Thoughts about the future

Dear Ken,

Every so often, there is a letter on your site that I feel a tug of heart to respond to. Just read the letter from Suzanne in Texas about lesbian crime cover ups and prophesy.

I too am very much into prophecy, have been for a very long time. Almost everything I have waited for to happen has happened over the years.

Prophecy is open ended, it is a warning and does not have to happen the way it is predicted if circumstances are changed. It is the worst case scenario if we do not mend our ways. On March 18,2004, you put a letter I sent into the news section. I wrote that the opening of the Czech Republic was an important sign that I had been waiting for and in May 2004 it was supposed to happen. It basically did, but the sign is not quite finished. The Czech Republic has become part of the European Union, yes, but the border is not as open yet as the one to the other European nations, like Holland or Austria,which are not any different than the borders between states in the USA now. I feel sure that this will have to happen before it gets really tough.

I know people are tired of this, there have been so many cries of "wolf" in the past and nothing happened. However prophecy is a warning for those who will listen so you will not be caught unaware, so you can move out of harm's way as much as possible.I personally think it is wise to prepare and not just selfishly for yourself.

It is definitely predicted that Russia and China will band together, whether openly or behind the scenes I do not know. But China is supposed to attack the United States coming from the northwest. I do not understand how this is supposed to work, it comes unexpected, but that is what is predicted.

[from Ken Adachi: The Chinese and Russian troops are already here in North America and have been for years. They are located in underground bases and on off-limit 'protected habitat' areas. Large numbers are located in British Columbia, thus they will come in from the "northwest".]

(I could tell you a lot more about the coming world troubles as they happen in Europe.).Russia will definitely revert to its old ways, there will be another revolution in that area, but I do not know if it means in Russia proper or the republics that once were considered "Russian". Forget about Russia becoming a democracy and a friend.

There is a Third World War in the planning; To accomplish this America needs to be isolated, it also needs to be divided internally for this purpose. I do not know exactly how this is going to take place, but it is predicted that there will be civil war like fighting within the United States. The purpose of this is to weaken the United States and make its army ineffective to outside attack. All of this has been prophecied long ago.

My opinion is that these plans are of the dark side. However, there is some very powerful prophecy that you can find in the Bible that the NWO and all it entails will come to a very bad end.(I do not know if the war will be averted or not, take note though that it is predicted with certaintly.) There is a call in Revelation that I feel needs to be considered, "come out of her my people", the purpose being to avoid the terrible things that will happen to this age old system that the Bible calls the "Whore, Babylon the Great". Once you read the attributes of the whore it becomes abundantly clear just who this "whore" is. She is not the government, but she rules all nations and controls the money and commerce worldwide.

[From Ken Adachi: Don Croft has repeatedly identified Queen Elizabeth of England as the "whore of Babylon". Based on the above statement by Rosie, it certainly makes sense as the Queen of Englnad does control currency and commerce worldwide through the Bank of England.]

However,nothing will be left of her but "ashes". Just like there is nothing left of a building that burns to the ground but ashes, she will be totally gone. Very good news, but a hard way yet to get there.

I am praying that times of transition will not be so hard. I would hate for all the terrible things predicted to come over the people.

I am afraid though that there will be some real persecution and pain, folks will have to make a stand, show their mettle. A while back a young man wrote to you asking about Christianity. I felt compelled to write but then was too embarassed and erased the letter.

I do not belong to any church, have not attended one for over 25 years (burnt child syndrome, fell on my face three times).

Here are some things I found for myself for what it is worth. Since I am free of churches and dogma, I can look at all the discrepancies and not have to make excuses for them. Some things had bothered me a very long time. I believe in Jesus. Remember that Jesus spoke in symbols. I feel one very important parable is the one about the man who sowed his field in good seed, wheat I think. At night (the dark side) the enemy came and sowed bad seed (called tares in the Bible, a weed that in its early stages looks like wheat) in the very same field. From my experience and observation I find that this is a principle that applies everywhere. (I am sure there are "tares" within your work.)

My own conclusion, and I am not trying to foster my beliefs on anybody, is that you also find the tares within the Bible, that you actually find two religions in the Bible. One is the way of Jesus. If it does not jive with his way, it is not of him. No need to make excuses. There seem to be two sides in the Bible, one requires sacrifices, the other abhors sacrifices and instead wants justice to be done, speaks out especially fervently against exploitaiton of fellow humans. I found there is a distinct warning in the Bible (Jeremiah I think, if I remember correctly; it has been a while) to "beware of the lying pen of the scribes." The Bible also tells of the king of Babylon, of all people, financing the temple in Jerusalem and instigating sacrifices there ( book of Ezra).

Another thing that I really had a lot of trouble with was the death of Jesus. In my childhood religion, the sacrifice of Jesus is offered daily thousands of times around the world during every mass to the Father, who is beseeched to accept the "gifts" of bread and wine,which are the symbols of Jesus' dying. I simply could not comprehend Jesus being sacrificed to his own father and this father requiring this sacrifice. It took me a while until I dared to say, what kind of a father is this? For some reason the famous line from John took a while to click, namely "that God so loved the world that he gave his only son." The question is, to whom did he give his son, to whom was Jesus sacrificed? It certainly was not the Father, since the Father gave his son. The dark side tried to win Jesus over in the famous temptation, and I am convinced that when the Lord of the dark side offered Jesus the world he was not bluffing.

Anyway, the "whore" certainly did not turn the offer down, but her days are numbered. Thank God.

I personally think it is time to prepare for coming hard times.

One more thing. I have not seen this addressed (of course I have not seen all that much!) and I think it is an ace up the sleeve of the dark side.

From childhood I have been what could be called organic ( mother and grandmother into herbs etc.). What I have observed for many years (and I just don't understand that alarm bells are not ringing in everybody's head) is that the land has been systematically destroyed. How farmers could just follow along this evil way is beyond me?

Here in Germany where I live, farms are small and fields of one farm are not necessarily all joined. Between the different, rather small fields, there is a strip of land, maybe three feet wide, where grass and herbs grow wild; sometimes there is a trail on it. For many years now I have observed that where the farmer was a little sloppy in applying the oil-based, artificial fertilizer, in a corner or so, but also in strips across a field, corn for instance, grows only about knee high and is very puny and yellow. The strips between the fields that have not been farmed, however, are green and lush. This area has been farmed for more than a thousand years and farmers managed to maintain soil fertility all that time. Now there is no soil fertility left. I find that the fields are trying desperately to grow so called pioneer plants, like chamomile, plants that grow in the worst depleted soil. I overheard on old farmer talking to another farmer about "this poison [commercail fertilizer] " not doing the job it is supposed to, as the chamomile was still coming up. (The earth is trying desperately to heal itself.) It may not be so easily seen in your country, with your huge fields and people not walking around the country side as much. I have not seen the kind of trails we have here.

There are many people going a different way, but there are not enough of us to stave off famine in America and Europe once there is no artificial fertilizer to be had. Do you think the powers that be that control the oil and all it's connected industries will not stoop so low as to unleash famine on the land once the time is right? If you know of a way to avoid this I sure would like to find out about it.

[from Ken Adachi: We know of people who explain how to re-invigorate soil without artificial fertilizers, as the Creator always provides an answer when their is a pressing need. Info will soon come out on how to grow food more abundantly than ever imagined on the smallest plot of land thought possible without the need for any commercial fertilizer. We can find water almost anywhere. If we can't find it, we know how to coerce the earth to produce water for us in the amount and flow rate required. These are not unfounded, fantastical statements. As in the case with Sylphs, open your mind (& heart) and allow creation to flow through you and the horn of plenty will be known to you.]

Needless to say, famine is of course also predicted. Also roaming bands of city people in search of something to eat. For a while a big problem will be drinking water.

Before the big cataclysms, the present pope will die. As long as he is alive we may still have time to get prepared. This has nothing to do with the pope itself, it just is a sign. In lieu of calendars and dates there are signs to go by. Most of the dates given in the past have been wrong so far.

One of the signs for my neck of the woods is that the border will be done away with. My neck of the woods is not separate from the rest of the world. When you have lived at the edge of the Iron Curtain like I have, this is a powerful prediction to have been made, and to have lived to see it basically come true still shakes me up. Violent storms in the United States are also a sign that we are heading in that direction. Other signs are ozone holes, AIDS, low fertility rates and immorality .

One thing puzzling me is the cloning of humans. It is supposed to be done now (predicted in the 1600s), but we seem to be far from it and besides, even if started right now it takes a while for a new human to grow up to adulthood. Everything else however fits like puzzle pieces

[from Ken Adachi:. the secret government has been involved in human cloning since the early 1950's. The technology came from their alien pals. A full size adult human clone is 'grown' in a matter of months inside a vertical, clear cylinder shaped container aboard huge alien mother ships (and now underground bases). Aliens can 'transfer' a soul into a cloned body or animate a clone's body without a soul. The clone will look and behave as the cloned individual (Clinton for instance) because all of the genetic information and memory banks are 'uploaded' into the clone. 'Soulless' clones will only last a couple of years before the need for replacement, while human clones who have a soul, will live much longer. If you remember Clinton's first term as President, many news reports were reporting on the sudden and odd change in the appearance of Clinton's hair. That wasn't Clinton they were reporting on, but rather Clinton's clones (there were many). Many of our well known public officials are in reality, human clones. The original person may or may not be alive and may or may not be on this planet. If you take the time to study the internet photos of the clone who was pulled out of a hole in Iraq and said to be Saddam Hussein with the official photos of the real Saddam, you will see that the lower teeth of the clone are jagged and crooked while the official photos of the earlier Saddam show straightened and aligned teeth. ran an article about it at the time. A few articles by Montalk also seem to indicate a large number of clones walking around as well.]

Sorry this is so long; I tried to be brief.
Prayers and blessings,


Reader Comments

Subject: Rosie's Prediction--Invasion of US by China/Russia
Date: Tue, October 3, 2006 3:43 pm
To: Edotor

Hello Ken~

I visited your website for the first time today. after reading Rosie's prediction about a China/Russian invasion upon the U.S., I wanted to write and share a dream I had about 4-5 years ago. It was very short and simple--Asian looking males in fatigues and bearing weapons invaded the U.S. off of the Oregon coast. I've had prophetic dreams/feelings before and this one felt like one of those that I "needed to remember".

Two evenings ago, I was sharing this dream again with my spouse. Don't know why--I just suddenly felt like sharing it again. Reading this article today kind of hit that "whoaaaaaaa" button within me and so I decided to write and share my own experience.

Anyway--very kewel website! Love the info. about hydrogen peroxide--been using it full strength for years as a mouth wash and I am still alive. :) and love the articles on hope, chemtrails and healing thought forms. Will be back to visit for sure!



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