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Huge, Anomalous Object Observed Near the Moon

[Editor's Note: This letter is written by Ashley, the same young woman who sent me a very interesting letter in April, 2010 describing her ability to astral travel and corroborate the observations made by our Etheric Resistance team that chemplanes, while utilizing conventional-looking air frames, actually possess advanced UFO (or "jumpgate") space/time warping re-location technology. I received a few other letters from Ashley that I plan to post. ..Ken]
September 15, 2010

Huge, Anomalous Object Observed Near the Moon (Sep. 16, 2010)

Subject: Hello Mr. Adachi
From: Ashley
Date: Wed, September 15, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Mr. Adachi!

April 30, 2010: I read the article "That Is no Moon!" by ZS Livingstone and it brought to mind some observations of mine about a certain star or object in the sky that has been here in our skies, to my knowledge for about two years, four months and counting. I have also kept up with it for the most part, during these 2 years and four months as well. I've been trying to keep up with its patterns and thoroughly trying to debunk every one of my thoughts on the subject, but alas I have run out of thoughts to debunk, so, because there are many intelligent individuals at this site, I offer my simple observations and ask that maybe someone with a more complete knowledge of the sky's various phenomenon can, if able, offer more insight as to what, this "certain object" or star (though I doubt highly it is a star) is . I shall be as accurate as possible, Maybe some others who frequently night-sky gaze, will have noticed it or maybe they will come to notice it now.

In January 2008, In my city, we began experiencing some very rough winds, Ordinarily one shouldn't be too surprised seeing how it is winter at this time, and yet for my area these type of winds are very unusual, the winds were bitter and stinging. The wind would hit the ground in waves just like the icy tundra, so it was weird. The cold was horrible, it was as if my city did a total weather shift in less than a week. Now, it was on the fourth day of the week of these strange winds that while night-sky gazing, just coming out of the laundromat, I noticed that a very bright and crystal clear star was next to the moon, not a part from it and distant, but very close, about the space that separates the index finger from the middle finger. Too close, is what I thought immediately. Out of 18 years of watching the skies, never have I ever seen such a bright star that close to the moon, not unless this planet has two moons...and it doesn't.

So after four days of these heavy winds, I noticed that the "star" had dimmed its light, When we had those winds it was shining like the moon, but now the wind's have stopped and it has dimmed its light...I made that observation and now had made up my mind to pay attention to this "star" so close to the moon. After about a week, I looked up on another icy night and noticed something diffrent...The "star" had changed its position, it was on the right side of the moon and now it was on the opposite side, even during the same hours it takes for one side of the sky to move to the other. The thought that crossed my mind was "stars flicker, planets don't." I learned that from my biology teacher in eighth grade. So I looked at the "star" and it did not flicker whatsoever, So that means it isn't a star. I monitored it some more and discovered that this"star" is moving from position to position, each night, but that it never strays far from the moon and that it only sticks to the east and west skies, it never
goes right below the moon or above it.

Okay, I suppose I should back up, after this "star" had made its grand entrance next to the moon, after two weeks it moved to the middle of the northwest part of the sky and began to do some very strange things. First off, in the beginning, whenever a plane or helicopter would come pass, it would dim its light until it faded to black and then when it passed it would brighten back up. The next thing is that after almost every 2 minutes after the hour, for 7 or 8 minutes it would brighten and dim, brighten and dim, almost like some kind of code for communication. I even timed it and found these to be correct times. I told some of my friends and they saw how it would disappear from sight before any of the other stars and even move faster than the setting of the moon! This is definitely not a "star" or planet. From my observations of two years I came up with the following conclusions.

1. This object is not of mother nature's creation. Why?
2. This is not a planet I am seeing. Why?
3. This object has a form of intelligence or intelligence operating it. Why?
4. Either this "star" has exceptional technology to hide and protect it from satellites and other seeking devices made by this government, or this "star" is one of those "devices" they made themselves. Why?

Currently, our mysterious "star" re-appeared, after a two or three month disappearance. Two years, four months and counting, it has completely left its path with the moon. As of right now, April,30,2010, it is on the complete opposite side of the sky and stars. It is now in the southeast sky area, instead of northwest. Our "star" does this every time there is no moon in the sky. It jumps somewhere else, someplace less noticeable. I believe now it is trying to pretend to be the North Star ...hilarious. Perhaps it may be nothing; maybe I am just looking too much into it. Please, do look outside for yourselves and see if you may find it. Hopefully these observations will give you some insight on what to look for. If we know what we may or may not be dealing with, then we can, perhaps, take proper measures.


I have been told that perhaps it is the North Star...this is impossible. The"North" star should stay fixed in the "North", and since when has the north star been able to move closer and farther from the moon on precise angles that you could line up perfectly with a protractor? When has the north star been able to brighten to the hue of the moon and then dim into total darkness? If a super nova were about to occur, I don't think it would just stop in the middle and decide not to explode, stars cannot do this. Perhaps this "object" would like to impersonate at times convenient being the north star, but as soon as the new moon phase is passed it continues its "interesting patterns". Another thing I'd like to bring up is its possible size, the distance of this "object" seems very far away...but its brightness is very strong and can be pointed out better than the moon...this has me also making the observation that whatever this "object" is, its probably very very large. I've concluded that it is not a satellite, because satellites don't travel where they can be plainly seen by everyone on the ground and they stay way up high in space orbiting. They are in constant movement, and if they ever stop, we have a problem. I know its not a meteor because a meteor can't just literally "jump" in
the space of an hour or two from one area of the sky to a completely different one. I have my speculations as to what it is but I offer this information as mere observations and comments.

Whether this "object" is friend or foe, it matters not. It is my duty and my right to watch over my planet and my planetary family as best I can and that means holding "everyone" and "everything" under the microscope, regardless of the polarity. I do this not out of distrust, its just that I have some things to protect, my planet as well as all of you, in my own way. I think we've taken the back seat long enough, wouldn't you agree?

Mr. Adachi, you have my sincerest apologies and to all who have read this if I am incorrect in my assumptions. I am relaying to you my observations of 2 years and counting, As well as the astronomical knowledge I have retained from my years of school and discovery channel documentaries growing up, I hope that you can see it as well as others and take more "technical" notes on this "object" if possible. If you happen to see a very bright star, as tonight it is shining like a new moon ...don't dismiss it as the "North" star so quickly it, mark it's position and then go for a little while. Come back and see how it moves, watch carefully, the instant give away will be its precise and close proximity to the moon, the second will be that it may disappear before the other stars that are in the same area and the last clue that you've probably found it is its random change in brightness as well as the impossible movements it performs. I wish you good luck in finding the little imposter, I hope this was at least interesting if nothing else.

With the best intentions

September15,2010: This was when I wrote you the letter, so I'll give a current report on our "friend' or "foe". Tonight at about 11:00-11:30 pm I looked up at the skies and noticed that the "object" had done one of its impossible movements again. About a few hours before, I looked up at the night sky and saw the "object" setting in the western sky area and then at about 11:00-11:30pm it went from setting in the west, to sitting in an area that would give it the appearance that it had risen in the east! It shouldn't have been seen again had it been fixed in position and set in the west, what was it doing going backwards? Neither stars nor satellites nor planets have this capability Mr. Adachi. I can not stress to you enough the main ingredient...the close proximity in which this "star" was to the moon.

I am completely baffled that no one else saw it or sees it now in their sky. From what I've seen, this government will talk about things that generally will take the focus off of them and what they're up to. i.e. Fox News in Ohio broadcasting the Galactic Federation's ships. They would not have done that if these were they're own ships but because they are not, they didn't have a problem letting the footage show. Keeping that in mind, with such a bright thing making such precise and fluid movements and almost colliding with the moon, including its light patterns, You have to wonder, with NASA's high tech equipment and telescopes and who knows what else, not to mention the over protective reptilian-run government that's bent on keeping us eternally stupid (In a nutshell). It makes you think that since they didn't air anything about this two year, four month and counting phenomenon, that they have a hand in it, that they have something to hide. Why don't they just do a story on what it is, like the Galactic Federations ships? Because from two years of observation, I see that this "star" goes from position to position without any loss of proficiency. There are times where it will be to the northwest of the moon on the right and a thick wall of clouds will appear out of thin air and we'll experience harsh winds for a half an hour at most and then the clouds and wind will go and this "star" will have moved back to a spot it was in last week! (this has happened multiple times)

If it is not intelligent or is controlled by one who is, then how did it know that it was to go back to that spot, when all of the other stars have already shifted to the other side of the sky, which is where this "star" should be too? In addition to that, I've never known a star or planet to do manipulations of its light at such precise intervals, it reminded me of morse code. In addition to that, as the"star" settled itself in, it dimmed to a dingy white color and then shrunk in size to give itself the appearance of a "real star". It appeared as if it had moved farther away from where it originally was and did that for about two months...and then, low and behold after a rainy day, its as bright as ever, hugged up to Mr.moon and right back in the spot it was months ago. If this"star" is not intelligent, how did it know to return to its spot, why didn't it continue the charade? Surely a star or a planet can't move forward and back in distance of it's own accord. Not to mention its movements to the right and left of the moon, are, if recorded as I did, resemble that of the minute hand traveling down the clock. But as time went on, it began to resemble how atoms
travel around the nucleus. Because planets stay fixed in their places, they don't make jumps from position to position in the sky and I know of no planet in our solar system that is supposed to be within such a close proximity with the moon. Because stars take time to be created, they don't just pop up in the year 2008 and huddle up to the moon.


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