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Questions On Suicide, Afterlife, and Pornography

Subject: suicide and the afterlife
Date: Thu, November 9, 2006
To:   Editor

Hello Ken,

It's me again.. I wanna thank you for replying to my last e-mail, it explained my question and more! I really appreciate it

I was just reading something on this site, you were replying to someone's question about Christianity and you discussed to him about the other side, I found it very very interesting but I was left with one question.. do people who commit suicide still go to the other side? If so, do they face punishment (i.e. hell? or something along those lines?)

Also, there was another article about pornography and homosexuality.. I didn't read all of it but it did spring the question: what is your opinion about pornography? Was it intentional by the illuminati?

Thanks Again Ken



Hi James,

Yes, people who kill themselves go to the astral world, same as people who die naturally. and No, there is no punishment per se, except that which you impose upon yourself. All punishment in the spirit world is self imposed. We judge OURSELVES, someone else doesn't do it to us. WE are our own judge and jury.

The difference is that people who commit suicide are required to stay close to the earth plane until their normal life span has completed. It's important for people who contemplate suicide to know that.

After they kill themselves, they find they are in the astral world and still very much ALIVE, but can no longer communicate with living people or be seen by them. However, THEY can see and hear living people and they are free to travel about the earth almost instantaneously, but they can't get beyond the lower astral plane until their "time" has completed.

In the astral world, you encounter other astral beings who are generally on the same level of spiritual development (or rank) as you are, BUT, If you read the books of Robert Monroe, detailing his travels in the astral, it's not always fun. You can meet some dark characters and have some very scary experiences.

Most people who commit suicide GREATLY REGRET IT after they arrive in the astral world because they realize that they didn't "end it all' or resolve the emotions that drove them to suicide in the first place. But they are now stuck in the Bardo of the astral world, which is a sort of Limbo existence, in which they can no longer AFFECT their spiritual growth or development IN THE SAME WAY they could while they still had a body.

There are no shortcuts in the Rules of Life. Life is eternal and we are immortal, so killing yourself doesn't really fix anything; it only compounds the situation. It's far better to remain in the body and realize that there is ALWAYS a solution to EVERY problem; that's Universal Law.

ASKING God to assist you in getting out of depression or whatever it is that is making you unhappy will ALWAYS bring positive results. People who commit suicide give up because they LIMIT themselves to seeking EARTHLY solutions.

Ask GOD to help you and He will send you the assistance you need to resolve your problems to the degree that you will understand that suicide is not the wisest choice. That's what the theme of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life " was all about.

Pornography that is hurtful, pain inflicting, or perverted in nature, is destructive and should be avoided. Of  course, destructive pornography is promoted by the Illuminati in the interest of leading you into darker, more perverse, and and increasingly corruptive behavior. The idea is to separate you from higher spiritual consciousness, so naturally, the promotion of impersonal sex will keep you focused on the purely physical while minimizing the connection to the heart and your Higher Self.

Regards, Ken

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