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Letters to The Editor

Communicating with Sylphs from the Beach in England
February 14, 2007

Subject: Sylphs and HAARP with my name
From: Janet
Date: Wed, February 14, 2007
To:   Editor

Hi Ken

Sorry I forgot to tell you my name. It's Janet and I live in Weymouth England. I have been visiting your website since 2004 with an interest in Sylphs.

Whenever I looked in the sky, I could sense these presences. They would give me pictures and tell me jokes in a funny telepathic way and make funny shapes in the clouds. I thought they were Starpeople, but when I read about Sylphs, it felt like the answer. I would go on the beach with my music and dance on the beach and give a phycic call and I would get responces- funny cloud shapes like dolphins, flying saucer shape clouds etc., so I called "give us a seahorse" and there it was flying high in the sky!

I love these beings. They bring out a smile from my face when I am sad. The concept of them being harmed by these idiots with their scalar weapons and the chemtrails breaks my heart. I will stand by any Sylph and give them the energies they need before any stupid human that works for HAARP or flys a plane farting chemtrails in their faces.

I despise these kind of people. If it is needed, every erg of magical energy I can create will go to the Sylphs and Mother Earth. The way I operate is spinning a fighting stick with organite and crystals on the ends to the music I am listening to. The Sylphs love music, especialy Jean Micheal Jarre and Enigma and a group called Space  

I could fill alot of pages with the experiences I have had with my flying pals. I also have a few photos

I hope I have clarified a few things for you. I love your Webite . I'd go on it everyday if I could.  

May the Force be with you
Janet (Stormwolf)

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