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'Confessions of a Marine' Critic (Take 2)
may 5, 2008

'Confessions of a Marine' Critic (Take 2) May 5, 2008

Subject: Re: Confessions of a Marine
Date: Mon, May 5, 2008
To: Editor

Dear Sir,

I only had to read past the second section to know that this so called truth is in actuality not. Do you even do your research before you post this garbage on your website and say it's gospel? Master Sergeants in the United States Marine Corps aren't and never have been referred to in any context as "Chief Sergeant"

Therefore, your "Marine" who you actually say is in the Army (which doesn't make any sense either) is not a Marine and I doubt if you didn't just make this story up yourself. Why?



Incapable of signing your name... you tub of guts?

You form snap judgments based on a paragraph of text and you puff yourself up as a discerner of what's true and what's made up? Are you kidding me?

If you had a brain and could actually read with understanding, you would have recognized that the QUOTED WORDS were comments made by another individual to which the author was referring in describing what he heard in a conversation in a mess hall. They were not the words of the author of the article, but rather someone else whose words he was quoting. It's NOT SIGNIFICANT whether or not the term "Chief Sergeant" is normal vocabulary in the Marine Corps. That has NO bearing at all on the contents of the article.

I already explained that in another Letter to the Editor posted with that article, but you're just as much an unthinking, quick draw gun slinger as the other chest pounder who wrote to me with similar criticisms.

You want to dismiss the article as being fabricated by me because you don't want to accept that the article was written by a 12 year Marine Corps NCO who had already served tours in Iraq and came to SEE that the US Military is no longer the "Defenders of Freedom", but rather a Nazi-style Killing Machine doing the bidding of an Illuminated Corporate Oligarchy of which YOU KNOW NOTHING. This is EXACTLY what a former Major General in the US Marine Corps by the name of Smedley Butler wrote in a small book that was published in the late 1930s. He titled it "War is a Racket"

But you didn't read that either, I'm quite sure.

Contact Dorothy and Toto and see if they can assist you in finding your brain, then get back to me.

Ken Adachi

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