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Understanding the Beck Electrifier Versus the Hulda Clark Positive Offset Zapper

From Ken Adachi, Editor
September 20, 2013

Understanding the Beck Electrifier Versus the Hulda Clark Positive Offset Zapper (Sept. 20, 2013)

Subject: Positive and negative voltages :Dr Hulda Black / Dr Bob Beck
From: Theunis.J
Date: September 20, 2013
To: Ken Adachi

Greetings Ken

I found your comment on this aspect very interesting.

Having been an electronics and radio hobbyist for 60 years I can confirm that using my oscilloscope Dr Hulda Black's device does actually generate square wave positive and negative pulses. However when connecting the device the current flow on my electronic multi-meter DC read-out indicates it is in one direction

The device of Dr Bob Beck is actually a timer and no AC voltages are involved one. One 9 Volt battery is used for the 555 IC timer which activates a two-pole two-throw relay to switch 27 volts, that is three 9 volt batteries in series. The action is thus to swap the electrodes thereby alternating the skin contacts from positive to negative at the period set by the timer.

Okay for any current to flow both terminals must be connected. As Dr Hulda Black's unit is actually a square wave oscillator - Pulsed AC - the diode you suggest acts like a switch. This of course means that on the one half cycle there will be no current flow and the positive pole contact will remain positive thus be unidirectional. ie it will always remain positive and the device will be effectively switched off during the negative cycle and there will be thus no negative pulses. because of the frequency her device runs at this is not observable on a multi-meter but it can be seen on an oscilloscope.

The skin resistance of people vary and thus a constant voltage and constant current device still needs a series resistor to set the output current. If a home made device is used I would like to suggest that an amp meter with, say 0-1 milliamperes read-out be used to indicate the current flow which can be set by the series resistor.

I trust that you and your readers may find this an interesting addition to the scene as the series resistor and milli/micro amp meter will give an actual read-out of the current flow, which appears to be critical in the sense that it should be regulated between 30 and 100 micro amps. I have found that at even five volt the current flow can be within the required range. A 9 volt battery will in most cases suffice.

Kind regards


Hello Theunis,

I read your note and I appreciate your desire to be helpful, but you are mistaken in many of your statements and observations.

First, the name is Dr Hulda Clark, not Black.

Let's review basic electronics:

"AC" stands for alternating current. Whenever the current flows in one direction, from zero volts to some positive voltage potential, and then FLOWS in the OPPOSITE direction, from zero volts to some negative voltage potential (as seen in a sine wave), this is the classical definition of alternating current, or "AC."

When a pulsing DC voltage turns OFF and the voltage falls back to zero on the back side of a positive pulsing DC square wave, this is NOT the definition of an AC voltage or AC current. It merely means the RATE OF CURRENT FLOW is collapsing, but that's not the same thing as an"opposite" direction of current flow defined by the term "AC."

1. The Beck electrifier circuit definitely produces an Alternating Current (AC) square wave and is NOT a pulsing Direct Current (DC) square wave.

2. The Hulda Clark style zapper circuit, as shown in her books, does NOT produce negative voltage excursions. It only produces a POSITIVE offset square wave voltage waveform, and therefore it is a PULSING DC wave form and NOT a " Pulsed AC" as you have erroneously stated.

I have no idea what devices you are using for either a Beck electrifier or a Hulda Clark style zapper, so I can only comment of the published circuits of both Bob Beck and Hulda Clark.

ASSUMING, you are taking measurements from a Hulda Clark style zapper, such as the one I offer called the Mini Silver Terminator, then placing the oscilloscope probes across the output of the zapper will only reveal a POSITIVE DC pulsing square wave.

MST Positive Offset Zapper oscilloscope wave formsIF you are seeing any negative voltage below the zero line on YOUR oscilliscope from an authentic Hulda Clark circuit zapper, then you haven't set up your oscilloscope (or your oscilloscope PROBE) PROPERLY to view DC wave forms.

First, you have to be certain of the zero baseline by switching the signal Input to 'GROUND" and place the zero line in the center of the graticule.

Once you know where the "zero" line is, you have to switch the input to "DC". otherwise you will run the signal though the input capacitor and you would be viewing an AC waveform (which is what I think you have done in this instance).

Your statement about limiting the current flow to 30-100 micro amps tells me you are confused about the circuit action of the Beck electrifier versus the Hulda Clark zapper. The Beck electrifier is operating on a TOTALLY different principle of circuit action than the Hulda Clark zapper.

The Beck electrifier is RADIATING an EM FIELD (using an AC signal) into the arteries ONLY in the wrist where the electrodes are placed. In order to create the correct amount of current flow WITHIN the wrist artery under the electrodes, the signal is adjusted to cause a 50-100 micro amp flow within the portion of the wrist artery being affected.

The Hulda Clark zapper is sending a current flow along ALL artery walls, organ tissue, fascia neural accupuncture network, mucosal walls, etc., etc., THROUGHOUT the body. By maintaining a supply voltage of 9 volts or slightly more, you will have sufficient current available to kill ALL forms of pathogens. If you allow the supply voltage to fall below 9 volts, you will miss SOME species of pathogens, and if you allow it to fall to 5 volts, then you will miss a SUBSTANTIAL number of pathogens who will not die, because the voltage is TOO LOW. There is no reason for placing a series resistor in the output.

The "diode" I referred to in the article you read, was merely a SUGGESTION for changing the output of the Beck electrifier from an AC signal to a pulsing DC signal for those who wanted to avoid the negative consequences of applying a NEGATIVE voltage to the body (as clearly explained in the books of Hulda Clark). You would still have to know how to apply the diode correctly so you would only be using the POSITIVE portion of the Beck AC output.

The Hulda Clark style zapper is the BETTER choice for zapping ALL species of pathogens. The Beck electrifier works best against the HIV virus and some other VIRAL conditions, but doesn't really perform that well against many bacteria. parasites, and molds despite Bob Beck's overly optimistic claims in his lectures. A guy with AIDS contacted me in 2011 and asked about Beck electrification, but he couldn't afford the Beck electrifer, so he got the MST instead. Unknown to me, he strapped the MST to his wrist area, in the same way that the Beck electrifier electrodes are applied to the underside of the wrist. Incredibly, he saw a HUGE drop in his HIV viral load after zapping this way daily for 3 months when he got a PCR count from the clinic. This was only one guy, and one case, but zapping with the MST strapped to the wrist could prove to be a successful technique for knocking down HIV and perhaps other serious viral conditons such as Hep C or Lupus, etc.

You should really take the time to read Hulda Clark's books to understand the virtues of positive offset zapping (

Four of her books are available online to download:

1. The Cure for All Diseases (pdf) (1995)

2. The Cure for All Cancers (1993)

3. The Cure for All Advanced Cancers (1999)

4. Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual (Pub. 2000)

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All rights reserved, except permission is hereby granted to make copies of any part of this document for non-commercial purposes provided this page with the original copyright notice is included.

Here's a short 1 minute and 15 second video clip ( from the 1996 Sycrometer Basics instructional video showing Dr Hulda Clark demonstrating the baisc resonant frequency response sound of the Syncrometer in action.

Regards, Ken


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