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Orgone Warrior Reports Chemtrail Buster Success Over Connecticut Skies
March 12, 2005

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From: GEORGE NAYTOWHOWCON <naytowhowcon@sbcglobal.>
Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2005 3:36 PM
Subject: Chemtrail Buster Success

First, Dear Friends, allow me to introduce myself:

I am George NaytowhowCon and I am a real person in northwest Connecticut.

I have been observing chemtrails for two months now and ya'll know the story with that stuff. I also wish to report that decloaked chemsprayers are or appear to be tandem cubes as reported by others. I have other eye witnesses to the sky events including chemsprayers appearing, dissappearing and decloaked. These silent running white planes are not planes at all in my opinion That said, on to the ChemCloud Buster, I call my devise an Orgone Cannon. I built the devise precisely to your plans offered from your website, and well, it works.

Within two hours of pouring the first gallon of polymer resin and metal shavings , I had three mysterious white planes doing a search pattern over my house along with one orb and a disk craft. Four days later and after the seccond gallon of matrix poured into bucket, I am observing the air being swept clean of EVERYTHING: no contrails from airliners, and when chemtrails arive from the west....bada bing within 20 minutes, gone!

You can actually see the air quality difference where the Orgone Cannon effect drops out pollution in the lower atmosphere while the upper reaches are the most amazing color blue , like the skys I remember when I was a kid.

I have met Mr. Slim Sperling and have an understanding of his environmental tools and thus I have incorporated some of his concepts into the devise.

Also , I had a dream that told me to add flat sedimentary rock pieces into matrix, along with some semi-prescious stones and some crystal glass beads that are silver lined. All I can say is.....WOW , I have the cleanest air in fifty miles any direction.

Thank you so much for the information. Also , I am corresponding with a fellow who suspects that this style orgone generator could sour and become toxic. And he suggests that dissapating the clouds will make the evil particulates fall out right on top of your head! So , if there is any data about this, either good or bad or any test sample data regarding the effects of an orgen cannon, I will be greatful for any data you offer up.

I am at your service if there is anything I can do to assist in waking up the sleeping sheep called humans!

Most Kind Regards,

George NaytowhowCon

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From: Editor
To: GEORGE NAYTOWHOWCON <naytowhowcon@sbcglobal.>
Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2005 11:31 PM
Subject: Re: Chemtrail Buster Success

Hello George,

Great letter, glad you took the time to write. I'm going to post your letter on Current News along with the Letter to Editor page.

It's really inspiring to see an enthusiast such as yourself who can dig in and get the job done, instead of just reading about it, but not take any direct action and remain passive and uninvolved. Your next assignment is to make Tower Busters by the dozens and start gifting all of those cell phone towers in your vicinity. Things will improve even more when you convert those Death Transmitters into Positive Orgone Transmitters.

I hope everyone reading this letter will realize that it's possible to destroy chemtrails and stop those 'cell phone' microwave towers from turning us into mind controlled zombies-BUT it won't happen unless other readers, TAKE the initiative as you have done, and deploy orgone generators in THEIR neighborhood and environs.

Concerning the extra items you added to the CB, you might be interested in knowing that I was told a couple of years ago by a phenomenal Canadian alchemist that adding Calcite to the top of the CB would improve its electrical and etheric cleansing properties. I also add silver shavings to the orgonite I use in my Chembusters because it is the perfect alchemical partner to copper, as Viktor Schauberger noted in his writings.

I'm so glad to hear you mention Slim Spurling. What a great helper of humanity he is. He just sent me a copy of his book and I'm overjoyed with what I am reading. I will soon review his book and encourage everyone to git it ( )

Concerning the fellow who said dissipating the chemtrails will cause the evil particulates to fall on your head, let me pose these questions:

1. If you were considering a brain operation, would you seek the advice from your mailman or from a qualified brain surgeon?

2. Is it logical to allow the unqualified musings of a person who has no experience, credentials, track record, or accomplishments in this arena to influence your decision making process?

If you take the time to read the essays on my web site from Don Croft and especially the essays from ZS Livingstone about the cleansing effects of Sylphs, you will know that a TRANSMUTATION of those particles is taking place. The CB isn't somehow infusing those chemtrail particulates with gravity and simply allowing them to fall to the ground. That's rediculous. That's both inept and mechanistic thinking. The CB is operating on both the 3rd and 4th dimensional levels and UNSEEN ENERGY FIELDS are causing an alchemical transmutation of elements to occur.

Concering your offer to help:
You hvae already begun your service to me and humanity by writing this letter. You can continue and expand that service by making a lot more orgone generators and show other people in your area what you are doing. In other words, become a full time Orogne Warrior and know how GREAT it can feel to be a servant to humanity and Mother Earth.

Welcome aboard. You've earned your wings.

God Bless, Ken

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