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Sanity: The Conspiracy to Deny God and Other Observations

By Jon Logan <>
April 10, 2005

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Hi Ken,

Some time ago, I told you that the enemy planned to inject into our ranks the notion that there never was any truth in religion at all, and I see this happening now. Some people would have you believe that Jesus and Buddha were agents of the enemy. (*sigh*) Well, the next thing they plan to inject into our ranks is the notion that there never was a God- wait and see.

The reason I mention this is that I observe a growing tendency towards factionalism within this movement. It is not in our best interest.

Some would have us believe that everything is the fault of the Jews. Recently, one of your contributors informed us that all circumcised Jews are less than full-fledged humans. What rot. This divides us and does not serve us. It is also the exact same methodology that was used before World War II, and it didn't work very well then, so why would it work now?

Other contributors continue to say that all 'adepts' are evil. This simply is not true. And that's a good thing, because many of your most staunch supporters are adepts. That's why they are able to use metaphysics.

If you have two microbiologists, one who builds the Ebola virus and another who works to eradicate it, those two people are working from the same basic body of knowledge. It is not the knowledge itself that is evil. It boils to down the agenda. It's the same with metaphysics.

Of course, the ones who build the Ebola virus don't want you to have access to the knowledge than would eradicate their man-made disease, so they tell us through infiltrators that all knowledge of microbiology is bad, metaphorically speaking.

Again, it's the same with metaphysics.

Not all 'adepts' are evil and not all who consider themselves 'light workers' are evil, though they may be a bit naive in some cases.

It is easy to become confused and manipulated into the position where we wind up fighting against the very things that free us. When I read posts that label all Jews as evil, or all adepts as evil, or all light workers as evil, it saddens me because I know what is going on. How are we going to make the world better if we believe the desire to do so indicates only deception? Such jadedness is understandable, but quite deadly to our common goal of freedom.

So I would urge your readers to have a balanced view and avoid over simplifying things.

Anyway, they have already gotten many to believe that religion (as opposed to corruption WITHIN religion) is the enemy. At the same time, I see all kinds of wacko religious fundamentalism masquerading as libertarianism. The pot calling the kettle black. I also see people who simultaneously claim that all mystical arts are inherently evil, and then start talking about how, in order to combat evil adepts, we should use intent amplifiers and visualization. (*sigh*)

I have lived in the same area here for nearly a decade now, and I have observed massive changes to climate, orbit of the moon, and the earth's magnetic field, but at the same time as I observe these things with my own eyes, supposedly well informed members of our movement keep saying that to mention changes to the earth's climate labels me as an enemy agent.

For what it's worth, it's not so simple as that. There are cyclical climactic changes to the earth, and there also man-made changes to climate, and there are also those who seek to profit from changes to the earth.

It never ceases to amaze me how it is that that 'earth changes' and a 'new age' are evil concepts, but the 'new paradigm' is supposedly something different.

'They 'have already told us that to be 'illumined' is a bad thing. Next they will tell you, through their infiltrators, that 'they' invented the concept of God just to mislead you. When it gets to that point, remember what I said ;)


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