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Consumed with Fear
January 22, 2008

Consumed with Fear (Jan. 22, 2008)

Subject: consumed with fear
From: Athari 
Date: Tue, January 22, 2008 10:38 pm
To:   Editor

Hello Ken.

My name is Athari . I read your "Vanquish Fear" article, and while it is very informative, it still feels very incomplete and vague as to how we can 'vanquish' our fear. At times, I feel downright paralyzed by mine.

I cannot sleep except when sunlight streams through my windows during the day. I sense something hostile around me that disappears when I am in the company of another person. Darkness terrifies me. All of this might make me seem paranoid but apart from it I live a very normal life.

After getting informed about the stuff on this site I've felt more and more scared by things I've sensed around me ever since I can remember. The fear comes and goes, when I forget I am back to normal, but at times like these I remember and I simply can't take it anymore. Please help me out. Or at least direct me where I can get some help.




Hello Athari,

How old are you and exactly what are you fearful of?

If you are referring to the NWO takeover game, just realize that there is nothing to fear as these guys are all noise and Big Show, but possess very little in the way of substance. They will get their way Only IF YOU (AND EVERYONE ELSE) CRINGES IN FEAR and ALLOW them to control your thoughts and ambitions.

If you realize that the NWO gang are little mechanical monkeys reacting to the strings of negative alien puppeteers, you will realize that they are all BLUFF, smoke, and mirrors. Think of the guy in the Wizard of Oz standing behind the curtain; a perfect analogy.

Fear is an EMOTIONAL ENERGY that the off-world manipulators CONSUME as if it were FOOD. Fear is what nourishes and sustains them. Why don't you help them lose some weight by denying them this 'FOOD" which they crave so desperately? In fact, why don't you help to starve them into non-existence by denying them the FOOD they need to work their evil ways?

Fear ATTRACTS more fearful thought, which will keep you locked down in fear. Optimism and fearlessness, on the other hand, also ATTRACTS more optimistic and fearless thought. It's the Law of Attraction.

Why don't you EMPOWER yourself by throwing off the fear yoke and mentally give these guys the finger and realize that your are a powerful light being with a divine nature which allows you to CREATE reality with your thoughts.

If you process positive thoughts, consistently, you will get positive effects, consistently. Thoughts create reality.

Let me know if this info will suffice.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: consumed with fear
From: Athari
Date: Wed, January 23, 2008
To: Editor

Hello Ken,

Thank you so much for the reply. I feel honored that you've taken the time to help me.

I am a 19-year-old Kuwaiti girl, currently studying in Canada as an international student. I wish I could tell you exactly what it is I am
afraid of, but I myself am not even sure what they are - flyers? fourth dimensional beings? aliens?

These negative aliens you mentioned seem downright evil to me, and it's not death that I am afraid of, it's fear of being tortured. I am not in the
least a devout Muslim - the whole religion feels very repressive/oppressive for me (granted it has it's enlightening spiritual moments) but in it we (my
people in Kuwait) have heard countless stories of people coming face to face with beings - beings who don't live in our dimension, and who leave the
second you stop being afraid, beings who have hooves for feet (this is a shocking similarity I found when lost in my readings about the illuminati).

My own very sensible brother has experienced them, as well as a not-so-sensible cousin of mine. I guess I am terrified that one of these
beings will show themselves to me, and knowing me it will be a very traumatic experience. I truly sense something around and close to me when I
am not in the presence of another person and when I am low in optimism, and the feeling I get from it is very hostile indeed and just doesn't feel

I would love to throw away the fear yoke but pretending to be brave won't cut it for me. For an entire week now I have not felt safe sleeping during
the night. Because of this I am missing a lot of my morning classes and I am worried my grades will suffer. This is why I was desperate enough to
email you. What makes us divine beings? How am I going to handle it if I actually see something of these beings one day? Knowledge makes me feel
safe, it's the difference between darkness and light. Could you be kind enough to lead me to articles to read that might empower me? How is it that
you are not afraid something will happen to you? I am really very desperate here.

Thank you again,



Hi Athari,

OK, I can see the picture now. It sounds like you've got lower astral entities, rather than aliens, based on your description. So here's a few things to think about:

1. Unfriendly entities are ATTRACTED to people who-in some way- open a door to them. This might be a collective door based on your family's conduct or habits. You're probably picking up some of the action because you're a member of the family. This could be your immediate family or perhaps a collective pull from your larger tribal family. You know the ins and outs (or have a suspicion) of what's really going on in your family or with your relatives. Something negative is going on in the background, in secret perhaps, that's putting out the vibes that's attracting these buggers. It could be that someone's playing around with black magic, Ouija boards, satanic rituals, invoking curses, .. something along those lines. Dark thoughts, dark actions, will draw dark entities.

2. You feed a lower astral entity with your fear, so the more fear you generate for them, the more sumptuous is the "meal" they enjoy and the greater reason you give them for hanging around you because they know they can get you to crank up the jukebox and give them a big meal. Their 'power' drains away immediately when you no longer respond to them with fear. You are sustaining them with that emotion, which I already mentioned to you is a form of energy which they can feed on.

No fear = no sustenance = no entity. .

3. You have an army of spirit helpers at your beck and call, if you merely call on them to help you. Everyone has a Guardian Angel, spirit guides, deceased ancestors who watch over you, etc. You are NEVER alone. You always have this "team" of spirit guides right there with you. They MUST respect your free will and will NOT interfere UNLESS you ask them for help. So ask for help whenever you feel the presence of one of these lower entities. The more you work with your spirit 'team', the more you strengthen the lines of communication, the greater the effect will be. Of course, don't be afraid to call on God directly to assist you whenever you are having trouble with these entities. Just say "God, please take care of these little misguided monkeys who forgot how wonderful it is to be loving and kind, they're annoying me."

4. You can shield yourself from the influence of lower entities in a number of different ways. You can raise your personal vibration by eating a vegetarian diet; avoid alcohol and junky beverages; take the time to meditate 15 minutes, twice a day; go outside in the sun and walk in places where Nature is found-parks, gardens, etc.; repeat positive affirmations when sitting in a quiet room twice day. Let go of hard feelings towards anybody and don't waste your energy on guilt or worry. Help people whenever the opportunity presents itself and resist the urge to hit back when someone treats you unfairly. Do not allow other people to hurt you with their words or actions. Tell yourself that you are not part of those negative words or actions. All that negativity lies with the person who generated it, and not you. They can only cause you pain, if you allow their actions to cause you pain. You imagine a reflective, mirror-like shield around your aura that will bounce off any negative vibes sent your way. Hold this image in your mind a few minutes everyday.

5. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Tell a negative entity that God still loves them no matter how evil (or "lost") they may think they are, and watch the bugger disappear like a puff of smoke! Send them LOVE Athari, and just see what happens. .

6. Put up some pictures of saints or of deceased relatives who cared about you, and burn a couple of candles during the night in front of your little shrine. Lower entities simply hate that sort of thing and just want to get away. It draws in the good vibes in and burns away the negative and they can't stand it because  the higher vibes are so foreign to them. . .

I could say more, but that's enough for today.

Let me know how it goes.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: consumed with fear
Date: Fri, January 25, 2008
To: Editor

Reading this has helped unhinge me from fear, it is from David Wilcock's website:

"...the thoughtforms of fear and panic create real chemical responses in the body — and you can become very addicted to these responses and never realize it... The deeper point is the THOUGHTFORMS people get addicted to. Like a chemical dependency, the more you indulge in toxic THOUGHTFORMS, creating worry and fear, the more stress chemicals you get your body to form — such as cortisol. It has been repeatedly proven that these chemicals require THREE DAYS to clear up after each time they are released… and during that time it will be much more difficult for you to feel good.

[The healthiest response is to take it easy, be good to yourself, eat healthy foods that help rebuild your serotonin level (particularly fresh
vegetables, B vitamins and tryptophan, which you can take as a supplement or get from eating most meats, to some degree) and *try to face the fear, clear it by dealing with it directly. Running away from it only perpetuates the problem*.]

If you go into another fear/worry/panic reaction AGAIN during that three-day recovery period, then the whole cycle starts all over again. You get another adrenaline rush. You get more stimulated, and your brain kicks out an opiate response — essentially a natural heroin/cocaine derivative — as a short-term balm to soothe your tortured emotions.

This is all a holdover from the animal kingdom, in which these stress reactions generally involve a life-or-death struggle where your body may have been wounded. The opiate response kicks in AFTER the fight or flight response, once you've gotten away from the immediate threat. Its purpose is to get you doped out so you will stop moving around, giving your body some down-time so it can heal the damage that was caused in the fight or flight reflex.

So many people get stuck in this loop… having panic attacks, blasts of anxiety and fear, or outrage at "the government," et cetera. Then, once they've been through this, their brain kicks out a reward — which is literally identical to doing drugs, only it's generally not as intense or long-lasting of a chemical high.

As we're about to see, this thoughtform about "the end of the world" is a self-damaging addiction in its own right. The belief in an imminent Armageddon can be beneficial in that it gets people to focus more in the present, and enjoy the finer things in life they usually take for granted, but utlimately it is a very real form of addictive behavior. The people who become 'high priests' of this teaching end up spreading the addiction to many others."

This is the link that takes you directly to the page:

I just wanted to share with you what I discovered about fear - it really is spot on.

Thank you so much for trying to help out earlier :)


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