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Contrarian Curiosity & The Satanic Tag
January 18, 2005

----- Original Message -----
From: "The One True Jon" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 5:10 PM
Subject: Curious about colloidial silver

Dear Ken Adachi,

I am interested in any information you would be willing to share with me about colloidial silver. I understand that this is for educational, not medical purposes.

Sincerest thanks,
Jonathan Swenson

P.S. "basic requirement of civilized etiquette". ptoo. I spit on such a phrase. Today's rules of etiquette, behavior and so forth were not created with good intentions. The English language itself skews and distorts one's perception of reality through the implied relationships it subtly reinforces in the heads of those who use it. Identity is no more than the distortion in the perfect lens of our Being. In other words, I don't think it has anything to do with etiquette, I think it's just one of your pet peeves, but that associating the rule with being civilized makes you feel justified in being particular about it. Aren't brains great? So, why not just say "I won't answer most unnamed emails. Deal with it" and be done?


3 Forks
No Mercy

---- Original Message -----
From: "Editor" <>
To: "The One True Jon" <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 6:30 PM
Subject: Re: Curious about colloidial silver

Dear Jonathan,

Do you take schizophrenia pills in the morning or do you routinly engage in such contrarian behavior?

A rhetorical question. No need to reply.

Good Luck and Happy Trails

Sincerely, Ken


I didn't catch it immediately, but realized it later when I reread this fellow's odd "P.S." . It seemed so strange to me when I first read this e-mail that this guy would initially inquire about colloidal silver in such a polite manner and then inexplicably launch into a vitriolic and condeming post script about a phrase I use on the "Contact Us " page concerning signing ones e-mail when contacting me. It's hardly something you would do if you expect someone to take the time to reply and send you the information you request. It's like walking up to a stranger on the street, asking him for a dollar, and then spitting on him while he's lookiing through his pockets for the money- really schitzo. Of course, I'm not going to oblidge someone who behaves like that and said my too-dah-loo to "The One True Jon" nutcase.

However, when re-reading his P.S. after posting it on the web, I noticed the second little 'post script' after the initials -"TOTJ". The tag line that reads:

"3 Forks
No Mercy"

What's that all about you might ask? That's the One True Nutcase's real reason for sending me the e-mail in the first place. He wanted to plant a satanic cryptogram, a curse of sorts. The term "3 Forks" refers to the Trident spear or the three prong Devil's pitchfork that you might see in cartoons, and the "No Mercy" part was intended as a hex or curse. The Trident is a very old satanic symbol going back to the times of Babylonia and Nimrod. In fact, the Trident was one of the symbolic representations of Nimrod. Of course, we also see another version of the three prong Trident in the Fleur-de-lis, another Illuminati/satanic symbol.

This is the second satanic cryptogram I received this week. That guy made a similar innocent inquiry about a product and then inexplicably attaches a photo of himself to his e-mail showing his right eye only, accented with concentric rings centered on the eye (morphed into the picture using Photoshop) -without a word of explanation or reference. In my reply, I asked him if he was a satanist and why he was sending me the "all seeing eye". I think I also called it the satanic 'stink eye' . He replied that he wasn't a satanist and just liked to "fool around" and "freak people out". He said that it looked like he 'succeeded' with me. I didn't believe him of course. He was sending the message "we're watching you; nowhere to hide", etc. The typical satanic crap.

Why do satanic minions always imagine themselves to be so clever when they telegraph their intentions with a bullhorn?

Anyway, I put the Blood of Jesus on both of them and sent them wishes for recovery and return.



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