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Conversation With a Twit
February 18, 2005

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From: Mary Hauser <>
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 12:15 PM
Subject: For God sake someone get it straight

I can't believe this web site. I came to look for ways to boost the immune system. What I found was a lot of garbage mixed in with some truth. Sounds just like the established medical system to me. You make all kinds of accusations about the Medical establishment's methods of testing and verifying the workability of their products (and I don't doubt one bit that they do " cheat" )but I don't see one test you present. I started out with hydrogen peroxide. I saw no proof offered that a singlet oxygen does what you say. I saw no evidence that hydrogen peroxide can do all that you say. I think we both know that antidotal evidence doesn't make it. Good place to start research but certainly not to make a conclusion. Where are the double blind studies. Are there none? Or are we to just take your word for it? Perhaps I haven't yet read far enough. Your page is large. Give me some information here. Where are the studies. Can they be viewed? Are they published somewhere? Are they on your web sight and I have missed them? Thank you for your help. Mary Hauser

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From: Editor
To: Mary Hauser <>
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 7:52 PM
Subject: Re: For God sake someone get it straight

Dear Mary,

If you hoping to receive a reply from me to this accusatory and defamatory diatribe, you had better rewrite it with a mind towards basic courtesy and polite discourse. You can start by addressing your letter to me with a salutation, E.g. "Dear Ken".

Otherwise, I will post your letter (with your e-mail address) along with my response-addressed to the reader. And you will not like what I have to say about your strident, stupid, and self reighteous comments..

Your turn.

Sincerely, Ken

----- Original Message -----
From: Mary Hauser <>
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 6:24 AM
Subject: Re: For God sake someone get it straight

Dear Your Highness Ken,
Please let it be known that I would not have addressed you as such until I got your reply. I don't usually use a salutation on any of my emails. Sorry I didn't come up to your meaningless standards. You think that I wrote a defamatory diatribe. Well it certainly doesn't compare to yours. I didn't resort to attacking you personally and in effect calling you stupid nor did I threaten you in any way. I want to know where this information you are putting out is coming from. I even left room for it to be my mistake in not spotting it somewhere on your sight. Now I am left with the only conclusion I can have. You have no proof. The proof may exist but you haven't put forth any effort to find it. I guess you just jump on bandwagons for emotional reasons. As far as the threat to make my email public that really isn't much of a threat. I block all kinds of email so I guess I can block any you produce. However, I am not sure this is even legal. Now be sure when you make my email public to include your rude answer and my reply. Mary Hauser

----- Original Message -----
From: Editor
To: Mary Hauser <>
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: For God sake someone get it straight

Dear Mary Quite Contrary,

OK, well I gave you the chance, but you response confirms the impression that your original letter left me with: arrogance and surliness.

Of course you don't use salutations in your letters! Lazy people can't be bothered with such things. I already knew that; no need to explain the obvious.

I also realize that it's that same laziness that compelled you to write to me in the first place and demand 'proof' for this or that instead of making the effort to discover the information on your own. So, sure I understand. What's a lazy gal to do? Right?

By the way, you set the tone of this conversation by your presumptiveness and haughty attitude, coupled with an unwillingness to present your criticisms in a more polite and neutral tone-not I. Furthermore, it is you who jumped out of the box leading with your emotions, instead of your intellect.

For your information, I'm not going to take ONE SECOND of my time to provide a disparaging clown like you with one IOTA of evidence, or proof, or corroborating documentation on ANYTHING precisely because of the arrogant and disrespectful manner in which you 'demanded' it.

Further, your lack of attention to detail-which is SO EVIDENT in both of your STUPID letters- prevents you from recognizing that I didn't call YOU stupid. Your EMOTIONS told you that and that's what you've jumped on. What I ACTUALLY said was that your COMMENTS were stupid; a distinction perhaps a bit beyond your ability to discern finer shades of grammatical usage.

However, I will gleefully take credit for calling you a disparaging clown and remind you that 'what goes around comes around' Miss Contrary.

Finally, blocking MY e-mail doesn't mean anything to me either, since I have no intention of communicating with you again. What your inattentive, twitty mind couldn't grasp was the inference that you might receive mail from other READERS, not me.

Sayonara, Ken

PS. Have no fear, your brilliant remarks and my replies to you will find a permanent home in the Cyber Hall of Records.

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