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Copper Disc Terminator v. Mini Silver Terminator
October 1, 2010

Copper Disc Terminator v. Mini Silver Terminator (Oct. 1, 2010)

re: The Mini Silver Terminator from Ken Adachi (

Hello Ken.

I am happy to see a silver version on the market. I suggested using silver discs to Don a few years ago but Don was not interested, perhaps because of expense.


I actually recently asked Don about circuit boards for experimentation because I have a few things I would like to try and he was very kind to send me some circuit boards with broken switches for free. Your circuit is the same only doubling the frequency?

I have real copper pennies I would like to use but you said you fused the silver to the zinc pennies?

I would prefer to use real copper to fuse the silver to it.

here is what Don wrote in email to me about the use of silver recently:


Thanks, Raphael--happy to send you a few of the circuit boards I had to replace in people's zappers after they busted the swtiches. Just give me an address, okay?

Silver is a poor choice because when you're acidic it stings you a lot faster and you need to clean the tarnish off almost daily, since it's evidently an insulator. Copper is better and zinc is probably best. Stainless Steel is probably good but you can't solder directly to SS or zinc, of course.


so I found that interesting. anyway, let me know.



Hi Raphael,

It doesn't really matter whether you bond to pure copper pennies or copper plated pennies. The copper is never in contact with the skin, only the silver is. Using copper against the skin is a mistake. Pure copper discs, or pure copper pennies, or or copper plated zinc pennies, is not the issue. Using copper directly against the skin is the issue.

After offering Don's Terminator for a number of years, I eventually came to realize that Don was disapproving and critical of my silver disc idea based on his comments in various forums. Maybe he didn't like it that I modified the name by adding the silver discs and called it the "Silver" Terminator. And while Don gets credit for adding the orgonite, gems, mobius, and magnet, the zapper circuit itself is Hulda Clark's design and always has been. For about 5 years, I bought Terminators from Don at wholesale so he would get the lion share of the money. I could have built the box myself from scratch since I have a background in electronics and the schematic is published in all of Hulda's books, but I was offering his units in order to support him.

Don's statements to you about silver:

"Silver is a poor choice because when you're acidic it stings you a lot faster and you need to clean the tarnish off almost daily, since it's evidently an insulator. Copper is better and zinc is probably best. Stainless Steel is probably good but you can't solder directly to SS or zinc, of course."

1. Of all the metals on the Periodic chart, silver is the BEST conductor of electricity, with the LOWEST resistance (measured in ohms) to current flow. Look it up in any basic book on physics, electricity or electronics. It's a better conductor than copper. It can hardly be called an "insulator" when it's the BEST CONDUCTOR in Nature.

2. There is no connection between what Don is calling "acidic" and any sensation of stinging from a silver electrode. Any "stinging" sensation has much more to do with the creation of irritating chemicals that are created by COPPER or ZINC in combination with skin moisture (which contains sodium chloride, salt) and the pulsing zapper current.

Silver does not create chemicals which are irritating to the skin. Silver can create Silver Chloride, but silver chloride is NOT a skin irritant. Silver can bond to skin protein and produce a dark spot under the electrode, as I already explained on my MST page, but silver possesses unique properties which can speed up healing and restore damaged tissue to a normal physiologic state faster than normal (meaning without the silver).

Copper, on the other hand, produces COPPER CHLORIDE when in contact with skin moisture and a pulsing current. Zinc produces ZINC CHLORIDE in contact with skin sweat and a pulsing current. ZINC CHLORIDE is MORE TOXIC than copper chloride and has caused the death of pets who had swallowed copper plated zinc pennies.

You can solder to stainless steel if you know that it requires a special solder, with a special flux, and a higher temperature soldering tool. Stainless steel is a reasonably good choice for an electrode, but silver is a better choice. Even though stainless may not stain or irritate the skin, you are still absorbing SOME UNDESIREABLE metals that are part of the stainless steel alloy. Two examples are nickel and chromium. Many people don't realize that ANY metal placed against the skin is ABSORBED into the body. Even the constituent metals of an alloy, like stainless steel, are absorbed into the body.

I don't know why anyone would WANT to solder to zinc electrodes since zinc is TOXIC to the body in the METALLIC state. When we talk about beneficial zinc, the reference is to ORGANIC zinc which is an entirely different animal than METALLIC zinc. One is good for the body and the other is not.

I hit on the idea of adding silver disc electrodes to the Terminator in 2002 because my skin was always being irritated by the copper electrodes of the Terminator and I got tired of constantly moving the Terminator around and seeing these red spots all over my body. If using silver didn't IMPROVE the situation, I wouldn't have written about it, and I wouldn't have offered the Silver Terminator as an option to replace the copper penny Terminator. I made the silver disc Terminator because it WORKS.

Over time, more and more people were ordering the Silver Terminator instead of the copper penny Terminator because they were getting the same results that I was getting and they LIKED it: no skin irritation.

The frequency of the Mini Silver Terminator is substantially higher than Don's 15 Hz Terminator. I duplicated Hulda's experiments and found that a frequency of 32 kHz (32,000 Hz) travels far deeper into all parts of the body than 15 Hz, so I switched over to 32 kHz. It's the same positive offset Hulda Clark zapper circuit, just a higher frequency.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Re: silver zapper
From: Raphael
Date: Mon, October 4, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

ahhh. very interesting. I thought what Don said about silver was off key. It tarnishes though right?

And what component do you need to double the frequency from an existing 16Khz circuit? You just add the correct resistor or?

Searching around I found one that does 2.5, 15, and 30Khz, but isn't it suppose to be 16 and 32Khz NOT 15 and 30?

How much more effective do you think the Don Croft upgrades are? I have used his zapper and it does pinch but if you are not careful it will burn holes in your skin as it did me one time. I like you did not care for that effect but the thing did work.

Let me know and I greatly appreciate your return email.

Have a great day!



Hi Raphael,

The presence of oxygen in the air, coupled with skin moisture and the pulsing voltage speeds up the production of Silver Oxide which is the "tarnish" that blackens the electrode. It takes about 5 seconds to polish it off using a non abrasive metal cleaner.

You can change the time constant of a timer circuit by varying the resistance, the capacitance, or both. These particular circuit boards are micro sized and the components are extremely tiny. They are special components ordered by the manufacturer. You just can't go down to Radio Shack and buy them. You decide on the frequency you want before the board is made and then a machine inserts the correct components onto the board.

For offset zapping purposes, it doesn't make much difference whether it's 15 or 16 Hz. There's a small variation in the tolerance value of the timer components anyway and the actual zapper frequency will vary somewhere between 14 to 17 Hz. It's never 15Hz right on the button. It might be 16.437 Hz for example.

Hulda said that 30-33kHz will work fine for general body zapping. The board I use is closest to 32 kHz, so that's what I call it. I'm not going to say it's 31.846 kHz etc. Each and every circuit board varies slightly in frequency output. It's normal.

I'm not sure what you mean by Don's "upgrade". You mean switching over to copper discs instead of copper pennies? He's still using the 15 Hz board and other stock elements of the Terminator as far as I know. I did see a video clip in which he refers to Carol adding a coil with stones on it. Maybe that's what you meant. I don't know how you can separate the effects of the zapping circuit itself from the subtle effects offered by crystals, etc.

You need to remember that Don Croft didn't invent the zapper circuit that helped him get over what he described as a lifetime of depression. He built Hulda Clark's zapper circuit using the components and schematic which she published in her books and then he added things to the box, like the orgonite and mobius coil, etc.. He called it the Terminator, and later, the Terminator II. The positive offset zapping action is Hulda Clark's discovery and anyone who uses a positive offset zapper, based on her design, is going to find that zapping "works". But how can you empirically determine what role the crystals are playing, for example, and what role the offset zapping is playing?

I plan to offer a 3 frequency MST box in the near future. One frequency will be 15 Hz, another frequency will be 32 kHz , and the third frequency will remain a proprietary secret until I premiere the new box (it's not 2 or 2.5Khz). I'll continue to offer the current MST and 32 kHz Zapper boxes as well.

People need to know that you can do much more with one of these positive offset zapper designs than just zapping (as beneficial as that is). With the units I offer, you will learn all about Plate Zapping, Food Zappication, Dental Zappication, and most important of all - Bottle Copy Making - applying a new science explored by Hulda Clark in the last 7 or 8 years of her life called Homeography.

All versions of my MST, the 32 kHz Zapper, and the new triple frequency box to come out later, will ALL offer the capability of utilizing the 5 therapeutic applications mentioned above. People are going to go bananas when they realize that they can make their OWN medicines at home by installing a frequency into a small bottle of plain water using the MST, 32 kHz Zapper, or new triple frequency box. You won't have to buy a particular drug or herb, because you can realize a similar therapeutic effect of that drug or herb by taking drops of water which have been charged with the frequency of that drug or herb.

If you want to remove certain toxins or undesirable metals from a particular organ, for example, you can make your own Take Out Drops using the above technique and that toxin or that metal will chelate out of your body. If you want to improve the energy of a particular organ or endocrine gland, you can make your own Put In Drops and notice a tonic effect upon that organ or gland.

This is really amazing stuff and when enough people start applying this knowledge and come to see that they no longer have to buy and take pharmaceutical drugs, the pharmaceutical industry is going to go nuts.

A new day is coming. Hallelujah.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Copper toxicity
From: David
Date: Mon, October 4, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I have something to tell you regarding zappers. I recently found out that a large amount of my health problems are due to high copper levels. I think I was this way since birth, but using a copper zapper for years added to it and ended up causing me severe pain in my testicles (this is one of the symptoms of high copper in a male).

Anyways,....I obviously don't use a copper zapper anymore and so I need to buy a silver one.

I just thought you might like to know about this copper toxicity thing. Here is some info on it if you like...


David H
Baytown, Texas

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