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"Copyright Abuse" Report from Denmark
July 25, 2008

"Copyright Abuse" Report from Denmark (July 25, 2008)

----- Original Message -----
From: Jesper T Andersen
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2008
Subject: Abuse of my photos of Emma Maersk stolen from (xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Dear Ken Adachi.

I can see that my photos of EMMA MAERSK is on Educate-Yourself and is being used whitout my permission, this must come to an end right now. The photos is from my website xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and all photos is under the danish law of Copyright. I hope you will take action and remove them as soon as possible.

This is total abuse of my copyright.

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards
Jesper T Andersen


Hello Jesper,

Sure, no problem. I'll take it down today, tout suite. I was sent the photos by e-mail and I provided as much identification and credit as was known to me at the time. I would have included your web site if I was aware of it. In reviewing my post, I see that I gave credit to you as the phtographer right up front in my introductory remarks.

If I was making a buck at your expense, I could understand you being upset, but since I'm helping expose your photos to a larger audience (giving you full credit of course) than you might not otherwise gather on your own, I would think that you would appreciate that, rather than complain about it.

However, some people resent obtaining exposure and credit from others and insist on doing it on their own. And I can understand that, in an odd sort of myopic way.

So no sweat, I'll take down the photos immediately and all mention of you, of course.

Now, can we be friends?

Regards, Ken

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