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"Copyright" and E-mail Letters Sent to The Editor
November 13, 2008

"Copyright" and E-mail Letters Sent to The Editor (Nov. 13, 2008)

----- Original Message -----
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008
Subject: Copyright problem


as a mentioned in my previous email, you copied (reproduced) some of my emails on your website.

This you did without my permission, so I first asked you to remove them. In addition to that, you copyrighted the page, and stated that "All information posted on this website is the opinion of the author".

This is a violation of copyright and I therefore may start legal proceedings against you.

Anael Cavaroc


Hello Anael,

I already addressed this issue somewhat in my respose to you, but I'll reiterate. When you send someone a letter or an e-mail (and initiate contact), you have no claims to "copyright"

You decided to send me an unsolicted letter. That letter and its contents are mine to do with as I wish. I went further and clearly stated this policy on my Contact Us page and tell readers to READ the Contact Us page FIRST before sending me an e-mail.

Letters to The Editor
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It's not really required, but I went the extra step of FOREWARNING people that there is no confidentiality or copyright protection of mail sent to me. Caveat emptor.

I spell out the details on the Contact Us page:


"Confidentiality Notice & Publication of E mails:
If you send information that you feel would be beneficial to our readers or to me personally, but you don't want to be identified as the source, I will respect your wishes. Simply tell me that you don't want to be identified as the source.

On the other hand, if your e-mail (or snail mail, or telephone voice message) is of a derogatory, hostile, lambasting, pontificating, or threatening nature, do not expect that it won't be published on this web site or anywhere else on the Internet along with your name and e-mail address. In other words, if you plan on being negative, merely attaching a statement of privacy or "confidentiality" or "copyright, all rights reserved" is NOT going to stop your E mail from being published -right along with your name and E mail address (For those hate mailers too stupid to know, a confidentiality arrangement, in order to be valid and hold any weight in a legal sense, must be an "agreement" or a "contract" between two or more people. A unilateral "statement of confidentiality" is meaningless). Therefore, if you send nasty mail, choose your words carefully, because I may reprint it. Better yet, don't send negative mail and you'll have nothing to worry about. If you disagree and have a different point of view, that's fine. You can send me your opposing opinions, but don't send me your distemper or ad-homenum barbs because you're going to get it back in spades and find your letter and e-mail address plasted all over the internet. ."


I had done you the courtesy of not publishing your e-mail address despite the negative and derogatory nature of your earlier e-mails to me. If you are ashamed of what you had to say or do not like my responses to you, then DON'T SEND ME YOUR UNSOLICITED OPINIONS when I've already told you up front that I'm going to publish both the contents and the e-mail address of anyone who so chooses to engage in negative criticism.

If you wish to recind or modify your thoughts, I can post those comments to the bottom of your letter, however, threatening me with a "copyright" violation that does not exist is not going to work.

Sincerely, Ken

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