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USA Inc. v. the united states of America
March 8, 2010

USA Inc. v. the united states of America (March 9, 2010)

Subject: Huge ongoing fraud in the USA - you're not yet discussing
Date: Mon, March 8, 2010
To: Ken Adachi


I'm most grateful for the efforts you, Don Nicolof, True Ott, Mike Castle, Henry Makow and others are putting forth to expose the matix that we all find ourselves living in - particularly in the UNITED STATES.

Many have discovered and exposed violations of the U.S. Constitution, such as the issuance of Presidential Directives and the lack of citizenship of our current 'sitting' President. And many are aware of the reason for blatant violations of the U.S. Constitution, which you have not yet (discovered?) exposed - to my knowledge.

The current form of 'government' that is attempting to 'manage' the UNITED STATES is not the Constitution, but is Admiralty or 'statutory' law. The UNITED STATES is a corporation and has been for quite some time. Obama is our current CEO, so essentially there is no need for him to be a naturally born citizen. This is yet one more (perhaps the biggest) deception being perpetrated on the American public.

I came across this almost by accident when I attempted to ferret out the laws regarding mandatory vaccinations in OHIO last year during the H1N1 pandemic threat.

The legal duality in which we now live explains why there has been a relentless trashing (ignoring) of the Constitution and an ongoing march to remove sovereignty (of all nations) for a long time.

After Dr Mike Castle was on Dr Ott's show discussing politics and corruption, I sent them both this email that was posted on to explain where my research had led me when I went down the rabbit hole looking up public health statutes regarding mandatory vaccines and quarantine.

Essentially I discovered that Our Government is a Company
( - all the way down to my public school district, which explains why they entered into a 'contract' to allow all of the school children to be herded like cattle for their vaccinations.

There are good folks working on remedies to this tragic state of affairs, but like all good efforts the media does not acknowledge them. The Dale v the UNITED STATES folks have launched a very credible effort that I am trying to learn more about. If you like I'll send you more info and a few links.

One of the most thorough and poignant explanations regarding the legal dilemma we all find ourselves in was done in the UK by John Harris called "It's an Illusion" ( which is where I first learned about this legal duality. He and his friends founded The Peoples United Community

In February Henry Makaw posted his first (I think) piece on this legal duality "The Fictitious Legal Entity Called a Person". by Paul Verge.

Best to you,
Columbus, Ohio
AntiCorruption Society

btw I have more than one email address. I can also be contacted at


Hi Al,

Yes, I'm fully aware of this story for well over a decade. I've been planining on adding more info about the freeman's movement for a long time, but I'm overloaded as it is. I'll be soon posting more info from Paul Verge, who I talk to regularly.

Barry Soetoro is not off the hook because he's the CEO of USA Inc. He's still a non-American alien who is fraudulently and criminally POSING as the legitimate president of this country in violation of the US constitution. All of this bogus admiralty court crap, commercial contract laws substituting for common law, all capital letter names, and the Strawman scam etc. are ALL products of FICTION and DECEIT upon the People. These CRIMINALS are acting under the COLOR of law and not under law.

Their day is coming.

Regards, Ken


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