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La Corrida Clown
June 1, 2009

La Corrida Clown (June 1, 2009)

Subject: Racist agendas & the illuminati list
Date: Mon, June 1, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

You do realize America is a country of immigrants dating as far back in it's history as you'd like to go. Going through the site I found some of the articles interesting but I do have to admit that I'm quite put off by the tone of Texe Mars how the illuminati is destroying america list. He claims the white race is being discriminated against and american culture "savaged" by cultural diversity promotion. Which American culture would that be? What to me is an obvious racist whinefest detracts from any point he/she was trying to make about the illuminati. Actually the list is generalization after generalization. Surely you could find someone better informed that's not a racist that can stick to exposing the illuminati agenda without broadcasting his racist irrelevant to the point, fears.


Dear "tbigs5"

What I "realize", by reading your sloppy grammar and hackney comments, is that you are a careless and crass individual. It's too much bother for you to navigate the most basic courtesies of written exchange before launching into your flabby lecture about America being "a country of immigrants" and assigning to me responsibility for the opinions of Texe Marrs.

I've stated in bold letter words IMMEDIATELY above the box you filled in to send me your trite fulminations, the caution to NOT send me e-mail without identifying yourself, and yet you did it anyway; so anxious were you to unload your lofty opinions and lecture me about "an obvious racist whinefest."

If you want to step into the arena and engage, Gordito, you've got to pick up the cape and the muleta and face the bull--and not crouch behind the barrida shouting orders to the bull to yield to your will.

You're more than a "bull" clown, you're a cowardly clown.

To address your assertions:

1. Native born American citizens are the offspring of ancestors who came to this country LEGALLY. They came on a boat; disembarked at government immigration centers, presented their paperwork and were given PERMISSION to enter the country--LEGALLY. The definition of an "immigrant" is a person who LEGALLY enters another country to live and work there, and adopt that country as his new home.

An illegal alien is NOT an "immigrant" He's a person who has criminally trespassed into another sovereign country, and is fraudulently STEALING jobs, services, and entitlements reserved EXCLUSIVLEY for the benefit of American citizens, who have PAID for those services.

2. Texe Marrs is far more aware of the Illuminati agenda than your Leftist, lame brain assessment allows. The "cultural diversity" rubric is just a convenient way to conceal the Illuminati's agenda of regional balkanization and the encouragement of tribal (racial) divisiveness (which they are succeeding at MIGHTILY considering that a Puerto Rican, anti-white RACIST and former La Raza member is being nominated --by an illegal alien--to the Supreme Court) .

3. I'd rather read Texe Marrs' "generalizations" year in and year out, than subject myself to even 10 seconds of your slop. You identify with "la causa" of the cultural diversity crowd because your ARE of that crowd.

You're too stupid and too Left Coast brain washed to realize it, but when America falls, YOU fall with it. You and all your illegal alien compadres.

Sayonara, Ken Adachi


Subject: corrida clown
From: Anthoney H
Date: Wed, June 3, 2009
To: Editor


I enjoyed Your response to "Corrida Clown". It is so refreshing to see the multicultural, race-baiting crowd dealt with in such a manner.The people who can't see the difference betweem legal immigration and jumping the fence will always resort to name calling and the the "Shout Down". The NWO and Illuminati will always use the "Divide & Conquer" on America because it is heavily populated with "Sheeple" who do not realize what is being done to them, and their families.




----Original Message-----
From: carlos aguilera
Sent: Jun 4, 2009
To: Editor
Subject: rule no.2

Dear Ken,

No. 2 of your e-mail instructions! No insults, keep it civil! Really?

"Gordito" How did you know from the e-mail he is fat.

"Lame brain"
"Left coast brain"?

"Illegal alien compadres" Why do you assume the writer is Latin? Cannot someone of other than a Latin ethnicity mention that America is a land founded and populated by legal and illegal immigrants. After all the pilgrims were illegal. Murderous and conniving, but not as you put it legal!! When the legal part start? When the native Americans were dead?

Sonia Sotomayor is an American!

Carlos Aguilera
Whittier, Ca


Hello Carlos,

Here's the deal: I treat people in a manner befitting the conduct they display towards me. In your case, you wish to spar, so I will respond in kind and spar with you. In the case of the coward who wrote the note, he wanted to criticize, but do it from the shadows of anonymity, something I don't countenance and specifically warn against to anyone who decides to send me e-mail from my web site. He chose to go that route, and I, in turn, chose to even the affront with satire.

I'm more than willing to be polite, courteous, and civil with critics who are ENTITLED to that level of courtesy. However, if you flaunt my CLEAR STATEMENT that I will NOT GRACIOUSLY ACCEPT unsigned mail, then you have INTENTIONALLY decided to trifle with me. So please don't get on your high horse and lecture me about "Rule No. 2" of courtesy when the instigator had already broken Rule No. 1. It's a two way street Carlos. You get what you 'give'.

I'm confident you understand this principle and likely behave the same way in your private life, however, you decided to mount your high horse today because you're a Hispanic with a chip on your shoulder and you resent the comments that I directed towards the Clown because you are in sympathy with his sentiments.

You prefer to view white people as interlopers who came to this country on the Mayflower "illegally" and therefore possess no claim as native-born people of this land. Of course, only the American native Indian can rightfully call himself an "American" and anyone else, with forebears who came from Europe or Asia, are interlopers and trespassers, and no different --from your perspective--than the hordes of illegal Mexicans and Central Americans who have flooded into this country for the past 30-40 years. Therefore, what right do I have to complain about trespassing Mexicans, when white people did the same thing!

Does that about cover it Carlos?


Yes, Sonia Sotomayor is an American (I never claimed otherwise) since she was born on an island that is a U.S. possession. However, anyone who has lived in the greater New York area, like I had for most of my life, knows perfectly well that the vast majority of Puerto Ricans don't view THEMSELVES as Americans, but rather strenuously cling to their identity as Puerto Riquenos [no tilde available on this keyboard]. That's why they hold a Puerto Rican parade every year in the cities of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, waving the PUERTO RICAN FLAG high and wide from one end of the parade to the other, shouting "Viva Puerto Rico" because they are so proud of the fact that they are AMERICANS!

Concerning rules:

I wish it wasn't necessary to have to post the most BASIC INSTRUCTIONS of writing etiquette to individuals who wish to send me e-mail, but unfortunately, a large percentage of people on the internet (especially people who live here in America) are uneducated, uncouth, unschooled, and unmannered to an extreme degree.

I'm sure you wouldn't mind at all receiving 50-100 e-mails a day from people who do not address you by name and never identify themselves by name at the conclusion of their correspondence. They simply talk to you as if you were a fly on the wall. It wouldn't annoy you in the least to respond to criticisms, comments, questions, or diatribes with equanimity, polite words, and good cheer. After all, you're Carlos Aquilera of Whittier, California and you are above such common foibles of human nature. Sadly, I'm not as advanced as you are in the art of unconditional tolerance. Therefore, I'm forced to take the low road.

I'm sorry about that, but I'll try to improve as the years roll on.

My Best Regards, Ken Adachi


From: carlos aguilera
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Re: rule no.2
Date: Jun 5, 2009


Fair enough. Take care.

You have a great web site!



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