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Counteracting Chemtrails in the U.K. & Ireland
January 26, 2011

Counteracting Chemtrails in the U.K. & Ireland (Jan. 26, 2011)

Subject: Chemtrails in the UK and Ireland
From: William G (England)
Date: Wed, January 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


I have read your information with great interest and would appreciate knowing more about how to counteract chemtrails both here in the UK and in Ireland. Please enlighten me as to how your systems are meant to detoxify clouds full of barium,aluminium,and strontium.

William G


Hello William,

There are many articles posted to my web site that address countermeasures against chemtrails. You should start with my 2002 article that kicked off the chembuster movement:

Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies

The question you raise about neutralizing toxins in the chemtrail spray has been addressed in essays posted by ZS Livingstone

Sylphs Transmute Chemtrails (June 6, 2004)

The distribution of orgone generators to attract Sylphs is part of the story of assisting sylphs to come in and transmute chemtrails. If you have a conventional education is Newtonian physics, then it's easy to scoff at or dismiss the role of orgone generators or Sylphs.

However, the treasonous governmental agencies who are responsible for spraying poisonous chemtrails are waging a high tech assault against all of humanity, not just against Americans or Britons. They have access to, and are employing, alien-derived technologies which are silently and covertly attempting to set up the entire human population for a huge die-off, to accomplish Illuminati sponsored population-reduction agendas.

We are concurrently getting a high tech assist from unseen helpers in the spirit world, friendly aliens, and from Mother Nature herself via her elemental guardians. The unmistakable etheric images seen in Sylph clouds SHOULD be a clear indicator that something unusual and supra-normal is taking place in the skies where chemtrails are being sprayed.

The counter-offensive of orgone generators and Sylphs against chemtrails is real, even though you may not be able to hold that reality in your hand or examine it under a microscope.

The VISUAL evidence of cleared skies, bluer skies, and real clouds replacing sickly chemtrail-created overcasts is observable and should serve as a testament to the reality of this counteroffensive.

The SIMPLE act of "gifting" cell phone towers with 4 oz, muffin sized orgone generators can make a TREMENDOUS difference in the clearing of chemtrail-laden skies in your area. "Gifting" activity was chronicled in the many journal entries from Don and Carol Croft which I dubbed as the Adventures of Don & Carol Croft. If this act had NO EFFECT on chemtrails, then there would have been no LOGICAL reason for FBI, NSA, CIA, military intelligence, MI5, MI6 agents to follow Don & Carol, day and night, no matter where they tried to go, in or outside of America.

I just talked to a man on the phone yesterday who gifted over 40,000 muffin size orgone generators in and around the Toronto area of Canada. The IMPROVEMENT in smog in his area is unprecedented and UNEXPLAINABLE by local weather reporters and other observers of atmospheric pollution. You won't know the reality of these statements until you "gift" your area with orgone generators. I hope you will do that and get back to me with the results you observe.

Sincerely, Ken

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