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A Course in Miracles: 'What's Your Opinion?'
January 2, 2008

A Course in Miracles: "What's Your Opinion?" (Jan. 2, 2009)

Subject: Your opinion
From: Brandy
Date: Fri, January 2, 2009
To: Ken Adachi


I have been reading your site for quite some time now. I have been reading A Course in Miracles. What is your opinion about this book? Would you considered it a valid tool to achieve what it refers to right mindedness an Faith "stirrer" (lack of a better word) for these days and times?



Hi Brandy,

Like many people during the latter half of the 1990s, I was open to the ideas expressed in books, radio interviews, lectures, recordings, or among the small study group that I participated in at the Learning Light Center in Anaheim, California that discussed the information presented in A Course in Miracles. I took these presentations at face value and assumed that the idea was to stimulate spiritual growth and greater understanding of the human condition and how to achieve more things in life by working with our "higher angels" so to speak. However, I began to realize that there's a hidden agenda going on beneath the surface, and like the movie Zeitgeist, there's deception and brain washing taking place, but it's done subtly and craftily.

I understand that the sort of people who study books like A Course in Miracles are doing it for the best of reasons and are interested in spiritual advancement, but I feel that books like A Course in Miracles or "Conversations with God" and similar "enlightening" books are psyops vehicles of deception, much like the Messages from Matthew that I used to post at this web site. These readings seem genuine and relevant, but careful examination reveals the New Age psyops of the Illuminati at work.

Concerning the subject of faith, I'm disturbed by teachings which extol the 'virtue' of BLIND FAITH as being paramount.

Your intuition is your Higher Self trying to communicate with you. Your innermost thoughts -the ones that come to you in the quiet moments of your waking hours - are the clearest indicators of where the truth lies.

Jesus Christ already laid down a "course" of study in improved human relations and spiritual development when he preached the Sermon on the Mount 2,000 year ago. His words are a more reliable source of wisdom and understanding pertaining to the human condition . There are others who have done a good job down through the ages to re-iterate Christ's teachings, but the book you refer to is not one of them.

I consider Paramahansa Yogananda to be a spiritually advanced soul who did a wonderful job of reflecting the ideas expressed by Christ on the Mount and did his part to help awaken humanity to its higher nature and through his writings, demonstrated an enlightened consciousness when going about our everyday activities.

I noticed that Yogananda's name, along with that of his teacher, Sri Yukteswar, were invoked by the fellow who calls himself Ishnah (that name reminds me of "Ishtar", another psyops tip-off) on his web site bio page. Yogananda would never have put up a web page with his "spiritual credentials" listed like a job resume. Truly advanced people don't wear their spirituality on their sleeve. They demonstrate their advancement by their conduct and counsel.

You have to learn to recognize the wheat from the chaff by depending on your inner voice. Anyone can do it, but regular practice improves the clarity of the signal.

Happy New Year, Ken

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