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Dr. Courtney Brown & the Big Asteroid Hit in 2013
July 2, 2012

Dr. Courtney Brown & the Big Asteroid Hit in 2013 (July 2, 2012)

Subject: Re: Dr Courtney Brown
From: John (Netherlands)
Date: Fri, June 22, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

I've just listened and watched the interview with Dr Courtney Brown on the Kevin Smith show. And all the 1 hour and 36 minutes, I had a normal view without hicks in the stream and just before his last revelations on 1 hour and 33 minutes the stream was broken. He was to mentioned his remote viewing results of the situation on many places in the world at June 2013 and bang the stream stopped. However I retrieved the last minutes so there is doom to be expected and lot of discomfort to arrive according to his multiple results of several RV trained people.

Well I don't have an opinion as of yet. But maybe you have an opinion on these doom results. It is in line with what Red Elk has been predicting. He moved resently to another place I believe. And the satanist are desperate to keep the grid in place of reduction of knowledge for the people through media and Low Frequency mental sedation. It is noticed by me here in the Netherlands. On this last remark I can also tell you I am being followed the last three weeks by sometimes more than 1 person/vehicle. When I arrive somewhere mostly it is just one vehicle at the time that follows me, as my car has a tracer in it so they mostly now where I am going and are sometimes already there when I arrive. A lot of fun, also mentioned the hardcore that follow me are of a cross breed of yews and Iranians.

They seemed to pop-up out of nowhere, so teleporting might be in play here. I am collecting evidents/result still.

The Netherlands

PS I pushed a few earthpipes in to the ground/coastal area overhere a few years back and they sure didn't like that the dunes are now all sifted with big machinery and are brought back to according to some desktop environmentalists connected to a waterworks company in this city. What a coincedence ! Anyway I have a lot of fun and am tampered with electronically on massive scale including high energy beams in the car while I am driving.


Hi John,

Farsight is a spin off from the remote viewing program developed at Stanford Research Institute (SRI: the distribution outlet for Tavistock propaganda in America) which was funded by, and closely associated with, CIA mind control operations. SRI worked closely with Dr Jolly West and other main figures in CIA mind control programs. SRI developed remote viewing "science" with Ingo Swann and the military in the 1970s and 80s.

Ed Dames, Lyn Buchanann, David Moorehouse, etc., etc., are ALL connected to the military and SRI. Courtney was trained under Ed Dames as a civilian.

Courtney Brown and his team of "professional" remote views predicted in 1996 and into 1997 that there was going to be a big ET (Greys) invasion following the 1996 election and we were all going to experience earth shaking events and witness a "new order" etc.

Of course, NONE of his scary predictions came true and he removed all references to these "professional" remote viewing sessions from his web site in 1997 or 1998. Fortunately, I found them with the Wayback Machine and will post them to my web site in the near future.

The giant asteroid hitting the earth and causing great cataclysms, tsunamis, etc., is a FAVORED doom and gloom epic scenario concocted by the CIA (via doomsday movies like 2012, etc), as is the Nibiru fairy tale manufactured by Zeta Talk, another CIA/NASA disinformation outlet.

Courtney Brown had a big falling out with Art Bell in the 1997 period over the "companion" to the Hale Bobb comet. Whitley Streiber and Art Bell jumped down Courtney's throat on the air for his use of a "faked" photo. However, in this case, I believe that there WAS an alien-controlled Hale Bobb companion and Courtney was made to look foolish to cover up the discovery of the 'companion' by amateur astronomer Chuck Schramek, who died unexpected a year or so later (and may have been targeted for elimination).

When June of 2013 arrives and there is no asteroid hit or coastal flooding kill off, Courtney won't apologize for anything. He'll simply take those dire predictions off his web site and carry on as if nothing had happened; just like he did in 1997 with his ET invasion BS. Zeta Talk did the same thing in 2003 when THEIR predicted End-of-the-world scenario failed to materialize. Zeta Talk merely changed the "hit" date to Dec 2012 from their ORIGINAL hit date of May/June 2003, and carry on as if they never revealed themselves--for the whole world to see-- to be laughable CIA disinformation psy-op peddlers.

Stop worrying. Sit back and enjoy the show. There will be no asteroid hit, no "killer" coronal mass ejection "shot", nor return of killer planet Nibiru, nor nukes going off in major cities in America, killing tens of millions. These are all FEAR psy-op productions designed to suck you dry of life force and soul energy. The negative aliens are driving the doom and gloom agendas.

Like the Fukushima radiation scare campaign, it's all designed to get you to WILLINGLY follow THEIR scripted plans. Only fools buy into the absurd and varied doomsday scenarios.

Regards, Ken


Hello Ken,

Thanks so much for your very clear backgroud information on Courtney Brown. I thought I saw his face before and I do believe he has acted in SF series called Deep Space 9 on television.

However , you are probably right. And adding again my earlier experiences told to You that as soon as a CME occurs all the electronic mayhem is switched off and boy the earth feels good then.

Also, all the predicted revelations as free energy coming available to the people and contact with ET's in the near future are probably true, and to that effect I went to an event where Mr Keshe from the Keshe foundation would give a lecture on his free energy revelation. I was a paying customer and, yes so it must be the day before, all his working generators were confiscated and were not to be demonstrated on this gathering.

Attended by some 400 people. I maybe told you this before, but I was at this meeting surround by in the row before me military people the row behind me to the right pure satanists who put a device in place that kept my body in discomfort. And a few rows behind with no one in between there were two fakes with a wig and glasses on. You tell me who I am [that they should pay so much attention to me]?

Yesterday I made a small trip to Germany along the Rhine. At arrival in Emmerich for something to eat a follower was already there and followed me until I went in a retaurant then the next couple arrived and sat down two tables behind me. They bombarded me with radionics and pure energy beams. And yes after that I took 'the long way home' and was followed by a German police van (at least 5 directional changes and a 14 km trip) up until the old border controlpoint which is now in hibernation for the time being due to 'Shengen agreement'. So you tell me I still don't know who I am.

However the point I was making; Free energy will be a controlled and payed for revelation through other means like generating/producing energy taxes or on emissions not the production it self or transport and materials being used.

That is it for now, please send me a receive confirmation your way.

The Netherlands

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