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Covert Domestic Monitoring & Harassment of Targeted Subjects

[Editor's Note: June 2007. The person who wrote this essay asked me to remove his name since it's not uncommon to experience "problems" in your life when you go public with this sort of information. I've removed his name and other references within the article that may lead to his identity. . Ken]

By Anonymous
November 8, 2006

Please know that I have tried a number of different professional sources and individuals in this field and it's rare to get even a reply. As you can see below I write extremely well and lay my matters out fully honestly. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on any of this and if I might have a chance to do something about whatever is going on. I've been on the ropes for many years and my trust and hope to overcome this keeps me as well as I am and going on relentlessly. I need to communicate to others. - author

Covert Interference Technology of Targeted Subjects
Santa Fe, New Mexico

As an undeniable target of covert interference I have over the years been able to put together pieces of what is going on ... even some of the ways and means. Over three years ago I began a series of several meetings with a woman (here in New Mexico) who is very knowledgeable in much of what is going on in the covert infrastructure. A deeply spiritual and religious woman who has been to fringe-topic conferences around the world and someone who has testified in front of government investigative committees on the very unfortunate underground military-conducted traumas she was subjected to during an earlier period of her life.

During one of our meetings she closed her eyes and intuitively discerned an outline of my body and then drew out what she saw ... which depicted a number of single implants placed in my knees, middle, and upper body, and head area. At the time I of course found this strangely curious and she offered that she felt that it was an 'implant system' meant to keep me from being able to lower my brain-wave level to a sub-alpha state ... what people enter in hypnosis, for example, to access their unconscious mind. I did wonder about this, as I've had five hypnotherapists in my life who were quite certain that they could use their 'induction' method to accomplish this but could not.

So what she layed out seemed a possibility to me. In the last week I ran across a lengthy internet article entitled Chemtrails, HAARP, and Mass Mind Control in which I was capitivated to find a section on 'Body suit of implants (system)' What this particular section as well as the entire article has to say about it I'll quickly lay out as follows along with some peripheral but pertinent information:

Victims of tracking, mind control interference, and monitoring are often given a 'body suit' of various implants throughout key anatomical sites. These implants over the body create the ability (to varying degrees depending upon the subject and situation) to trigger, influence, or alter specific moods, pain, and other desired results including lethargy toward doing something that they don't want the monitored person to do. Amazingly these implants are much smaller than a human hair in diameter and are injected and will actually make their home like a virus in the desired location (anatomical parts) of the body.

Certain people are fitted with 'body suits' so that if they do not comply to 'control impetuses' the remote, technological controllers behind the scenes can work toward inducing 'dissociative' behaviors, states, and ways of living for the target victim. This can even work toward the target victim (an intelligent and ambitious person with no mental and no real physical problems) becoming homeless for example.

A 'body suit' has a primary 'control implant' (that for some reason the article calls a 'bio-medical telemetry' implant) placed at the base of the skull which records body function and brain wave activity. This implant not only acts as the central processing unit for the entire (body suit) implant system but also receives information from an external transmitting source. A case in point for this, I believe, is what happened to me a year ago in Albuquerque (right after the below-described encounter with a 'mystery man') when I spotted the same person one night walking across a dimly-lit area at the same time that a sudden shrill, high-pitched tiny ring began emanating from from the back of my head at the base of my skull.

From this 'body suit' system, it's said, the controllers are able to track the person, hear what they hear, know what they're saying, and to some degree see what they see. I have experienced reasons to believe this is so.

It's said also that even by the 1970s various intelligence agencies were ready to experiment on human subjects with a new generation of technological implants ... and that eventually people in every state in the U.S. were selected as subjects. The selection of people, I'll add, may be due exclusively to experimentation while others (as myself I believe) are not only kept in the program for valuable data of how the covert program is doing, but because of what they don't want me to accomplish. Why they don't just snuff me out the old-fashioned way has, I believe, at least three possibilities: Firstly I am only one of many possible subversives to be concerned about. And also since monitoring and interference are ran and automated by satellite and computer systems on a mass basis on who they consider subversive or potentially subversive (as hard as that is to believe) they (whoever 'they' are) do not ordinarily concern themselves with conducting assassinations. (One exception would be the late Senator Paul Wellstone).

And so it stands to reason that they aren't going to go that route only for exceptional circumstances. Secondly is something some may consider too exotic that I personally don't as would many of the best physicists of our day ... and that is the reasoning that time is not as it seems to us and that time has everything to do with our living in a multiverse of parallel universes ... that our eternal 'now' is constantly being recreated and results in different timelines. It's said that the secret military fights over what alternative timeline(s) will come to be actualized. Thirdly, but not lastly, it's my belief that as what we are living is Earth School we do have 'divine protection' which comes into play if we're learned enough to be deserving of such intervention.

Quite amazingly the article wrote that computers programmed with artificial intelligence handle most monitored targets. So if the target person does something the controlling perpetrators don't want, or is getting help, the perpetrators consider subversive to their ends, (something the computer can't handle on its own) then human handlers step into the act. I believe that this is exactly what I experienced in Albuquerque when my business consultant made a phone call to get my business project *** **** **** of Santa Fe 'one million dollars' ... and that enroute to the downtown Albuquerque Hyatt Regency to make the business meeting that next day for us to meet with this financier I (alone) was affronted by the above-mentioned mystery man I had never seen before who told me details of what was going on that seemed impossible for him to have known. Days later he made another unexpected affront and told me that "the people involved in my business project were going to be contacted about me, that my financing would fall through, and that I would then have a psychological breakdown." While I have no reason to believe anyone involved in my business project was 'contacted' I will say that everything he said did come to pass except the last statement. (And please know that I don't think they're after my recipies)

The article furthered (perhaps too bizarre to believe) that (NSA?, CIA?, DIA?) human personnel (possibly mind-controlled and monitored themselves) staff consoles equipped to CRAY computers where they monitor people with special attention. In this the information transfer is done via-satellite, large TV broadcasting antennas, and/or the country-wide GWEN tower network that many believe may be cranked up to nullify the masses in the possible advent of Martial Law (even General Tommy Franks as well as numerous conservative talk radio hosts have openly said that it may at some point be necessary to declare Martial Law) ... (this writing in continuation).

I'll add these two more notes for anyone who may be wondering:

Yes, it is true that the NSA can remotely track people if they know the specific EMF waves (evoked potentials from EEGs in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt range) of a person's bioelectric field. Each person's emissions are unique, just like their fingerprint, palmprint, and their voiceprint. This means that the NSA can remotely track anyone in public. Don't think they didn't know where Saddam Hussein was at that entire while? Or that they don't know where Osama bin Laden is? Perhaps we should think again.

Yes, it is true that they have voice prints of hundreds of thousands of Americans and can identify & track via their computers all electronic communications in this nation. Most phone calls go through about 30 computers before they reach their destination. The phone companies' computers, according to someone who worked for AT&T and witnessed it, record ALL phone calls using computers. However, to weed out the worthless from the worthwhile, the Illuminati's fronts use a list of key words, such as names or phrases called THE WATCH LIST which the computer uses to identify conversations worthwhile to listen to. Time, Newsweek and other media sources have validated and identified the codename as being ECHELON ... which simply amounts to being the NSA's secret national & global surveillance network.

In closing:

On covert interference technology: A graduate of Berkeley Law School Richard Glen Boire of the Center for Cognitive Liberty who has coined the term 'cognitive liberties' says that "Mind control is getting smarter by the minute". (And yes we are talking about remote viewing, tracking, monitoring, and remote neural influencing by psychic and technological means being done on targeted individuals and to those around and associated with them.)

For further information visit Mind Justice at ... 'A human rights group working for the rights and protection of mental integrity and freedom from new technologies and weapons which target the mind and nervous system.'

This is analogous to the Catholic Church sex abuse scandals and the debacle caused by the denial of health issues from tobacco industry officials ... this will be the next big breaking news story of our day.

Need scientific validation of such covert technologies? (Such as 'target tracking', 'technological thought reading capacity', and behavioral influencing technologies') Go to the web site of Christians Against Mental Slavery (  an international evangelical group whose members want it to be regarded as a crime against humanity worldwide for anyone to monitor or influence human thought technologically without continuing, informed consent)

And a last word from one of our heavyweight military insiders:

Col. John B. Alexander formerly of Los Alamos National Laboratories has said that

"Powerful elite insiders have long known how electromagnetic weapons can be effectively utilized to wage mind control against the population ... specifically targeting political dissidents and troublemakers." "Don't worry", Col. Alexander is quoted as saying, "everything is under control. You just don't know how much."

That to me is a very revealing statement.

(Isn't it curious by the way - even in light of stepped-up national security - that since 9-11, other than the anthrax in the mail, nothing else has happened?)

Author's Note 1/12/06: I am willing to openly state my above experiences to anyone of what seems to me to be obvious examples of covert monitoring and interference in my life and affairs (professional and personal) that has come to be known in our mass media as 'domestic spying' or 'domestic surveillance'. I am willing to undergo any battery of psychological testing and evaluations including polygraph testing of all that I relate. Also let it be known that I am not seeking publicity nor will I turn down the opportunity to raise public awareness either.

The negative interference I and others have experienced is usually subtle and hard to detect, and then there are times when it is not so subtle and is plainly evident. I have had my sent e-mails not received and my incoming ones delayed or not make it at all ... this is among the instances where one can only wonder. Many people everywhere would like to read this article

Are E-mail and Phone Conversations Private? - and can do so at

Also in all this I would be perfectly willing to lend my thinking as to why there would be interest in me and others like myself. I very much believe as do surely the vast majority of us that we have the right and need to know the real truth about 'domestic spying' and the unfathomable surveillance capabilites of our interior government upon it's citizenry. I will even state that I for one can live with some encroachment on my privacy and basic civil rights if it will ultimately protect me and the people of our country. But if this is actually evidence of what many intelligent and very credible conspiracy thinkers and authors say is the behind-the-scenes New or One World Order movement (who care nothing about our Constitutional rights and national sovereignty) who would disagree that we desperately need to know?

Lastly, I would like to say that I have told my private experiences to very few people for the obvious personal PR reasons. I am seeing now, though, with domestic spying being so prevalent in the news that some of the people I have told my experiences to are tending to take me more seriously with more credibility. I believe that now may be the time to begin getting this out in the open. Maybe the adage of 'safety in numbers' will apply to me in all this.

(part of prior e-mail) ...

I don't think that I have to convince you that I'm being monitored and interfered with. But, still, get this ... (and it's just one anecdotal example of many) ...

Every Sunday in Santa Fe a free lunch is served by one of four churches. Well afterwards I layed down in the grass and was pretty much dozed off. (I never sleep during the day, btw). Suddenly I somewhere intuitively I think felt a presence or the feeling of something there or that I was being watched. Something like that. It may have been largely because I was vaguely aware (with my eyes shut of course) that there was something shadowing or obstructing my eyesight (like if during daylight you put your hand over your eyelids and the effect is less light and more darkness. Actually it was like if you took a piece of grocery bag paper and tore it into a slightly long rectangle and put it over the front of your eyelids ... I mean that there was more light around the edges ... you surely get the picture. Then what seemed about the time that I became aware of this I very audibly heard what sounded just like if you took that paper and quickly scrunched it. It immediately woke me completely awake!

I knew right off what this was ... that it was because since I never sleep during the day, or ever hardly stop during my day to even shut my eyes, that this threw my monitoring party a bit ... and that they were not sure if their system was not working properly or if I were asleep. While it's their rule to stay as covert and undetectable as possible, once in a while I pick up on some little thing like this. I left the park saying to myself ... 'If I don't think I'm being monitored, I'm the delusional one.'

I know that sometimes we can mix up some in our dream-state things that are going on in our environment. But no that wasn't the case here.

I have been 'projected' (a known covert techno-ability) things before ... even things that at the time I thought was a dream while asleep and did look like the objects in the dream were cut out of paper.

Tell me if you can ... What can be done about this?

I do agree that this technology and what they do is way beyond what most people can even imagine or are willing to entertain as being real and going on.

I want to be left alone so I can get ahead in life. I'm willing to go after this no matter what.



-A True Account and Short Thesis on Covert Interference and Mass Manipulation in the World Today -

(and the curious returns)
Oct. 2004

FOREWORD: Am I experiencing covert interference from a shadowy and nefarious black-op source (on or off planet) whose job it is to monitor my going-ons? Are others I know and associate with professionally (and even personally) subject to the manipulation of remote mind control technology or by the negative influence of mental adepts? All to thwart any chance I have to break away and get ahead? Could these things be so because I have very heavy karma from "abuse of power" from my past lives? It all seems so to me. At least I know that "something" is going on negative interference-wise ... though I wonder why go to all the trouble? Why not just knock me off? While someone reading this may think I've watched too many X-Files episodes I can with complete honesty say that I've never had anything happen overtly or in plain sight (until now) ... and that it wasn't until I arrived in Santa Fe at the beginning of '01 that someone with intuition said that indeed something outside of myself (that was dark and reckoning) was opposing me that I really began to entertain the notion. It had crossed my mind before that this could possibly be the case.

After all, I could see that things were going on where the covert interference explanation actually made the most sense ... even where I could "objectively tell it" and it was plainly obvious. Even so I never went around talking to people about any of this (only a select few) as I really don't want people thinking that I'm a good candidate for a monthly nut-check. But for a long while now I've come to believe in a universal mind or God and that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away (karma exacting itself) ... and as well I've come to see that our Creator expresses all Eternal Laws this way through the Universe in human terms, creatively, in physical (3D) as the duality and challenge of "earth school" for us to experience, learn and evolve. So it is that everything (no matter how mundane) is expressed and created mentally and made possible "metaphysically" in our lives (resonance/attraction/synchronicity) by our inner-condition, thoughts, and beliefs as they weigh upon and interact with the physical world and thus "manifests" absolutely everything that happens ... that we really do create our own realities.

The ultimate in personal responsibility I would say. Like one Science of Mind minister remarked: "The Universe goes on working just the way it does no matter what the religious belief of the day that man may hold." So I wanted to relate the just-said to help show that I do believe that even if this covert interference business is for real that (even then) it's my own darn fault one way or the other. Lastly let me say that I'm always hoping I'm burning "karmic ribbons" to beat the band and that the end of the worse of my hardship is drawing near and that a much more normal and level playing field for me is in the offing. (But it's all a "learning" experience no matter how you cut it.) Anyhow, let's wrap this up ... but I have to say that I've always wondered throughout all this (all the time that "they" kept up on what I'm doing of importance and interfered with people's minds and thwarted events) what would happen if I, without a moment's notice, would break away and get ahead? Like what if I suddenly found myself with a lot of money and all the empowerment it brings ... Say just for a thought experiment that I walked in a convenience store, bought a lotto ticket, and hit the jackpot and suddenly found myself with millions! What would the covert powers-that-be do then? And is the "all-seeing" eye--the most recognized icon of the Illuminati--actually for real and ever watchful? Well it seems to me I found out ... and it goes as follows:

THE STORY: The day before the "astounding encounter" entailed herein occurred the first week of September my relatively new financial / business consultant Tony B. (who I trust completely) and I sat in the Hyatt hotel lounge in downtown Albuquerque as we were discussing the state-of-affairs with my project endeavor *** **** **** Company. He is someone who truly sees the vision of what this brand and company can be in the national consumer marketplace and beyond. Things had culminated to the point where he suddenly and decidedly said "Let's get One Million Dollars"... (for the *** *** project). Needless-to-say, this sounded good to my ears. So he gets on his cell-phone and calls a contact of his who is a financial consultant and investor liaison ... someone who is only a phone call away from wealthy individuals who could write a check for that amount. He immediately connected personally with this Mr. **, briefed him on our needs, and we were set for us all to meet the following day (same place / same time): Hyatt lounge / 3:30 pm. Great. So from here Tony gave me a ride to the State of New Mexico Department of Labor on Mountain and Edith some eight blocks away as I was needing to get on the internet.

As I got out of his SUV Tony handed me an envelope--a white Hyatt envelope--and said  "This is from the family." As I walked toward the Labor Department I opened it to discover quite a few twenty dollar bills--a lot of them--and began counting the amount and found myself holding a total of $300.00. A good surprise I must say. Tony had over the summer been one delay after the other (sometimes inexplicably so) and I think he felt a little guilty about it ... and he knew that I had an excruciatingly painful problem at that time all the while that I was without anything and on the streets and sleeping outside ... and working hard daily labor and giving blood plasma to get by day by day. So with much more money than I was used to having I left the Labor Department for Wal-Mart to buy a new change of clothes for the next day's meeting.

Now it was the eagerly anticipated day ... a day that we could lay some real financial groundwork ... and finally a point in time that I could realistically expect to be able to go on and do the graphics, the Web work, solidify the legal, trademark, and proprietary business that Tony and I started with a large Albuquerque law firm, find the way to start baking and create the recipes ... all this and more. So by 3:05 (and being at the Workforce Connection on the 1300 block of 4th Street ... a twenty minute walk to the Hyatt) I thought I'd better be heading out. En route to the meeting I cut into the Greyhound bus depot to go to the restroom ... by this time it was 3:20 and I was more than half way there ... about four blocks away. I did my business and went to the lavatory and mirror to wash and rinse with mouthwash. I was finishing up when suddenly this man (about 6'1" 210 lbs. late 30s) I had never seen before (wearing black shoes, black socks, black denim shorts, black t-shirt, black cap ...even short black hair and wearing dark sunglasses) came in and walked straight up to me and quite enthusiastically asked "How'd your meeting go yesterday?... You know, at the Hyatt." I probably looked a little confused or taken aback and asked him "Were you there?" (What else was I to ask at that moment?) Then he says "How much did you get out of him?

You know ... in the envelope he handed you." My mind was a little befuddled at this point and he again alluded to and said "The envelope." Then it all hit me: Tony didn't give me the envelope until we had left the Hyatt ... until we arrived at the Labor Department practically a mile away! So now with the largeness of this reality hitting me I got irate and said "Who are you with?!" At that point he never said another word and turned and left. No doubt my mind was intensely processing this occurrence as I put my towel in my backpack and I left out to get to the meeting in five minutes. When leaving through the front entrance he was by that time across the street walking toward downtown and I caught up with him and loudly said that he was on the wrong side of the f%*$@ fence!

He just acted like I wasn't there and never turned around or acknowledged me as I kept in step with him but he then raised his hand high above his head and gave the devilish-looking (some say satanic) gesture where one holds out only the thumb, index, and little finger and swivels it back and forth. But when I was easily within hearing range (maybe ten feet) he got on his cell-phone and said "Come pick him up." (I think he was just playing here.) I wanted to confront him more as I was of course wanting some answers ... even some possible input about what has been going on in my life ... what I've come to undeniably realize has been covert interference that has always stayed in complete concealment ... and here I was within arm's reach of somebody who might know what's been going on who might even be a part of it! But I have to admit when he said to "Come pick him up" it worried me a little that two "suits" might nab me before I got to the meeting at the hotel lounge! (Who wouldn't wonder?) So I then decided to cut out and make a bee-line for the Hyatt. I made the meeting right on time adrenaline and all ... churning considerably inside.

EPILOGUE: The Hyatt meeting went very well. It was more or less exploratory ... the kind of meeting where one could tell that everyone was all right with one another and was something that was needed to help plan the course of things. # Not long after that I received a voice-mail message (on Sept.10, 2004) out-of-the-blue (unrelated to the above) from the owner of a sizable*** production operation (and adjoining restaurant) called*** *** ***... it's thought of as a Santa Fe institution. The owner, ***, said that my name and project came up at the last Santa Fe *** *** *** board meeting about an *** *** *** idea I had for the up-and-coming Santa Fe Railyard Park. He called because (as per the business we had met on a year before) he was still wanting to sell his business.

When we met in July 2003 I was on the streets of Santa Fe but I still had the project very well evolved idea- and research-wise but it was not at the investor-ready level that it is now with the entry of Tony ... who spent more than a decade as a financial consultant on Wall Street. So Tony and I went to Santa Fe and met with *** ... in short, we left with the mutual thinking that an assessor would be brought in to appraise the property and that an amount of around $2 million would be paid for the business plus the property and *** *** f would become *** *** *** Company. *** also seemed agreeable to staying on for several months and work with me everyday so I would learn what there is to manage the business. Last but not least for me was the living space in the building where he resided that I could live in right on premise ... it was spacious enough for one with hardwood floors, high ceilings, bed, bath, kitchen, living room area with an adjacent study. No less than an $800 monthly apartment in Santa Fe.

So all this started after the Greyhound encounter and this business is continuing up to the present as I write this (Oct. 22, 2004). # So just short of ten days after the Greyhound encounter (and before our trip to Santa Fe to go through *** *** ) we (the mystery man and I) met again. This time I had left out of the *** *** on 4th Street from my internet work to go eat a free meal that's served at a place called *** *** between 3 and 4:00 pm several blocks away. When I got there and was approaching the entrance he suddenly walks up beside me ... unmistakably the same person ... well dressed, wearing new clothes, everything black except this time his short-sleeved knit shirt was an interwoven combination of black and grey. We were relaxed, shook hands, and even kind of joked with each other ... I found the moment easy to be spontaneous in the situation and even congenial with the guy ... and our rapport was actually quite good. I asked if he wanted to go in and eat and that's what we did.

While we sat and ate a meatloaf dinner he kept everything on a limited tether and so he wasn't making gleaning information from him easy ... so it seemed that I was weaving and bobbing some so to speak in that I was wanting to make the most of this precious time with him and extract what all I could. Asking him carefully placed questions wasn't of much use I found ... and so it seemed to me that he was tutored well in the ways of the covert. I asked him if he knew my name and he said nothing. He did say though that he was a "spook" (that's an intelligence agency term for anyone who doesn't know) and said that I was a very creative person and that I belonged in Los Angeles. Throughout our dinner and the few minutes we spent outside talking I have to say the only thing he said or let out of preciseness that made me think he was for real was that he brought up my "script" ... (never once had I mentioned that I was working on television and film writing ... creative endeavors that would take supposedly real-world covert issues and turn them into what I would call quasi-fictional dramas).

He furthered that I was doing a lot of internet work that was in the range of being considered a national threat ... so he said. (He didn't say what specifically ... but I would say that my research and reading of things conspiratorial and creatively writing these things into concept stories and TV and movie scripts on such covert matters like the New World Order or One World Order, secret societies, the Illuminati, the shadow government and the secret military, the HAARP installation in Alaska, government collusion with extraterrestrials, the use of remote viewing and remote influence by intelligence agencies, the reality of people receiving tiny implants for tracking and monitoring purposes from terrestrial and extraterrestrial sources, and the pervasive use of mind control technology that's undeniably being used on people individually and en mass in the world today would hit upon the general gist of things.)

As far as how he would know or have it passed to him that I was doing script writing on such matters I can only guess. Some would say that my internet communication and fax and phone conversations on these creative projects have been gleaned and taken note of as is everybody's ... (Afterall it's known that there exists blanket coverage of all electronic communication--specifically for key words--in the United States if not the world by the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland.) ... It's said, too, that the NSA has records on all U.S. citizens. (Though there's also reason to believe that the covert powers in our world even "ascertain" things outside of the realm of time as we know it ... about events that could happen and even to prioritize which individuals that they may want to keep tabs on for quite a variety of reasons.) Anyway he did remark that "it was felt" that I might eventually get a news person or somebody to do something major (in the things that I research and write about). I told him the main thing I was trying to do at the time was get a new baking business going ... that that was what I came here to New Mexico to do. In the last few remaining minutes outside he somewhere in all this brought up the term "handler" (an Illuminati insider term) ... (my money would go that he knows the other Illuminati terms like "field agent", "trainer", "programming", "controller" and the reference to such trauma techniques that are used to 'split' people's minds called "compartmentalization").

I mean it when I say that I made it a point to feel compassion for this person right then and there and that in this process he seemed to open up a bit to me ... and he seemed to honestly say (in a slightly lowered voice like he was letting me in on something) that "You know...they have a full-court press going on you." But at the last minute he showed me his iPod and said that he was downloading my entire mind into it. (I never took this as anything but funning with me even though he appeared serious.) And believe it or not he showed me his major (gold) credit card that had (commercially-done) on the card's background the all-seeing eye pyramid (like many do - no big deal) ... but then he pointed out (in the row of figures) the numbers 911 and 666. Pretty nifty I guess. I always wished that I would had thought to caught his name on it in the couple moments he was showing it to me ... but maybe the card wasn't even his or was phony ... I don't know. Right at the very end of our time he said that I wouldn't sleep well that night ... which didn't turn out to be the case.

When we parted that day he pointed at me in farewell and said "*** " and we left off on a note that I would never know when he might show back up. That's the end of the story of the second encounter. # The third encounter occurred a week later at the central bus transfer station in downtown Albuquerque. I must say that the first encounter occupied and absorbed my mind virtually continuously for four days and the second was pretty thought-provoking and particularly absorbing for a day or two. The first one was, no doubt, one of the more utterly astounding things I've ever had happen in my life. I wouldn't say that it made my nights (sleeping out) right thereafter "paranoid" but if the fence or gate would creak a little from the wind or whatever a short distance from where I was sacked out it would definitely grab my attention and strike some fear in my gut for a moment. So anyway, about the "third encounter" at the city bus transfer ...

This day he walked up while I was waiting for the #54 bus at about ten minutes after 1:00. It was friendly enough but it seemed like he was just a little ... (how should I say it?) ... "put out" or that he had just enough of a "bone to pick" with me that it showed ... that it wasn't just part of his act. Right off he asked 'how I slept that night' and I asked him 'what his dark overlords had to say about things' which he didn't answer. I told him that I figured that he was kept in the dark like me and was fed limited information. He obviously didn't like that a lot and said that he was nobody's flunky. He then told me that I was going to be taken to a secret detention camp the government ran in Cuba ... and then said that the people involved in my business project were going to pull out, that the financing would fall through, and that I would then have a "psychological breakdown." For a fleeting moment it crossed my mind to jump on the guy and start beating him for all I was worth.

I had thought before that if I saw him again that I could cause a scene with him where security would dash up and the police would be called and that that would give me the way to find out, perhaps, his name and who this character is. But then again, I wondered if that might bring trouble out of the woodwork for me that I wouldn't want. But when my bus pulled up I asked him "Well, what should I do?" and he replied "Jump off a cliff I guess." That was the last time I ever saw him ... almost. # The last time I saw him was really just a "sighting". One evening about 9:00 after dark I was leaving downtown to make my nightly walk to where I sleep on some property not far from the Rio Grande river but closer to the rail yard. I was strolling down 1st Street which is more desolate than most any of the other streets around and I was on the sidewalk between Greyhound and the Amtrak station.

So what happened just seconds before I spotted him walking across a dimly lit area is something I was going to leave out as I want this writing to be seen as me not just telling the truth--100%--but that the content is as real as the light of day ... because it is. So the curious little piece is this: Suddenly I could hear, very discernibly, a high-pitched tiny "ring"... but even though I was "hearing" it it was not from within my ears as would be the usual case but was instead coming from the back of my neck, midway, (maybe the brain stem area), and lasted for at least five seconds ... then it was just seconds after this that I spotted him walking away from my direction in an unlit area about 40 yards away. End of story.

Nov. 2004

POSTSCRIPT: Well there it is ... the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God. I want to say that I know that people will discern and judge this story through their own lens of what they already believe and what they believe is possible and what's not possible ... in other words judging what all I just told and everything in it by "reacting" to the "reference points" of one's own knowledge structure and belief system ... reference points that may be more erroneous than actual. I can't say that I'm infallible in this respect but I do look at things very holistically, I'm not scared to look at anything squarely, and I know when I'm being emotionally jaded.

I have to admit that I don't like it when people who know little to nothing about some subject get hung up on their already established reference points and preconceived notions and refuse to openly and objectively consider the evidence ... whether they're the fundamentally religious or the unreasonably skeptical ... and react rather than really think. So I ask those of you who have just read my story, and the things I'll follow up with here, to maintain an open mind and follow through it all by keeping the "automatic" judgments, the jadedness, the emotional reactions, the old worldviews and cherished beliefs, the cerebral hang-ups and all of one's die-hard constructs in check and even try running some of these seemingly "wild-eyed topics" through your favorite search engine ... you might be surprised at what you'll find and come to a better understanding about. The world at large may not be as we think and it's only to our benefit to begin educating ourselves and start exploring what's out there.

Last Sunday while sitting in the plasma center in Albuquerque, I picked up a newspaper insert publication called Parade. In it I saw the syndicated column Ask Marilyn ... by Marilyn vos Savant who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records' Hall of Fame for the "highest IQ." Very impressive. Someone wrote to her about being troubled over a relative who believes in unfounded conspiracy theories ... such things as oil companies squelching ways for cars to run on water, for example, and that the government is suppressing the truth about extraterrestrial visitation. The sender said that he cared about this person and asked what could he do to refute this sort of belief of his. Marilyn responded that she had never successfully convinced a conspiracy theorist ... and said that just when she thought that she had an "irrefutable" point, the reply would be "That's just what they want you to think!"

She furthered that she considered this a minor psychiatric condition (a sort of mild paranoia) rather than an intellectual weakness ... and has stopped even trying to help and added that she is not a psychiatrist. Now I won't say that I think that I could take this Marilyn vos Savant person with my frontal lobes tied behind my back, but I will say that I would be willing to match my right-brain or "conceptual" aptitudes with her any day. This isn't the place to launch into a discourse about the way we measure intelligence and its shortcomings but I would rather instead relate a letter from a very intelligent and insightful professional "remote viewer" who very adeptly shows a whole other dimension of thinking (and intelligence) than Ms vos Savant ... a letter I received right after I wrote to her (the remote viewer) about the first "spook" episode. Please know that "remote viewing" is not just projecting one's conscious perception to other locales but is also a way of seeing into the timeless "multi-verse" of probabilities and all that is. Her thoughtful e-mail is as follows:


Everything we encounter is by choice. Unfortunately, most of this is unconscious choice driven by the subconscious mind. We encounter people and circum- stances because we create the experience at some level for ourselves for a bevy of reasons (to learn love, work out karmic issues, understand self sabotaging be- havior, boredom, etc.) So I may be able to go out and see "what" or "who" is cre- ating obstacles in your life on the surface, but the real person doing that is yourself. This means that the real person to stop doing this is you, not me.

We create our own harmony, chaos, peace, conflict, poverty, obstacles etc. This is the whole premise of my book. When you resolve the issues within yourself, all these exterior influences and blocks disappear. So of course these "things" have followed you for some time. They reaffirm in your mind that 'some thing' or 'some one' is sabotaging you but that's not the truth at a very high level. These things are just an aftermath, a reflection, a reaction.

We attract things for the oddest reasons. Sometimes it's as simple as alleviating boredom in our lives. What I recommend more than anything is to look at what might be within yourself to create these situations, including obstacles to the suc- cess of your business. I know these things are magnificently disguised but you are the sole creator of your reality (and magnificent beings create magnificent illusions!) When we take ownership of that, we really start on the true course of empowerment.

I remember remote viewing for a paraplegic once to see what his "block" was. The only thing I found out is that he selected that very lesson in this life to maximize his spiritual growth and it was determined that the real healing start- ed there and only by him!

If I were to remote view anything, it would be your obstacle as to what is truly hindering you. These energy masses (people and events) are just manifesta- tions of your own creation.

If this doesn't resonate with you, I fully understand. It often doesn't. People want to blame god, the government, their spouses, parents, or society for what isn't working in their life (I know I did for years and years).

Take care and good luck.


Well, I have to say that I did relate with what she said and it did prompt me to think over (in an other-dimensional, multi-faceted way) the "spook" episodes ... episodes that I knew right away I was going to use as fodder and write into in my movie project Journey of the Soul ... a work that's very "dissident" oriented and would combine drama, intrigue and action in a way never done before ... a finished product somewhat like Enemy of the State (that billed the line "It's Not Paranoia If They're Really After You") but would have a quality-level that would match the film A Beautiful Mind.

So I had certainly noticed before the kind of 'metaphysical manifestation' that Anne the remote viewer spoke of ... that what is constantly on our minds (like a new area of intense interest) may very well fall off the shelf into our hands so to speak (i.e. Jung's "meaningful coincidence") and so it is that the mental dynamics of our lives resonate and attract and manifest all sorts of things for better or worse 'synchronistically' ... that everything we encounter and experience is by choice on some level and that we metaphysically attract it to ourselves for the lesson we're needing and for our spiritual evolvement. So certainly I was no stranger to what she was saying.

While some may see her as part of the "change your mind / change your world" New Age crowd (that might say "there's absolutely nothing you can't do") I'm quite sure that she would, like myself, exert the fact that there are "limits within structures" and we have to work with what we have ... that our "karma" is always with us and isn't going to just let us off the hook. But know that karma is not punishment per se but is rather God's grace that's always there giving us the corresponding experience to learn and correct ourselves. So perhaps the fact that I'm going through what I am and doing something creatively with it has to do with the path of my karmic redemption. I've been told by more than one spiritual counselor that I've been in 'positions of power' in my past lives and have at times abused that power. I believe with a lot of conviction that if suddenly the power structure in our country and the world were revealed to us all--the complete truth of what's really going on and how things are being ran and who's doing it--that relatively few would even believe it!

There's a man (Col. John B. Alexander) of the military-industrial complex (formerly at Los Alamos National Laboratories) who is said to be the father of the non-lethal weapons concept (i.e. electronic mind control and electromagnetic and microwave weaponry) who, say sites on the internet, goes to mind control forums of the overt kind and conspiracy-type conferences around the country and the world dressed up as a kindly New Age man of wisdom and an expert on everything from UFOs to life after death. There are those who I trust to be in the know (even a woman I'm well acquainted with from north of Santa Fe who has witnessed this man at conferences she has been to) who say that he is a highly-trained minion of the New World Order ... a deeply twisted individual whose compartmentalized mind is accustomed with casual double-speak and living a double life. One internet reading room forum mentioning Col. Alexander said that "Powerful elite insiders have long known how electromagnetic weapons can be effectively utilized to wage mind control against the population ... specifically targeting political dissidents and troublemakers." "Don't worry, Col. Alexander is quoted as saying, everything is under control. You just don't know how much." That to me is a very revealing statement.

From here in this paper I want to do four more things. "First" give a quick description of the 'prime-time serial drama' I'm working on called The Illuminati ... one of my projects that I think has to do with why the covert would have interest in me ... and "second", lay out a 'cursory run down' of what I see as going on of a nefarious and secretive nature around us and in the world today ... and "third" give a 'closing summary' of everything ... and "fourth" wrap up with a 'question & answer section'. So let's start.

> The Illuminati -- What I have here possesses blockbuster potential ... at least I have never shown this to anybody who wasn't really, really struck as such. This project-in-the-works (including the series "pilot") is to be a "prime-time serial drama" that would, without doubt, make The Soprano's look like child's play ... the most immensely dynamite television program imaginable about the 13 most powerful families in the world! Truly this would be Dynasty meets X-Files and could very well garner the biggest viewer-ratings since "who shot J.R". on Dallas. Who are The Illuminati you ask?

As The Illuminati's subtitle (Rule By Secrecy) construes, not everybody knows ... not even congressmen and senators on Capitol Hill nor even whoever is occupying the West Wing. But yet their power in the world is unfathomable ... in fact "they" (The Illuminati) collude behind the scenes to stop and start wars, manipulate the stock market as well as all global currency, place (and replace) presidents and heads of state, control (and conceal) state-of-the-art science and technology, run the planet's secret military and shadow governments, make treaties and agreements with extraterrestrials, and censor the evening news. Not unlike L.A. Law and NYPD Blue in television's drama genre,

The Illuminati will be created with regular casts and on-going story lines and will, I believe, spiral into vastly unrealized and unprecedented television material. So with some of the same elements as, say, TV's critically-acclaimed Alias series, The Illuminati promises to dwelve even more deeply and realistically into the complexity of the human psyche and it's lust for ever higher levels of power and control ... even breaking open the cosmic psychology of how we as human beings attract and merge with other-dimensional and off-planet, extraterrestrial intelligence. Obviously the fodder for overall material including that of character development, story structure, and climax scenarios would be very, very extensive. And what this would do for maximizing our perception of what's really going on in the world speaks for itself.

Now for the "run down."

> Let's begin by stating the fact the the President of the United States is not the 'most powerful man in the world' ... not even close. I think that's a good place to start. # Next up let's go here: There exists in our country and the world an (off-budget) "shadow government" and "secret military" who possesses unfathomable ultra-classified technology and much-more-than-widely-realized psychic prowess ... things that we should make ourselves aware of and be concerned about ... and that this scenario could at some point turn into marshall law or even morph into a monstrous dictatorship that would care nothing about Constitutional rights or national sovereignty. ...


Prime-Time Television Serial Drama Project

The Illuminati
Rule By Secrecy

The Illuminati - This project-in-the-works (including the series 'pilot') is to be a 'prime-time serial drama' that would, without doubt, make The Soprano's look like child's play ... a creative work that could quickly culminate into the most immensely dynamite television program imaginable about the 13 most powerful families in the world! Truly this would be Dynasty meets X-Files and could very well garner the biggest viewer ratings since 'who shot J.R. ' on Dallas. Who are the Illuminati you ask? As The Illuminati's subtitle (Rule By Secrecy) construes, not everybody knows ... not even congressmen and senators on Capitol Hill nor even whoever is occupying the West Wing. But yet their power in the world is unfathomable. In fact '

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