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The Credentials Game
August 27, 2006

Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 21:35:15 -0500
From: Mohit Bangia <>
Subject: a little bit of info on your article


i am a student in high school and was doing some research on immune systems weaking and landed on your article on and my teacher wants our source and was wondering if you would tell me ur credibilties and your degrees and any more information on immune system weakness would be great!

thank you


Hi Mohit,

You might find this hard to understand, but I intentionally don't reveal my educational background or whether I have a degrees in anything. OK, I'll admit that I have a high school diploma, but anything beyond that is Top Secret.

The academic world has promoted a GREAT LIE upon its students and that lie has permeated society in general. The Lie is this: the value of your opinions or research (or statements) is directly proportional to academic letters placed after your name. So, for instance, Ken Adachi, BA, gets much less attention than Ken Adachi, MA, who in turn gets less respect than Ken Adachi, PhD. Now, of course, Ken Adachi DSc, PhD, MD, gets even larger mantels of Authority draped around his shoulders because he has all of these degrees, so he MUST be an authority, right? Not really. BS artists come in all colors and the vast majority of them have academic letters after their names.

The value of information presented by any writer about anything is inherent within the information itself. The information either stands on its own as valuable, or it does not. The so-called credentials of the person writing down the words in no way alters the importance or accuracy of the information. Therefore, it should NOT be considered as a barometer of reliability. Our society has been CONDITIONED to bow down to academic credentials as the Be All, End All when it comes to accepting or rejecting some postulate. I reject that stupid premise completely and I refuse to play the game.

Your teacher won't like that answer because it serves the academic hierarchy to cow tow to academic credentials. Essentially, the Game of credentials is something the academic world put together, so naturally, they are going to treat it with utmost importance.

Trust you OWN intelligence. Trust your OWN intuition. THINK for yourself and don't give away your power to some person off who acts like he's the Authority figure and you're the Nitwit. There are NO AUTHORITIES on this planet, only PEOPLE. Some people are wiser and some are less. Learn how to discern for YOURSELF whose words you wish to trust and don't base your decision exclusively on how many letters somebody places after his name.

You'll find more info on improving the immune system by reading the books of Dr Hulda Clark. Start with The Cure for All Disease.

Regards, Ken


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