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Creditors in Commerce
(Redemption ~ Soverignty info)
November 19, 2010

Creditors in Commerce (Redemption~Soverignty info) Nov. 19, 2010

Subject: Creditors in Commerce
Date: Fri, November 19, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

The "Redemption" or Soverignty movement has made a quantum leap in the past 2 years - I do encourage you to add the following link to your webpage and when you have time, to download and listen to some of the videos or audios (free), to learn what is up:

Essentially why they are unique is that they teach you can have your cake and eat it too - there is no need to be a "freeman on the land" and live in the woods. Most followers of CIC have bank accounts, drivers licenses, etc. I think this group is hitting the mark better than any other soverign group.

*Many people are re-claiming the debt they are the original issuers of via 1099-OID IRS forms - which essentially means you can get back all the "money" in the past 36 months you have paid via Check or Credit/debit card.

*This group has a mentor club that helps coach people how to assert their rights and discharge and erase all criminal charges no matter how severe.

*This group teaches people how to take personal responsibility and help pay down the national debt by the OID process

*With Accepted for Value process you can discharge and pay any debt with your Unlimited U.S. Treasury account

*Within a year or so they expect to find a way for each person to access their pre-paid U.S. Treasury account not just for settling debt but also for purchases and withdrawals

*Also when you loose a loved one, you can put a claim within 36 months to inherit the funds from their birth certificate stock receipt.

*CIC teach how we can use our Treasury accounts and OID money to buy government bonds so WE become the Creditors/owners/controllers of the United States corporation.

*If people do not act as soverign "Creditors" by what CIC teach, they are volunteering to be slaves and by end of 2012, then whoever the lenders/controllers are at that time (probably China) can force all the property of the U.S. into slavery.

Pass it on it's important !!!!

And lots more...

-Matthew Thomas


Dear Matthew,

You can't read very well, can you?

Ken Adachi

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