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The Power of Crystal Energy

By Stephen Davis
June 12, 2011

The Power of Crystal Energy by Stephen Davis (June 12, 2011)

I am giving this article out because of the great amount of experience, research, and experiments I have had with the healing effects of gemstones. I myself have had the most positive experience of my life with healing gems, or crystal energy. It's best to use crystals (or any other bioenergetic radiating device for self healing) on the body's main energy centers.

Many people love just simply holding their bare gems in their left hand, which is much more sensitive to crystal energy than right hand. This is because energy from the enviroment, with or without crystals, enters human body from left side and exits out right side. Within minutes after squeezing the gem, it begins to resonate with the body and becomes bioactive. The reason holding the gem (or squeezing it) works so well is through the principle of acupuncture. Since their are hundreds of acu-points in your left hand, the positive stimulating energy of the crystal (like FIR and unknown frequencies) can easily energize most of the acu-points in your fingers and palm. The life force energy then flows to the corresponding organs, giving them the extra energy they need. Other good sensitive energy centers to place crystals include point between eyebrows and 1-2 inch above belly button.

There are many energy medicine devices on the market, and many of them are clever and effective. But it's hard to beat the power of crystal energy. The body does not seem to gain a tolerance, your sensitivity only increases the more you use them. Using them in combo with Orgone greatly increases their effects. Just gather several different types of gems with different colors, mix them with copper and steel particles, and then place them in fiberglass resin. I found that using many different gems combined will greatly broaden the energy field as they begin to resonate together as one. So any beginner interested in the healing effects of crystals should first focus on buying as many crystals as they can afford from sites on the internet, or local stores. However, local stores that sell real gems are somewhat rare. Just work at it.

Many local stores in the US now sell Pink Himalyan Ionic Mineral Salt, including Target. Ingesting this type of salt provides the body with the energy of 70+ minerals, and life force energy. Once consumed, the body's conduction increases. My preferred way is to crush them up the Himalayan salt and put in an empty pill capsule, which increases the body's natural energy for 24 hours. The main reason I mention this type of salt is because during the period after ingesting it, the sensation or feel of crystals when placing them externally on body is also increased like none other. That is what many crystal healers who love to use gems may or may not know. If enough of the salt is taken at one time (around 1-2 capsules full), the body's sensitivity to the plesant feeling of gems may just about quadrupal.

The Real Food Trading Company at (doesn't work at the moment}]sells good, already crushed Himalayan Ionic Sea Salt I've bought from. However, Solay Wellness is the Original Himalayan Sea Salt company. Also, the anodized purple energy plates sold at radiate a broad energy spectrum, similar to combining several gems in one. The plates work well in energizing crystals to create a stronger healing effect.

Stephen Davis

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