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Collodial Silver and Nebulizer
August 18, 2009

Collodial Silver and Nebulizer (Aug. 18, 2009)

Subject: Collodial Silver and Nebulizer
From: Ed D
Date: Mon, August 17, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Ken: Received your CS generator;well made.. I want to know if I could use CS in a nebulizer?? If so do you recommend a certain type or brand?

Thanks, Ed D


Hi Ed,

Yes, I inhale CS into lungs and nose when I'm trying to fight an infection. I also combine CS with 3% hydrogen peroxide (50/50) and inhale that as well. Works very well. A small nasal pump available from the drug store is a cheap and easy way to create a fine mist to inhale.

I buy a nasal pump sprayer called "Afrin" for $6 and dump out the drug and rinse the bottle. I then fill with CS or peroxide or a mixture of both.

You can buy nebulizers on E-bay if you want.

Best, Ken


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