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Why is Colloidal Silver Made with Your Generator More Yellow Than Store Bought CS?
May 17, 2009

Why is Colloidal Silver Made with Your Generator More Yellow Than Store Bought CS? (May 17, 2009)

From: Henrietta A
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: thanks and a question
Date: May 17, 2009

Dear Ken,

I just wanted to thank you again for the cs generator and the marvelous directions you included. Your attention to detail is impeccable and I'd like you to know I followed them to a T.

My question is this: The color of the finished product is exactly as you said it would be, yet that color is so very different than the c/s that
we are used to purchasing in the health food store. Could you take a moment of your very busy day and explain why that is so?

Let me add that I have a ceramic cooktop stove and not a gas one. I hope thats okay. Again thanks for everything Ken, your expertise has given me the freedom to help me by helping myself. There is no greater gift in my opinion.

Warm regards,
Henrietta A


Hi Henrietta,

Thanks for your comments and glad you could make the CS successfully.

There are three possible reasons why the health food store CS is lighter or clear in color:

1. Low concentration: This is the most common reason. Many years ago, I took my mini laser pen with me when I went to health food stores to shine through the CS bottles on the shelves and get an idea what the concentration of their CS was. Typically, it showed a very low particle back scatter compared to the stuff that I made at home. I would get a very thin laser track from the health food store, but a very thick laser track from homemade CS. The more concentrated the solution, the darker the yellow color.

2. Fallout:: Commercially made CS does not use the type of CS generator I make, nor do they use the production protocol which I spell out in the 5 pages of instructions included with the generator. I learned of the production protocol from a man named Merlin Wolf when I was attending the Bob Beck breakfast meetings back in the mid 1990s. The protocol explained in the instructions is half the secret and the generator design itself is the other half of the secret of making perfect CS that will last for years without precipitating out of solution. When commercial stuff falls out of solution, the silver atoms are no longer suspended and evenly distributed throughout the solution, so naturally, the solution now looks clear. The silver will fall out as a silver salt and cling to the bottom or sides of the glass bottle. You have to look real hard with a bright light to see it. I recently found one web site that has copied my generator design idea, but had automated the reversal process. I intentionally DIDN'T automate the reversal process because the participation of the human mind with focused intent WHILE making the CS is a big part of the quality and longevity of the CS. Bob Beck told me after getting one of my generators and following my protocol exactly, that he found it to be the highest dowsed reading of any CS that he had ever tested. That really blew me away because I learned about making CS yourself at home from the talks given by Dr Bob Beck!

3. There is another process for making CS that uses high voltage AC. Very few commercial manufacturers will use the high voltage process, but if they do, then their CS will look clear in color. With the high voltage variety, you can't see the atom clusters with a laser pen, so you need to use a TDS meter to read the concentration. The solution will appear absolutely clear despite the concentration of CS, so you must use a meter to measure it. However, you can sense a higher concentration by the degree of metallic taste.

A ceramic cook top is preferable to an electric stove because the radiated magnetic field of the 60Hz heating coils are much less than that of a regular electric stove with open heating coils.

Regards, Ken

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