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October 10, 2005

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This has been copied from for your personal reading. Educate yourself?

Take care,
Miko Sato


Do not believe the lines of EVERY colloidal silver promoter.

Silver is an allopathic and not a homeopathic remedy and therefore you need at least 2,000 p.p.m. (parts per million) ((not 10, 20, 100, or 1,100 p.p.m.))) to address concerns. Promoters that say they have the smallest particle size do not know what they are talking about as they do not understand the methodology of Silver: A bacteria is .5 microns and you need a silver particle at least the size of .005 microns (100 times smaller ((but no smaller))) to successfully suffocate the enzymes of a Bacteria (aerobic) or interfere with the enzymes of a Virus (anaerobic). Smaller particles do not effectively cover the

Regarding most commonly produced silver solutions that are "misbranded (misnamed)" as colloidal silver, but are in fact not colloidal solutions at all, but are only "ionic" solutions (made via an anode and a cathode through which an electric current is passed):

1.) IONIC SILVER "WILL" PRECIPITATE OUT: Clumping and aggregation of the solution occurs in all "ionic" solutions, resulting in an aggregation of the solution and precipitating of the product. This means that all you have left at the top of the bottle is water.

2.) IONIC SILVER CONTAINS A TOXIC SOUP: Ionic silver is toxic because silver oxides and impurities are formed "during" the electrolysis process. It is a chemical soup because of oxidation and uncontrolled reactions such as "bridging" due to the electrical current applied and inter reaction with the sides of the vessels.

3.) IONIC SILVER SUPPRESSES THE CD4 AND CD8 FUNCTION OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: "Ionic" silver must be produced via electrolysis (via electricity ((anode + cathode))), and ions will suppress the CD4 and CD8 functions of your immune system. One should therefore "not" use "ionic" silver (misnamed as colloidal silver by the uninformed and marketers) because "ionic" silver is "TOXIC" to your immune system.

4.) IONIC SILVER IS WORTHLESS IMMEDIATELY WHEN SWALLOWED: "Ionic silver" (which is misnamed by Promoters as Colloidal Silver) is
WORTHLESS WHEN SWALLOWED as: The stomach contains strong Hydrochloric Acid. As soon as the silver ions enter the stomach: Immediately Silver Chloride forms. The resulting Silver Chloride has "no" pathogen killing power.

5.) IONIC SILVER DOES NOT REMAIN MORE THAN 8 SECONDS in the bloodstream: Ionic silver does not remain in the bloodstream for more than 8 (eight) seconds, before it becomes neutralized: When "ionic" silver enters the bloodstream it becomes worthless as: The exact same thing happens in the bloodstream as the stomach because of the high Chloride content, due to the presence of Potassium Chloride and Sodium. What occurs is that the Silver ions quickly combine with the Chloride ions in the bloodstream to form Silver Chloride that is of no value. That is why informed Researchers have extrapolated that a silver ion has only a half-life of 8 (eight) seconds before it becomes useless. This is "why" one receives variable results or no result from "ionic" silver.

NB: The only type of Silver product that "will remain" to kill pathogens throughout the bloodstream, capillaries, tissue, and the spinal fluid (after crossing the blood/brain barrier) is: A solution of actual silver particles.

6.) IONIC SILVER LACKS AN ELECTRON: Ionic silver lacks an electron and is therefore unstable and is incapable of reacting in the body the same way as true Colloidal Silver: Inferior "ionic" silver does "not" have molecules of silver with "all" the electrons. Ionic silver has an electron missing in its outer shell. (True Colloidal Silver must be formed of "actual" atoms of silver having all of their electrons. This is because silver particles are clusters of silver
"atoms" ((not ions))).

7.) IONIC SILVER IS "NOT" PURE TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS: It is impossible to produce ionic silver to the highest standard of purity. Ionic silver products have impurities (Bismuth, Copper, Iron, Lead, Palladium, Selenium, Tellurium) in them from the foundry that produces the wire, metal bars or rods. Most silver manufacturers only have purity of silver to 3 nines: 99.9 which can also be written .999. It is physically impossible for a foundry to produce silver/draw silver wire at the required purity, as the manufacturing processes in the drawing of the wire contaminate the product.

The above scientific principles and methodologies are irrefutable. They prove and provide the methodology whereby one can know and understand that
mammals (including humans) can only utilize silver "atoms" to eliminate internal pathogens.

8.) IONIC SILVER IS TOO WEAK AS IT IS "NOT" COMMONLY SOLD ABOVE 500 p.p.m.. THEREFORE IT WILL "NOT" ADDRESS TODAY'S MUTATED PATHOGENS: Most "ionic" silver is sold at 2 p.p.m. to 15 p.p.m. and that is a worthless strength against diseases inside your body. If it is not at (at the least) 500 p.p.m., you will "not" be able to address the current mutated pathogens, because:

Once 10 c.c. (two teaspoons) of even a 500 p.p.m. solution of silver is diluted by the 6 (litres) of blood (in the average sized individual), you will have a concentration of 2 p.p.m. in the bloodstream.

That is the "minimum" to address most pathogens in the bloodstream. (On average though, one generally needs an undiluted 20 p.p.m. solution to address most pathogens in vitro (in the petrie dish), and the only way to achieve a 2 to 20 p.p.m. availability of silver in vivo = in the bloodstream (which is now diluting the silver down with 6 ((six)) litres of blood) is to use at least a 500 p.p.m. solution in amounts from 2 teaspoons to 20 teaspoons per day of 500 p.p.m... Therefore demonstrated scientifically from actual laboratory results per the above: If the solution is not "at least" 500 p.p.m. you will not be able to achieve a 2 p.p.m. to 20 p.p.m. concentration of silver in the bloodstream to address most common pathogens, let alone the current mutated pathogens.

This is the key to silver killing (eradicating) the pathogens in the individual that all of the silver producers are deliberately ignoring, or are unaware of because they do not know the Science involved.

You only want to purchase true colloidal silver made from "atoms" of silver (not ions), in strengths from 500 p.p.m. to 20,000 p.p.m., so that you have
an adequate enough level of silver "in the bloodstream" (not the bottle) of at least 2 p.p.m. to 20 p.p.m., which can only be achieved by using at least a 500 p.p.m. solution; This is another "key" reason why this is the "only product" that gave the documented Medical Journal Results for 650 pathogens because it was sold at strengths of 500+ p.p.m.. Please believe and follow Science and not silver promoters heresey hype, lies, and misinformation


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Hello Miko,

Why did you send this to me?

Are you impressed by what is writen here?

Who, may I ask, is the author of this "authoritative" diatribe?

I see the name of a pharaceutical company, but I don't see an author's name. Doesn't that strike you as slightly odd for an article that keeps using the personal pronoun "I" throughout this aricle, but never identifies himself (or herself)?

Here you have a BS article, written by a pharmaceutical BS artist in the interest of PROMOTING THEIR BS MILD SILVER PROTEIN PRODUCTS, and you buy it hook, line, and sinker, as if this is the final word on what CS is, how it should be made, how it works, etc. It's riddled with 1. misinformation, 2. half truths, and 3. utter rubbish from beginning to end. If you read the introduction to the book of CS articles I offer on my Products page called "Silver, The Forgotten Antibiotic", you would know that MILD SILVER PROTEIN is NOT a true COLLOID of silver. It's a PROTEIN molecule with silver atoms ATTACHED to that protein molecule. A COLLOID of silver consists of a SUSPENSION of silver particles in distilled water. A completely DIFFERENT substance.

Silver protein is VASTLY INFERIOR TO COLLOIDAL SILVER AS A BACTERIACIDE AND VIRICIDE IN TESTS PERFORMED IN ITALY IN THE LATE 1980'S. If you read the book I mention above, you would know the specifics of those tests.

The reason that International Pharmaceuticals doesn't promote or sell a COLLOID of silver, more commonly called COLLOIDAL SILVER, is that they can't PATENT it. However, they CAN PATENT a mild sivler protein formula. Now, in order to get you to buy it, their BS artists in their Marketing department have to write a BS promo sales pitch in which they try to convince you that EVERYONE ELSE selling or making colloidal islver doesn't A) know what they are doing and B) are selling an inferior product of C) intolerably ineffective and low concentration. However, International Pharmaceuticals, fortunately, is the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHO KNOWS HOW TO CORRECTLY MAKE A SILVER PRODUCT BASED ON THE 1938 (PATENTED) METHOD. (Do you have any idea how these silver products were made in 1938? No? )

Everything you sent me in this e-mail is PURE GARBAGE. It's called MARKETING HYPE and they have sucked you in completely.

Here's only ONE example: "Their silver is not remotely the same (theirs is generally ions of silver rather than atoms), yet they claim and apply this formula's proven efficacy for their product." (taken from promo piece pasted in below)

Do you recognize anything erroneous in that statement? If not, then you don't even possess a basic, elementary education in chemistry.

And you advise me to "educate" myself"?

If you wish to play teacher with me, you first have to acquire a thorough education in the subject YOURSELF, and not rely on the 'AUTHORITATIVE' opinion of an ANONYMOUS 'authority' taken from a pharmaceutical web site promoting their own products.

I await your reply.

Sincerely, Ken


Editor’s Note: The 1 and "only" Site that states the "hidden" TRUTH ABOUT SILVER strengths: Click to Enlarge Frame Translate the site "All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident." (Schopenhauer) Most other silver manufacturers are selling you a “toy” silver of 20 p.p.m. (parts per million) to 300 p.p.m..

P.O. Box 151
Lancaster, Minnesota, USA 56735
Facsimile: 1 204 338-1797
1 800 877-5097

Advantage Pharmaceuticals Canada & International Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. are divisions of International C. C. Inc.. The companies distribute products Worldwide that contribute to wellness. We are dedicated to providing the "highest quality" products, and have an impeccable Shipping record.

The newest product line is INVIVE 2,000 p.p.m.. In Canada the product is called INVIVE 30 (Microscopic Silver in distilled water). It is a food product, a natural silver supplement, designed to replace this mineral which is lacking in the modern diet.


Congratulations again- You have now scrolled to the original 1938 broad spectrum Mild Silver Protein formula that was used to treat more than 650 different diseases, including Viral Infections, Bacterial Infections, cold and flu, nasal infections, eye and childhood ear infections, fungal infections, parasitic infections, etc. totalling over 650 different Disease organisms-(Science Journal 1978). It was so effective against yeast (Candida) infections that only 1/2 teaspoon could be taken the first 7 days because it would kill the yeast too quickly if more than 1/2 teaspoon was administered. This formula has been used by over 1 million people from the years 1902 to 1978 without any drug reaction or interaction, as opposed to conventional drugs which killed over 186,00 US citizens last year (1999).

One of the reasons that "this" formulation of Silver is not getting the credit it deserves is: Other silver distributors make forms of inferior silver and fraudulently use the Medical Journal data that only applies to this product. These distributors claim that their product cures 650 diseases but they cannot make that claim as only "this" ORIGINAL FORMULA gave the results as reported in the Medical Journals from 1902 to 1978. Their silver is not remotely the same (theirs is generally ions of silver rather than atoms), yet they claim and apply this formula's proven efficacy for their product.

ONLY "THIS IS" THE ORIGINAL FORMULA. that gave the Medical Journal results from 1902-1978 and the results do "not" apply to "ionic" silvers made via electrolysis (two pieces of silver in a pail of water ((or any kind of vessel)) through which an electric current is passed). Ionic silvers are misnamed and misbranded as Colloidal Silver and "they are 'not' colloids" of silver at all. Ionic silvers are "misnamed and misbranded stealing the name of Colloidal Silver when they are only ionic solutions that have hardly any silver in them and sometimes no silver at all in them. The eradication of 650 different diseases does not apply to any other product than Mild Silver Protein as reported in the previous issues of the New England Journal of Medicine, the British Lancet, and other recognised prestigious Medical Journals and publications. Because it is a pre 1938 formula, we can unequivocally state the cures for the same diseases that it was used to cure pre 1938. (Do not let the 1938 date intimidate you as silver is presently used in every burn ward in North America, as today's conventional abx (antibiotics) are so toxic that they cannot be used in the large amounts necessary to save severe burn victims as conventional abx in large amounts would kill the patient).

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