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Aunt KeepingToodler Infection-Free with Low Dosage Colloidal Silver, But Mother Worried by Pharma Scare Propaganda
October 15, 2014

Aunt KeepingToodler Infection-Free with Low Dosage Colloidal Silver, But Mother Worried by Pharma Scare Propaganda (Oct. 15, 2014)

On 10/14/2014 Karen wrote:

Hi Ken,

I have been giving a young family member (soon to be 3) cs every week for over 2 years. He does not get sick. My niece (his Mom) is a nurse and has been hearing negative things about cs lately. I would like to convince her that this is ok for him. I use a nine volt battery (used to be 3 nine volts) with .9999 silver wire in a glass of tap water for 3 - 4 minutes. I also take this every three weeks. Is this sufficient or do I need to tweak my recipe?

Thank you for your time,

Karen C


Hi Karen,

You are producing a very small amount of colloidal silver (CS) using 9 volts, room temperature tap water, and only 3-4 minutes production time; next to nothing really. Amazingly, CS still  works even when the dosage is extremely low. 

Instead of tap water, I would heat up (boil) distilled water and use that instead. The silver will combine with minerals in tap water and we want to use it for the bugs only. If the child comes down with something, you can change to three batteries and run the process longer to get a higher concentration of CS until the infection is finished.

Generally, I would use CS to fight an active infection and stop using it after the infection is cleared. You are using such a tiny amouint, however, and at such a long interval, it's OK. While silver is not toxic to the body, the body still has to do work to remove it since it's not normally found in the body. To boost immunity on a daily basis, I prefer natural immunity boosters like Vitamin C. Another idea to keep infections at bay in a prophylactic manner is to use a small amount of MMS1 or CDS water daily for maintenance since the metabolites of chlorine dioxide results in sodium chloride (salt), CO2, and oxygen, all substances naturally found in the body.

In previous years, I had written a number of articles debunking the most common attempts to discredit and smear colloidal silver. Here are some of them, along with articles explaining the germicidal capabilities of CS:

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Big pharma and establishment medicine losses business every time some mother finds out that CS works much better than drugs to kill infections. They use shills who write scary articles about your skin turning blue and plaster them all over the internet in the hope that they will scare you away. Other articles written by shills tried to claim nano particles were going to get you and other absurd allegations. Ask your sister specifically what is it that she heard that is making her worried and let me know.

Regards,  Ken

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