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Blood Electrification & Cured AIDS Testimonials
November 7, 2008

Blood Electrification & Cured AIDS Testimonials (Nov 12, 2008)

Subject: blood electrification
From: Peter
Date: Fri, November 7, 2008
To: Ken Adachi

Hi there,

came across your very imformative site, thank you.

I have a blood zapper which ive been using for 3 weeks now.

I still can't find any mention of people who have been cured of hiv using this method. Obvioulsy it seems to work but no mention of anyone who has cured themselves. Do you know otherwise?

Many thanks


Hi Peter,

That info is not easily found on the internet. You need to watch the videos of Dr. Bob Beck who would mention the hundred of lab reports that he had of people who went from high viral counts of HIV to less than 100 ppm in the space of 3 weeks of treatment with the blood electrifier. He held up these lab reports but would only allow a health professional in the audience such as a doctor or a nurse to look through them and verify that they were bona fide lab reports showing these amazing turn-arounds.

While he was alive, I tried to get Bob to give me the names of recovered AIDS patients so I could interview them myself, but he said he wasn't going to reveal names. He was playing it safe as a very large percentage of people with AIDS do not the want the world to know of their status. I didn't press him on the subject. Somewhere around 1999 at one of the Beck Tuesday morning breakfast meetings, Bob did go out to his car and pulled a stack of these lab reports from the trunk of his car and allowed me to look though them so I could see the results, but I could not copy any of the information.

The name of the doctor doing the treatment and the name of the patient on the report were blacked out with a felt tip marker, but I could see the doctor's name partially show through some of the reports and after looking through many of them, I figured out his name and his address which I memorized.

I was going to contact the doctor, but I never followed through. He probably wouldn't have admitted he treated AIDS patients with the blood electrifier in any event. Cuing people of government-created diseases can be a dangerous thing to do.

At his lectures, Bob always passed out papers showing you how to build an electrifier yourself. I've posted the Nexus article at my site giving directions on how to build the electrifier. You can also contact me about a factory made unit. Home made units cost about $15 or $20 in parts.

There were Institutional Board Review studies of people being cured of AIDS with the Beck electrifier at certain private clinics and CIA hospitals in this country and abroad. Beck often said that he expected the results to be eventually made available to the public, but that never happened of course.

If I had AIDS of HIV, I wouldn't waste time looking for testimonials. The info is contained within Bob Beck's video lectures. If you want to look into his claims and try electrification, you can easily do that.

Regards, Ken

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