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The Current "Flu Epidemic"
November 20, 2004

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Subject: The current "flu epidemic"


I'm writing because you include, on your front page, some information which, with a little research on your part, you might want to rethink.

Specifically, you talk about the increase in infectious diseases, and you mention the current flu epidemic. The flu epidemic is a manufactured scenario designed to get more people to get flu shots. That's it. It has nothing to do with reality.

Let me point you to some articles (which point to further articles and also to the *actual* CDC statistics -- from the CDC's own web site -- which show quite clearly that the CDC's public stance on flu -- 36,000 US deaths per year due to the flu -- is a blatant misrepresentation.

Two articles which summarize my research (with lots of links) can be found at


Since writing these articles, I have found the flu statistics from 1900 or so on up, and the only way the 36,000 per year death statistic is valid is to include the "Spanish Flu" that allegedly killed, oh, I dunno, half the world's population or something in 1918?, according to the PR.

Please, do us all a favor and stop helping the CDC advance the "flu epidemic" nonsense. Inflenza is a kitten, and more people die from acetaminophen in any given week than from SARS in any given year, so if death count were the issue, we should be outlawing NSAID's, not trying to push questionable vaccines.

[Not that you're trying to push questionable vaccines, but why accept and advance a lie for TPTB?]

Thanks for your time,


John Cullison

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Subject: Re: The current "flu epidemic"

Hi John,

Specifically, what page or url are you refering to in which I talk about the current flu epidemic?

If it is something you read on my home page, that info was mostly written about 1997. If you take the time to go to my Curent News page, you will see an article authored by me posted near the top about getting people to take the flu shot in which I mention the manufactured scenario of a flu epidemic (of 2004). Read more and look more carefully yourself before shooting off your mouth and annoying people who've been working at this before you showed up with your marvellous, ground breaking insights.


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Sent: Monday, November 29, 2004 2:01 PM
Subject: Mind-Body Connection

As long as I'm already on your shit list, I figured I could push my way closer to the top by pointing out that, in your Mind-Body Connection article (at, you state that there are three universal laws, but then only list two: Free Will and Karma. Any plans for including the third (or perhaps you could enlighten me if I've missed it)?


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Subject: Re: Mind-Body Connection

Hello John,

I don't keep lists, but if you drop your pugilistic tendencies and guilt, I'm sure we could talk more.

Never lead with a negative if you want an affirmative response. Also, begin your letters with "Dear Ken". A polite salutation can do wonders for mending fences.

I need to add a lot more info to that page. What you see there was done at one pop a few years ago. Finding time is the problem.

There are big, main universal laws and then subdivisions under the main ones. For instance, the Law of Attraction says that you will always attract to yourself the same sort of energy, or emotions, etc. that you put out. When your emotions, statements, and attitude are dominated by a tendency towards arrogance or pride, you will get back similar vibes. When you choose words or phrases that cause other people to feel irritated, what would you expect their response to be, other than irritation and sharp words?

We create our own reality. Nothing is ever really DONE to us. We set up the situation and then get back the vibes we put out. We all know people who complain all the time that they never get a break, never get this or that in life, etc. Their very mind set is attracting to them all those loser situations that they are complaining about. Once they stop thinking like that and think positive and optimistically and feel a sense of love and forgiveness towards other, their 'luck' will dramatically change. It can be no other way. It's universal Law, Works the same everywhere throughout the cosmos. Have you noticed that people who are consistently kind and polite to others are always well liked by everyone they meet?

The Law of Attraction.

Regards, Ken



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