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Danish Weather
April 27, 2006

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 17:59:14 +0200 [08:59:14 AM PDT]
From: Carol Jensen <> Denmark
Subject: Danish weather

As you probably know, Denmark is the most southern of the Scandinavian countries. As such, the winters are not so dark, nor the summers so light as in northern Finland (for instance). In summer, around mid-summer, the pink of the sunset shades into the pink of the sunrise. Sun sets north-north-west and rises north-north-east. A wonderful time is had by all! Winter is something else again! By Christmas, sun sets by four P.M. and rises around eight A.M.

What I would like to talk about, though, is clouds. Since Denmark is one peninsula and a bunch of islands with the waters of the North Sea and the Baltic washing up on the white beaches that are everywhere, there is a lot of what we Danes call "sea fog". Summer and winter it comes over us. In summer the sun burns it away; in winter it stays.

Usually November and December are cloudy, overcast, warmish. January and February bright sun and rather cold. March warmer, April a bit better, May still warmer. Around August it really warms up for a while.

This past year we had the usual overcast November and December, but it carried into January, February, March and now April. A "warmish" winter, just around the freezing point. But six months of overcast weather is too much.

Send over a man with a cloudbuster please!

Carol Jensen


Hello Carol,

The weather is being manipulated worldwide. Whether the unusual conditions which you speak of are caused by man or Nature, I have no way of knowing. It has occured to me that Nature elementals (like the Sylphs) are likely attempting to counteract the negative manipulations of men who are trying to manipulate the weather for evil purposes.

I don't use the term "cloudbuster" when I refer to the Croft chembuster. That has led to unending (and unnecessary) debate and contention. I prefer to use the term chembuster

I don't know if setting up a chembuster will change the cloud cover you refer to, but I do know you will have an effect on the chemtrail spraying in your area and attract more Sylphs. There are other attributes which I mentioned in a chembuster article posted a couple of days ago

Can you comment om chemtrails in your area? Do you see them?

Regards, Ken

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