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Danny's Dream
Oct. 20, 2005

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Dont know what to make of this since it was a dream but I feel compelled to share. It may be of some interest.

I had a dream last night that I was working as a soldier in the US in the early part of 1800 or 1900. It was easy to enlist , you could pretty much just show up. At this particular time, all the soldiers were transported to a coastal city for celebrations; this is why so many soldiers were excited to join. There
were black and white soldiers. Upon entering the city, people were rushing down to the dock. I was companioned with another soldier who was my friend at the time. As we entered the city after travelling by train, a black soldier was running to the dock. We asked where he was going and he replied that they are celebrating at the dock. The army was bringing in drugs and alcohol by sea for the soldiers and commoners to use to party. The stuff was apparently at no cost. Apparently the drugs and alchohol were perceived as some kind of magic substance that makes you feel different.

One person was explaining the effects of the drugs as something exciting and empowering. It seemed obvious that they did not know the side effects. At this time, I realised the sinister plan behind ths. I thought of how wrong it was for the government to be importing this stuff, but also realised that it didn't seem wrong to the people at the time. As we went to the dock, I was enlightened about the whole scheme. The drugs and alcohol were being imported by rich and elite who are also the hands behind government. The purpose was to give a substance to the common people that was destructive and addictive to enslave them in a way similar to the matrix in idea. People were to be farmed for productiveness while the rich and elite sat back and watched. The substance would also weaken the commoners reducing the risk of uprising.

I couldn't quite grasp this matrix concept in my dream but I did understand it briefly. I think there is more to it than I've stated, meaning it was quite a lot worse. The plan was to carry on from the time in my dream and result in a world where people were fully submissive and controlled and where the elite could decide when a peson dies or lives and them killing us would be of no consequence or meaning to them.

And that the end of this state of world will only be overcome by the second comming of our savior Jesus Christ. So upon being elightened with this information, I begun to tell the person I was with. He showed me a book which contained information on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and their properites. The book also had a plan of how to enslave a people. It seemed that it was the plan that the rich and elite were using. A barge finally brought the substance from the ship and oddly, the barge was in the form of a modern US orange school bus .The ship was an old sailboat like a pirate ship. The captain shouted "who wants drugs and alcohol?". I wanted to tell the people in my dream, but I had said earlier that I wouldn't prevent this because it would only delay the plans these people have, having little or no effect.

However I couldn't watch these people be exploited. I shouted to everyone to tell them the plan that was meant for them and the reason drugs and alcohol were being offered. What really stuck with me was the attitude and demeanor of the people. You would expect if you said something controversial today to a crowd of people that you would be met with more criticism and skepticism, but not these people. They seemed to be sharp mentally, not influenced by the propanganda we are spoon fed today. The majority of the people immediately recognized that what I said was true and begun pointing fingers at the second story of a block of shops close by. The crowd inidicated that these were the rich and elite. I could see a group of them observing through the window behind white curtains. They were startled when we discovered them and try to escape in a rush of panic as we all raced to the building to get them.

At this point I think the meaningful part of my dream ended. I ran up a hill to some rich who were trying to escape in a nice car. It was strange because the car didnt seem to match the era, that's why I think my dream ended already. I tried to stop them as they reversed and forwared there way out of a tight driveway, I managed to open the drivers door then I awoke. Inside the car were two finely dressed women.

One was white the other had more tanned skin. There may have been a third in the backseat. However, when I awoke it seemed more than just a vivid dream and that's why I felt compelled to record it before I forget any important details. I then I awoke to know of the truth of these things. Since I have been asking the lord for some time about this very thing I think that this dream was a vision and answer to my pray


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