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The Dan Rather Stalker Who Settled for a Stage Hand
April 24, 2006

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006
From: Brett Heffner <>
Subject: Dan Rather stalker

Dan Rather was stalked and mugged by William Tager, who later killed an NBC stagehand. He had said over and over, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" during the mugging. This question was later used for a song by REM.

Tager's delusional complex included time travel beliefs, and I wonder what the chances are that he's a Monarch mind-control slave and the Illuminati used him in an attempt to silence Rather.

To: Brett Heffner <>

Hi Brett,

I'll post your note.

Dan Rather has been a cooperating teleprompter reader and member of the CFR for most of his career, so you have to wonder why they would want to silence one of their own, but anything is possible when it comes to the Illuminati. Harmony and loyalty are hardly their styles. Sherman Skolnick noted a few years ago that Rather wsa a first hand witness to ground level shooters when they shot JFK and was essentially bought off with the cushy top job at CBS.

Regards, Ken

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