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Some Observations on the Cult of Technology

[Editor's Note: David Brandt has sent me a lot of interesting mail over the past few months and I hope to post much of it as time permits. He has had more than his share of paranormal experiences and when you see some of the photos that he's sent me, you'll see what I'm talking about. I think you'll find him fascinating; I certainly do....Ken]

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From David Brandt
June 23, 2007

Subject: Observations
From: David
Date: Sat, June 23, 2007


"They" are/have been looking for the enormous crystals which have been "lost". These are "lost" by design.

They will never find the earth bones they seek, it's not allowed. Even if they had them, they have no idea how to use them, and using them with the wrong frequencies can have "backlash" effects which they do not have the capacity to handle. They can't even handle the tech they have--combining it with creative thought energy has been disastrous (image of children playing with fire, getting burned over and over, and lacking wisdom, doing it again).

Those of us who are eagerly looking forward know there is no end, the future is an indescribable adventure. For those who continue on the regressive path, they are looking behind them This seems so complex and important and serious--yet I've had the opportunity to view it while in the Akashic records, and came away laughing.

That place is indescribable, but I had to attach a label to that experience to try. I called it "profoundly simple". The goal of the regressives is to prevent us from realizing who we are and claiming our power. We, each and every one of us, are beings of immense power, we simply don't realize it. We "give" it away to religion, or "authority" willingly--and that is precisely the loop that must be broken.

These are the paths we must take, and they are all honorable. Though the regressives perform their role in polarity and would never bother with this question, I would ask it anyway: WHAT is most important? Think--simplicity, basic.

WHY are you HERE in 3rd density? Concerning the subject of time and alternate realities, I won't delve into specifics. A little simplicity is due here, the phrase "all roads lead to Rome" comes into mind--or perhaps Einstein's comment about dice.

The loophole that is being so actively sought simply isn't there, but this will never stop them from looking for it. Technology, especially at an advanced level, is simply an attempt to duplicate in 3rd density what we already have. It doesn't exist in 4th density and beyond, because there's no need for it. This is why I have emphasized so much in whatever I write (especially my blog) that this is an extreme distraction for people.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with tech--it is like money. It is perception, what value do you place on it. Placing entire focus on tech is a dead end, something the regressives already know. Envision someone who has placed all their money in one stock/bond/horse, etc., and realizing that it's a dead end. Placing everything they have in it, they don't want to let it go, but to advance we must. How often have we experienced in life that when we let something go, it reveals something better? Perhaps it is about dropping illusions.

Some observations and thoughts I wanted to share.

David Brandt

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