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Is David Icke the 'Scion' of John D. Rockefeller?
April 1, 2011

Is David Icke the 'Scion' of John D. Rockefeller? (April 1, 2011)

scion: "a detached living portion of a plant (as a bud or shoot) joined to a stock in grafting and usually supplying solely aerial parts to a graft ..."

From: (e-mail address)
Date: Fri, April 1, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi ken,

jesse q here with some fairly disturbing news. I was reading ZSL's article entitled "2 Crows Remain" and then, in a different article, he mentioned John (or David. I cant find the article right now) Rockefeller as being someone who would pass on soon and wouldnt be aloud to incarnate again. I took this "Rockefeller" to be a recurring incarnation and one of the "Two Crows" of which he spoke. I looked up the name John D Rockefeller and David Icke so I could follow the genealogy, as David Icke was my go to guy for bloodline research. The first link I saw on google was something about David Icke being the Rockefeller scion with picture comparisons of David Icke and John D rockefeller Jr...The resemblance is beyond uncanny and spills
into the category of a BLATANTLY OBVIOUS direct genetic connection. Heres a video of the two being morphed together:

The picture of David Icke isnt the best to compare to John, but anybody whos seen David Icke from multiple angles in his videos can immediately make the connection. Their resmblance is near exact, down to the mole on the right side of the face, although Johns is below the lips and Ickes is above the lips. Image searches of the two confirm, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for me a least, that David Icke is an"unofficial Rockefeller" as he, himself, would say. Can you ask ZS if David Icke and Queen Elizabeth are the Two Crows? OR is it David Rockefeller(more likely), and if so, is he Ickes father?
God Bless!



I don't respond to anonymous mail like I printed on the page where you typed this message.

I notice that this guy doesn't identify himself either.

Sincerely, Ken


From: Jesiah
Date: Fri, April 1, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

my name is JESSE [last name removed]. i said in the beggining " jesse q here with some fairly disturbing news," ill tell you my social security number if youll just listen. he already ran for office in 2008 in england and i expect him to run again. hes dangerous and, I believe, the son of David Rockefeller. why does he look exactly
like his "grandpa" John D Rockefeller JR? how is his knowledge of the bloodlines and hierarchies so extensive?

look at this picture of John D RockefelleJR:

he is IDENTICAL to david icke. this cant be ignored due to personal bias. i was an icke follower for many years but we have to face facts when presented to us.(note the matching moles on the right side of the face. Johns is slightly below the lip line and Davids is slightly above. Look up the pictures and compare for yourself.) if he was that close to the truth and he tells the world about it, why is he still alive? do you not have a difficult time in keeping off the radar? ive never even seen your face but you seem to be under close scrutiny. would you be able to spread the information on your website to millions of people in the fashion that icke does? how did an anchorman who went on national tv and call himself the son of god build a multi million dollar industry that 'exposes' the ultimate truth? 45 published books of esoteric, hard to find information? how does a single person amass THAT much information? theres not 45 books worth of information on your website(of which i am truly a fan).

He denies Christ and openly supports Zeitgeist and the Venus project (aka UN AGENDA 21: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.) Theres no way hes working alone or for the greatest sorry for getting frustrated but this is important information and ill spread it regardless.

sincerely, JESSE


Hi Jesse,

Sorry, I didn't notice your name at the beginning. I expected to see it at the end and scanned your mail fast.

I listened to other videos by that same guy and went to his web site. He over reaches by a wide margin. He's grasping at straws in the videos that I viewed. He sees secret and dark significance in every gesture and hand movement.

According to this guy, either Icke or his wife Pamela uses a quote from Aleister Crowley's book, and now suddenly Icke and his wife are Crowley supporters and apparently satanists to boot. The wife Pamela makes a gesture with her fingers pointing upward during a TV interview and it supposedly matches a hand gesture used by masons or something. Ah, hah! And there it is folks: proof positive!

You would have to find the same photo that he used for Rockefeller to be sure that he didn't use morphing software, which has been around for 10 or more years. It's much easier than you imagine to match people who look very similar at a certain age. If both photos are untouched, it still doesn't mean that Icke is Rockefeller's offspring.

Lots of people look similar to other people and there's no blood connection. Look-alikes are not rare with 6.5 billion people on the planet. Comparing Icke to a photo is even easier than comparing him to a living look alike because you can match the photos to meet your "matching" parameters. Yes, I'll grant you, based on that guy's video comparison, there appears to be a strong resemblance between the two photos shown.

However, David Icke has been one of the most well known writers on exposing the NWO, including the Rockefellers important role. You can't just dismiss all of his legacy of exposing the NWO because some nameless, unidentified Australian, who is clearly biased against Icke and his former wife (probably for the reasons you mention), accuses him of being Rockefeller's offspring.

When you read Icke's books, he tells you, for the most part, WHERE he gets his information from (his references are voluminous) and it certainly wasn't from the knee of "grandpa" John D Rockefeller who died in 1937, about 15 years before David Icke was born.

I don't support Icke's denial of Christ's existence. If he does support Zeitgeist, then I don't agree with him there either (but you need to send proof that Icke supports Agenda 21. Where did you read that?)

I wouldn't attack Icke or reject his work based on this guy's claim of looking like John D. Rockefeller. That isn't a convincing reason. In fact, it's no reason at all.

It's easy to be an internet critic. You sit at the keyboard and you pontificate. You set up a video web camera on yourself and you post it to Youtube. And viola, you're now some sort of authority on who and what David Icke is. Really?

David Icke has written 20 or more important books that are very well researched and well referenced. Have you ever tried to write a 500 plus page book that a large number of people will buy? Try it sometimes and see how much work, intelligence, and effort is involved in being successful at that. Then try to repeat it 20 times and maintain a full lecture schedule around the world and produce a bunch of anti-NWO DVDs exposes to boot.

David Icke has not always had it easy on the road. There were pro-Zionist Jewish groups, like the ADL in Canada, that tried to stop Icke at every step along the way, even pressuring the hotel where Icke was suppose to give his lecture, to cancel --on the night of the lecture--thus forcing Icke and his sponsors to scramble to find another lecture hall on that very evening. Icke has been hassled at airports on many occasions. And I'm sure there are many more instances of harassment that I'm unaware of.

What has the unknown Australian critic produced to expose the NWO beyond his web cam videos made from the comfort of his home? How long does that take? 15 or 20 minutes? It's easy to attack Icke now in 2011, when he's well known, but where was the Australian guy in the early 1990s when Icke first started exposing the NWO takeover game? I didn't see or read anything from the Australian critic then--when it might have meant something.

I only hear from the Mr. Unknown now, when he wants to use Icke's reputation and Icke's fame to ELEVATE himself and feed off Icke's name in order to get people to look at his videos. Attacking a famous person to get an audience for your own stuff is about as old and cheap a publicity stunt that exists.

His look-alike claim doesn't hold any water for me, but let's go to an extreme and say that Icke IS Rockefeller's seed. So what? Does all of his VERY WELL DONE expose work now mean nothing? I judge the man on his output and accomplishments, and not throw him under the bus because of the statements of this unknown Australian guy who hasn't accomplished SQUAT next to David Icke.

David Icke has a genealogical record. I'm sure he can list his parents, grandparents and his great-grandparents, etc, and I doubt if the name Rockefeller will show up on the list.

Illegitimate? Yea, anyone can make that ALLEGATION, but can you overcome Icke's family photos and birth records that PROVES he was born to his parents, and they to their parents, etc, etc. ?

David Icke ran for office, not expecting to win, but rather to set an example for others to run on an anti-NWO platform. There is no way that David Icke would ever be elected to any political postiion in England. He knew that going in.

Forgive the oversight on your name.

Best Regards, Ken


From:  Jesiah
Date:   Sat, April 2, 2011
To:     Ken Adachi

Hello Ken!( still a HUGE fan of educateyourself),

Let me start by saying that David Icke was the one who introduced me to the illuminati. Ive listened to many of his talks and once considered him something of a personal hero. This is in no way personal. There was a time when I wouldnt have hesitated to vote David Icke for president. 

 My belief is now that the information he shares was intended to be leaked in order to incite a false revolution that will lead people directly to the Black Masters hands in the form of  the modern New Agers 'savior', the Venus Project aka Agenda 21. And I will address that point specifically later in this letter.

I concede to many of your points. The morphing video was not my introduction to the theory. I saw the pictures and it led me to a few other proponents.  TheAustralian man video was simply the only source of a video morphing comparison. I dont agree with anything else he says, BUT, as you say, we can't discredit a potentially true piece of information based on the character and mistakes of the individual. The Australian man is obviously mistaken(on an almost amusing level) on his other videos, but if a fool strikes gold, does that make the gold worthless?

The extent of Ickes work that you mention is something that actually troubles me. I believe hes an intelligence agent and his hard work is actually the effort of generations of gene mapping (he himself says that the Rockefellers map the bloodlines.) to which he has access. I have a hard time trusting that a single man can get a hold of records, which, given the gravity of their information, should be BLACK and inaccesible unless you have an inside source. I feel that a pesron would have to be 'given' that information. If he was in any other line of work, I wouldn't bother with this.

But he is extensively involved and intimate with the Rockefeller name, if not genetically, than by the nature of his talks.  He constantly speaks about the Rockefellers. Thats why I find the absolutely striking facial similarities to John(down to the mole) so disturbing.

I connected him to Venus Project (indistinguishable from Agenda 21 and Huxleys"Brave New World") by his Zeitgeist support after seeing the third and final Zeitgeist movie, titled "Moving On", which is nothing more than the plans to implement the Venus Project. The entire Zeitgeist series was simply a progressive installment of Venus Project advertisements. That was their answer to the 'globalist agenda'. To my knowledge, Icke hasnt backed away or spoken against Zeitgeist, even after the release of the last movie. With his encyclopedic knowledge of Illuminati plots against humanity, wouldnt he be aware of the blatant connection between Zeitgeist and the NWO?

He also talks exstensively of "unnoficial" Rotschilds and Rockefellers etc. who don't own the name but own the genes, that are sent out to infiltrate orginizations and cary out plans with given 'psuedonyms' and families.

I believe Icke was given the task of infiltrating  and gaining the trust of the 'New Age' movement. If the man
who exposed the NWO, revealed the nature of reality, and completely discredited the governments of the world said "Hey, this (Venus Project) is the answer to all this madness!", how many people would believe and follow him?

The answer is in at least hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

I'm wary of "Controlled Opposition" agents. Alex Jones was recently caught shapeshifting during an emotional speech on his show. It seems emotion triggers a glitch in their masking apparatus(im not sure the nature of their camoflouge but it seems to be the same for every reptile.) His eyes turned absolutely pitch black and there appeared to be little worms crawling beneath them, which is one of the most common signs of a reptillian shapeshifter. His eyeballs seemed like they were edited out entirely, but the video was taken directly from his youtube channel (sourced in description)

It seems that, for reasons unknown, that his people felt the need to blot out his eyes. Why? There seems to be no other examples of this on his other shows and it was plain to see for all. At a later date, Alex Jones 'reconciles' his differences with David Icke and states "I believe 99% of what he says, and who knows, the othe 1% could be true too."

The reptile theory is the cornerstone of Ickes work, not a measly 1%. But why is all this taking place!? According to ancient Black Kaballa, the root belief system of the Zionists, in order to succesfully 'hex' someone, you must first SHOW THEM they are being hexed.

The image and and enrgy must simply be anchored to the subconcious(which is why they deploy such huge amounts of subliminal messages in media.)  Could it be that Alex Jones and David Icke are 'hexing' their audiences? Keeping aware of the fact that you can 'hex' someone while telling you that you love them, is this truly surprising?

And of all the people on the world, why does the king of the New Age 'whistleblowers', look more like John D Rockefeller Jr than anybody else Ive ever personally seen?

Genetic record have been proved to be cake to falsify, going back to Eisenhower, so a birth certificate to me is just a piece of paper with ink on it. None of this sits right with me. All I ask is that you think about it and perhaps ask some of your intuitive friends if they feel there is some truth to this.

  I'm not interested in 'bringing Icke down', although I believe I said that in one of these letters haha. I'm more interested to knowing the truth in order to pray for its correction. I'm not looking to you to "bust" Icke on your site, and im sorry if this was the percieved intention of my contact with you. All I care about is the Truth.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your website!

Sincerely, Jesse Q


Hi Jesse,

You make convincing arguments, bravo. I was not aware of the Zeitgeist III movie and had not seen it. I was so turned off by Zeitgeist I, that I barely watched Zeitgeist II. If David is pitching for Project Venus and if Project Venus equals Agenda 21, then we need to all look at that more closely.

I do not approve of David's promotion of mono atomic gold, which I feel is an Illuminati-inspired trick. I believe that mono atomic gold does far more harm than we know.

I'll post your note and allow others to think about what you have to say. I didn't think much of the Australian's flaccid statements, but I find your thoughts more compelling. Let's see what turns up from readers.

I might add, though, that anybody who talks about dark stuff is contacted by a lot of people with heavy duty information. Ted Gunderson told me in 1999, when I asked him how he comes up with his material, that people come out of the woodwork whenever he gave a talk. Brice Taylor told me the same thing. You are flooded with people who have very heavy stories whenever you go public with this type of material. I found that to be the case as well.

I've only posted a small fraction of the info that I've received over the years because it takes too much time to cover all these horrendous stories. I'd be sitting at the keyboard 24 hours a day and still not get it all out. So, it doesn't surprise me that David comes out with very heavy stuff. He didn't seek it out as much as it sought him out.

Best Regards, Ken


From: Jesiah
Date: Sat, April 2, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to discuss this with me. It's an honor to contribute to your website. Ill put a small collaboration of links and information at the end of the letter completing the circuit between UN Agenda 21: Sustainable Development, Zeitgeist, and The Venus project.

Ill have to look up mono-atomic gold as I've heard of it, but havent researched enough to discuss it proficiently. I have no right to dispute what you say about people coming out of the woodwork. All I can say is that I believe you. Sounds like there might be truth in both our statements. I know victims of ritual satanic child abuse have reached out to Icke. I believe these people. Our views on this aren't entirely incompatible. Perhaps its a bit of both.

An interesting fact I came across while compiling information was that Alex Jones waged "war" on Zeitgeist director, Peter Joseph. When a reptile wages 'war' on a fellow NWO member, I take it as a red flag. Im thinking all the crossed wires between "truthers" is an intentional act, designed to create confusion and conflict amongst peers, to keep people UN-united. The platforms are seemingly part of the same dark agenda, but on the external level, they're entirely incompatible: Alex Jones, David Icke, Peter Joseph, Bill Maher....They are all suspected NWO members.

Are they puppeteers behind the same curtain, putting on an elaborate show? A show ABOUT a show? It's it all an orchestrated distraction?

I was wondering what you thought about this. I have suspicions but its a pretty heavy leap to take on a hunch. If faith in these men dissapeared, what kind of effect would it have on th mass conciousness? Are we holding ourselves back by listening to these guys? What's the spiritual effect of putting faith in a Lucifferion?

I just don't know.

Again Ken, Thank you so much for your time

God bless, Jesse Q

(below is the info I promised at the beginning)

As for Venus Project, all I have to say is look at the graphic they posted on their homepage FAQ:

Does it resemble a certain All Seeing Eye or is that just my imagination? (SIDE NOTE: Also of interest is question #52: What is the role of Cybernetic Decision Makers?

The answer is that all decisions will be made by 'advanced computers" and then it goes on to state:

"It is doubtful that in the latter part of the twenty-first century people will play any significant role in decision-making."

And here again is similar graphic:

And just to be thorough, we might as well compare the images to an actual picture of the All Seeing Eye on a dollar bill


David Icke has "Zeitgeist: Addendum" archived on his site under the "Awakening" section... so I assume that he's at least seen "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" which, as I've said before, is entirely based on the benefits of the Venus Project, describing it as the "only way".

Jaques Fresco , founder of Venus Project and Peter Joseph, director of the Zeitgesit filma both have overt ties to the UN. Peter Josephs first two films won the Artivist Festival "Best Film Award" consecutive years in a row, respectively....Artivist Film Festival is sponsored by the UN and the only oil company endorsed by the UN, Petrobas Oil. They were both also the primary sponsors for Zeitgeist. Peter Joseph openly admits to this:

Here is Jaque Fresco and Venus Project spokesperson, Roxxane Meadows, slipping up and admiting to Jaques ties to the UN and the Earth Charter(she quickly tries back peddling and downplaying what shes said.)


Hi Jesse,

There's no doubt that Bill Maher and Peter Joseph are frontmen for Illuminati/Zionist propaganda. Alex Jones seems reluctant to implicate Zionism, Israel, and the Mossad for their role in orchesrating false flag events and steering the course of the NWO takeover towards Armageddon, which is troubling.

I don't lump David Icke within their rank, but I'm open to read what you have to say and consider your arguments.

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: Is David Icke the 'Scion' of John D. Rockefeller?
From: Aaron
Date: Sun, April 3, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

: Ken,

In response to this debate, I would like to say that he comes across as a genuine human being to me at least. However, his own personal 'veil piercing' - as he likes to call it - was kinda portrayed in a theatrical light and did receive negative publicity because of this. It was an up hill battle from then on due to his mistakes; but I would have to say that the 'dark side' noticed this weakness in the enjoying of attention he was getting.

This may have opened him up to be receptive to info he may otherwise discount or approve, depending on what they want him to purvey. He is a good guy in my opinion - even has a kind face. I read his book 'The Big Secret' and I will tell you that there is no way the 'dark side' would want that info to get out. That book spells out everything! He may even be aware of the manipulation that may have taken place. Who knows. He may even be walking a tight rope, very aware of the danger he's in. Please don't just discount EVERYTHING he says due to his own mistakes. We all must learn to use our own discernment - that is the single greatest weapon we could utilize in just about EVERYTHING!




Subject: response to Jesse's "Icke a R. 'scion'"
From: Larry (Germany)
Date: Sun, April 3, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I hope you are well-

Thank you so much for your highly insightful, knowledgeable and objective, open-minded opinions to Jesse's queries- even if, IF Icke is Rockefeller bloodline (yeah, maybe good ol' John D. died 15 yrs. before Icke was born, but from what I've read experiments in human cloning were already being conducted as early as the 1920's), there are many reports of Illuminati defectors-

so ASSUMING Icke is Rockefeller bloodline <cough>, one needs to put 2 and 2 together (see above under "Illuminati defectors")and realize as Icke has so often openly stated: "there are other forces out there that want this (his) information out there"-

it's just my own personal belief but if Icke is a bastard Rockefeller I'll eat my living room-

there has been no-one on this planet in current times that has been more subjected to the magnitude of venomous vitriole, ridicule, and character assassination than David Icke, and yet this man is still alive (he makes enough hideous accusations against a lot of prominent people to put him behind bars for life due to libel and slander but has not yet been sued once due to the accusations- why?- answer is obvious: "let sleeping dogs lie") and remains more driven by an altruistic mission of a magnitude that most of us cannot even begin to comprehend-

it never ceases to amaze me how the most influential altruistics on this planet (Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.) become marginalized...

no, Icke isn't perfect, but no truth-seeker is- all truth-seekers, no matter how altruistic they may be, are viewing things trough a provided filter- some filter-providers are positive, some negative- I just think that none of us at this present moment in time can even BEGIN to grasp what forces are behind this universe-

as the 80's rock group "Delegation" sang: "It's just an illusion"-

look at the present international monetary system for proof: this money doesn't exist: nothing more than numbers (do numbers really exist, or are they an illusionary fraction of a whole?)on a computer monitor? (another 3-D illusion)-

OK, I'll stop my ramblings for now- the only reason I went this far is because of the many unexplainable events in my own life- I know for sure that we humans on this planet "ain't" the alpha and omega of reality-

Ken, please stay well and continue your tremendous work!

many regards,

Larry M
Freiburg, Germany


Subject: David Icke is a Rockefeller "Scion"
From: Stephen
Date: Thu, April 28, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

How's it going?Prolly quite busy these days with all the hustle & bustle between everything I suppose.I had seen the article about David Icke & I originally saw it on Ben Fulford's site awhile back.

I found it kinda funny that you had it posted on 4/1.Compared with the original troll that posted it,I thought it was appropriately matched with the date.I found the original poster to be quite rude,arrogant,conceded & just an all around un-friendly person in my opinion.

Well anyways, I thought I would put in my interpretation/2 sense.

So, for starters,lets look at what exactly David Icke promotes.His main basis is that human beings & all of Life are more than just the bodily space suit that we occupy.We are pure conciousness having a human experience that we can control & direct any way we want with directed intent of our conciousness.

On this planet at this time, we have reptilian beings who wish to keep all humans docile & compliant as they feed from them in the shadows.

So, perhaps there is some great py-ops to reveal the reptilian plan to all who will listen & show them a certain pathway to become an individual of free thinking that could have a possible 100th monkey effect? "yeah right" lol!

Well, what if David Icke possibly "has" reptilian dna & is an offshoot of the rockefellers or rothchilds?To be honest, if it weren't for reptilians that have defected & became individualized, there would be no telling where Earth would be at this moment.

What's the big deal with bodily dna anyways?It's all in the soul matrix dna!

It's not easy being a hybrid these days...

Hope this brings some insight into the situation to develop a full biased examination of the whole prospect without judgement.

Stephen M

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