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David Wilcock & Obama's Ineligibility To Be President
May 5, 2011

David Wilcock & Obama's Ineligibility To Be President (May 5, 2011)

Subject: Opinions on David Wilcock
From: Graham
Date: Thu, May 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr Adachi,

I have been interested in the content of your website for the last couple of years, delving in sporadically to hear the latest thoughts on world events. My main point of reference through this time however has been the website 'Divine Cosmos' run by David Wilcock. He seems to be the only researcher who sees Obama as a person who is trying to do good in the most pressurised of situations i.e. from those around him who seek to implement their malevolent plans of continual power and corruption through him.

Do you feel that Obama is trying to resist in some way or rather trying to reshape the way the power structure should be focused. David Wilcock is also the only researcher who is suggesting through informed insiders that Osama bin laden was killed last week and that he was involved in training for attacks on oil pipelines in Iraq. I have much respect for what David Wilcock says about the way the consciousness field has evolved and is coming into play at this moment and this chimes very much with what your research seems to suggest as well as ZS Livingstone.

What is your view on David Wilcock?

Thanks for an enlightening treasure trove of information.

Graham M


Hello Graham,

There's a reason you do not see articles by or about David Wilcock on my web site. I haven't stated it publicly in the past, but since you've asked, I'll state my opinion.

David Wilcock is not a seer and I do not accept his perceptions as reliable or particularly insightful. Sometimes he's on the money, but he's off the mark too often for my money and not worth the time to read.

He made his phoniness abundantly clear from the beginning when he was plastering the internet with photos of himself and Edgar Cayce,and claiming -ACTUALLY CLAIMING- to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce!

With chutzpah like that, I knew we could expect great visions, divinely inspired insight, and prophetic sagacity to tumble from his lips like a running stream over pebbles in a babbling brook in the wilds of Vermont.

What better example to illustrate his role as spin meister than the very example you cite here.

Barack Obama (whose legal name is Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian national) struggles mightily against the dark forces that surround him in a valiant attempt to do "good" for the people of this country in the midst of evil men with grasping ambitions to dominate and plunder.

Does that about summarize it?

Let's review a few things discovered in the past 4 years:

1. Soetoro cannot do what you and I MUST do to obtain a passport or a driver's licence or a marriage licence. He cannot prove that he was born in the United States.

2. He bears no physical resemblance to the Kenyan national called Barack Obama Sr. Soetoro's skin tone and especially his lip color, are those of Turkish ancestry, and not of African ancestry.

3. His claimed white mother and her parents were CIA operatives all of their lives. There is no concrete proof or documented evidence that Stanley Ann Dunham died in 1995 of cancer and there is no concrete proof that Madelyn Dunham died of cancer in early November of 2008. Don Nicoloff is of the opinion that both of their "deaths" were faked.

4. Don Nicoloff has already demonstrated in his 8 part Three Stooges series that almost every photo posted to the internet showing Barry Soetoro as a young man in Hawaii at school, or at his "graduation" or in New York's Central Park with his white grandparents or the photos with his Kenyan "relatives" are ALL faked using PhotoShop or some similar photo editing program. Even the photos of the happy soldier Stanley Armour Dunham, in the 1940s with Madelyn, Stanley Ann, and dear ole dad, were also PhotoShop fakes - courtesy of the CIA.
5. We've had dozens of people analyze the short form certificate of birth put up on the internet in 2007 by the Obama Disinformation Team and the most recent long form birth certificate posted by the White House which shows-- to everyone's satisfaction --that they are manufactured forgeries.

6. Soetoro does nothing but lie to the public continuously about everything, as do most reptilian shape shifters. His most recent claims about the cold blooded murder of "Osama bin Laden" (whoever they killed) is simply the latest set of lies to flow from his Moluccan lips.

7. Soetoro is a human/alien hybrid who is following the dictates of the Rockefeller family and the CIA since he was installed by them to play the role of President.

8. He does not possess the intellectual capacity to speak freely on camera and discuss serious matters in public without the assistance of a Teleprompter or the implanted earpiece in his ear telling him what to say. He is, however, very arrogant and self absorbed. He's also extremely vindictive and vicious if his 'authority' is challenged in any way. Since he's a reptilian, he can travel in the etheric at will and has tried to demonstrate his black magic "powers" to the Etheric Resistance team on a number of occasions. His 'ability,' next to the team leader of the Etheric Resistance, is essentially zero, but his hubris and bloated ego would force him to make a fool of himself, all the same, since he's the type who has to feel the pain before he knows it's real. It was rather amusing when the Etheric Resistance set up an etheric moose to follow Obama around wherever he went in the White House (only he could see it) and he's yelling at his security people to "get rid of that damn Moose!"

9. I'm not sure that Barry will make it to the next election. Even if he does survive the birth certificate controversy, I don't think he would be re-elected anyway. They may set up an assassination scenario to have Biden step in, but that too will prove to be a disaster. Biden is as dumb as a rock and he will prove to be more pathetic an imbecile that Dubya. So we have a lot to look forward to.

Regards, Ken


Subject: response to Wilcock posting
From: Larry (Germany)
Date: Fri, May 6, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I hope this finds you well-

Thank you for your thoughts on Wilcock- you stated what needed stating-

I don't want to completely throw cold water over Wilcock; he's a very knowledgeable man and I have a great respect for him but, hey, he's not perfect (who is?)- but his latest posting about Osama "finally being killed" raised a red flag with me-

Wilcock has often orthographically accused Benjamin Fulford of "always believing his sources"- well, Wilcock does the same thing-

My point being: I don't doubt the sincerity of both gentlemen and that they are truly truthseekers but they're both coming from a certain provided filter (as we all are)-

As for Zechariah Sitchin: the negative aspects about him were provided by Arizona Wilder (I'm familiar with the material)- so where are the documented proofs that she is/was 100% credible?- there are none- let's try to remain objective, OK?-

As for Obama's birth certificate: has anyone not yet noticed that we're being told to focus on who might be Barky's father as to the source of his MOTHER? Look at all the provided photos of Obama's parents- does he resemble either of them?- no-

Nor does he resemble Soetoro-

This story is much, much deeper than we can imagine-

Many regards,

Larry M

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