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Letters to The Editor

"Dear Mindless Flag Waver"
October 16, 2006

Subject: hooey
Date: Mon, October 16, 2006 4:20 pm
To: Editor

Mesdames, Sirs,

You are fortunate to be living in a country that allows such vile ,insane & slanderous trash towards people in government.If this was an undeveloped country you would have been jailed or murdered long ago. The reason why all the people you defamed have not come after you, is because nobody
in their right mind would believe the filth you spread is from anything other than deeply disturbed psychos & woo woos of the highest degree.


Dear Mindless Flag Waver,

If everything is as kosher as you claim, then why are YOU afraid to sign your name to this letter? What compels you to to throw darts from the shadows? Furthermore, why are you reading my web site in the first place? I wouldn't spend two seconds reading a web site that hosted information that I found incredulous, so why are you even bothering to write?

If your heroes in the government, who I've "defamed" with my "vile trash" are so magnanimous towards me, an insane and slanderous "psychos", then what do YOU have to worry about in identifying yourself?

Can't answer it can you? You're afraid, but you don't know why.

The real reason your government heroes don't go after me is because we have a Constitution written by men who could THINK and were well aware of the perils that befalls any citizenry who allows the government representatives to gain the upper hand in power over their lives.

The reason they made Freedom of speech and Freedom of the press the very FIRST amendment to the U.S. Constitution is because of its singular importance in PTOTECTING its citizens from the wrath of politicians, bureaucrats, or judges. The very sort of retribution that an unthinking dope like you would consider to be OK to be unleashed on a "vile" and "slanderous" critic such as myself. We used to live under such a system in England a little over two hundred and thirty years ago and that's why we left England and came here to get away from that sort of tyranny.

YOU should consider yourself much more fortunate than I for living in this country at this time because you're too STUPID to recognize the dangers that are now staring you square in the face. You're about to lose all of your liberties and you don't even know it. If it wasn't for "trash" such as myself who CAN recognize the deceit and dangers that we now face, then a clod like you WOULDN'T STAND A CHANCE.

Ken Adachi

PS. You know, now that I see your e-mail name, it kind of fits doesn't it? "Froggy." It seems to rhyme so well with "foggy".

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