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Debra Pitts Responds to Satanic Promoter Letter

[Editor's Note: I have not yet posted the many letters I've received from Debra Pitts concerning one of the biggest cover-ups in America. The story concerns the barbaric murdering and butchering of HUNDREDS of women and girls by satanic groups protected  by and affiliated with law enforcement in Butler County, Missouri that occurred up to 1984 when Debra and others took action which helped to stem the onslaught. You can listen to two telephone interviews that Debra did with Greg Syzmanski, but the story goes even beyond what was revealed in the Syzmanski interviews. Her story is nothing short of mind blowing. . ...Ken]
November 20, 2007

Debra Pitts Responds to Satanic Promoter Letter (Nov. 21, 2007)

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Re: Ken Adachi's "Error" re. Satanic Promoters (Nov. 18, 2007)

Thanks Ken,

I saw what the man wrote and that kind of denial gives me panic attacks, I was so brainwashed by Satanist that no one would ever believe me. I plan to get my bio out in '08 detailing the Hollywood connection and my connection with and children by Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana.

I tell people that I was never a secret lover, but the media was told not to make me public. I couldn't show up in a tabloid with a Satanist or with Interpol agents, somebody would have gotten killed over that. The media actually knew for all those years that something dangerous was going on in the USA.

What we did in 1984 is stop the total takeover by a bloody coup. There is a war declaration from the Satanist that is one of the most secret, yet most important pieces of papers to ever come out of the USA. It was drafted about 1969.

I founded Missouri Militia One to gather evidence and the locals want to wrtie a new history book to show the important role that good people played in stopping the coup. The famous people I was hanging around with was for the purpose of fighting against the Satanists, who are also Nazis.

We had the best team in the world on our side, including the poor folks of my hometown that suffered for many years under the brutal Fourth Reich. The term Invisible Curtain I believe originated in Butler Co Missouri because it was we who were kidnapped and shuffled around the nation as though we didn't exist.

The poor folks of my town were very proud that the rich and famous came into the county to offer help. Likewise, the famous were equally proud of the poor folks that made plans to help them expose the tight choking grip of the organized crime families.

Without the grace of God none of us would have gotten together. God moves in mysterious ways. The very greed of the Satanist is part of thier downfall. We all paid a big price with our health being tampered with by the human experimentations. I suffered losing a hunk of my brain while doing pyschic detective work for the FBI and rounding up the Satanists, but we got them, at least many of them.

God Bless, Debra Hunter Pitts aka Layla Cries


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